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April Fool's Day pranks

Sunday is April Fool's Day, so we want to know, what is your most memorable April Fool's Day prank? It could be something you pulled on someone else, or a prank you were the victim of. Send us your thoughts, and you could see your response on Eyewitness News.



Best prank Ive seen so far –

Guy has a heartattack and spills hot coffee everywhere!!

Pat Lohsen

I was working as a short order cook and a customer I knew every day ordered her sandwich. I put fake dog poop on a roll and gave it to her,she screamed so loud and called me every name. I was so embarresed,i never pulled a prank like that again!


A few years ago my 3 daughters gathered at the table while I was napping. They brainstormed through what would be the best April Fool's Prank to pull on me. So they filled the basement with smoke from a fog machine, for a good half hour. Then they ran to my room and said "Mom their is a fire in the basement". I ran out, looked downstairs and went straight to the phone and dialed 911. My daughter knocked the phone out of my hand and hung up. Aren't you going to check first, she said. Too Late, police was at my house within seconds! After explaining to the cop, he tried so hard to keep a straight face and said, "Well they did get you." Needless to say they have not pulled a prank like that again.

Susan Quinn

When I was dating my husband..one year he dressed up in gorilla costume and handed out bananas to people walking past my house and asked them if they knew me...another year he hung huge plastic pumpkins on all the trees in my front yard...we've been married 21 years :)

Corinne Boatman

My daughter Lisa was born on April Fools day 39 years ago Up until she was 16 years old I would pull some kind of prank the best was when I decoranted a foam birthday cake when she cut into it it bounce back the next day my father raided my frige and tryed to cut that cake we all laugh but he didn't get the joke he was looking for cake


The funniest prank I played on a colleague was I placed a letter on our business letterhead telling them they were being terminated because their posiiton was being dissolved because of budget cuts. They read the letter and started cleaning out their desk. I walked over and asked, hey, so whats going on? They said, I am cleaning out my desk then I am going in the office and let Ms. ......have. I started laughing and told them it was a April Fools prank and I was the one behind it, but, it backfired because I wound up taking her to lunch and we had a good laugh and vowed no pranking. going forward..lol


My uncle got my brother a sack of vegetables for his birthday (april 1st). He opened the wrapper and was suprised to see vegatables.


Year after year after year..I fell the same prank! My son Adam would use an elastic band to squeeze the sink sprayer on, and in the morning when I turned the faucet on, I would get a shower. He has been out of the house for the past 3 years so I know I am safe!


My most memorable prank was that I told my best friend that our friendship was over and that I never wanted to talk to her again...she believed me.


My roommate and I put icy/hot on the men's toilet seats in our college dorm.

Bobby Bains

I pranked everyone by injuring my right achilles tendon like alex trebek did last summer.


Over the years I have had pranks pulled on me. I HATE APRIL FOOL'S DAY.


i pulled a prank on a friend i started an arguement with her that she was talking smack about me on facebook i got so into it until she almost started tearing and i said april fools. wouldnt want to do that again


i was at a craft event and one of my friends shouted into the room - rose you new car has been hit

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