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Would you want a "Jersey Shore" type show in your neighborhood?

The Hoboken Mayor has denied a request for a spinoff of MTV's "Jersey Shore" reality show to film in the city. What do you think? Would you want a "Jersey Shore" type show filming in your neighborhood?


Author Unknown

I say NO because This will downgrade the appeal of the community/neighborhood.


Why not? If it helps boost the economy and puts us on a map, why wouldn't I want them there? Just take a look at the Jersey Shore house..many people visit it every year now.


ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Enough is enough. It's about time bad behavior was rewarded. Leave NJ!!

Angelo arias

I will like the jersey shore cast film in staten island to see if they like.staten island and get to know staten Island


personally I dont think my town would be ready for a "Jersey shore" type show keansburg is already a jersey show in it's self lol


No!! Definitely, am not in favor of any reality show filmed in my area, more so if it is a Jersey Shore-ish kind of a show!! Hoboken made the right decision to decline them!!

Ramon C

I wouldn't allow it because it doesn't give good influence to Kids and other youth. I don't even know why they are Airing that show.


ABSOLUTELY not!!!!! Enough is enough. It's about time people stopped getting rewarded for bad behavior.


Hell to the NO! Not in South Orange NJ.


I wouldn't mind. As long as there not loud I don't see an issue along with if they don't mind me trying to be in it?


I live at the Jersey Shore and I don't want them here now! Don't they have beaches on Staten Island?


We already have MOB WIVES representing Staten Island so wonderfully, how can Snookie make it any worse!


NO WAY!! They just contribute to the "slobification" of America. Such white trash!!

David Brooks

Do I want "Jersey Shore"-esque mayhem in my neighborhood? Sure!!....can I get root canal and an IRS audit to go with?

diane salino

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I'd welcome some excitement in my neighborhood! Sure, come to Queens!


Not just no but HELL NO!!

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