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Drug sniffing dog rentals

Would you rent a dog to find out if your kids were doing or hiding drugs?  A California company is offering the services of its narcotics-sniffing dogs to parents who fear their kids are doing drugs. Eyewitness News wants to know what you think. Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



I think drugs should be legal. They are 100% organic unlike these big-name drug corporations like prozac and is a natural cure to many illness. For thousands of years to date, it has been used as a painkiller especially in many early civilizations. Just like alcohol and cigarettes, drugs too can be abused but it shouldn't be illegal. The Alcohol Probition proved unsuccessful! What people with addictions to drugs need is more resources to get help for underlying causes like depression. Making something illegal won't make it go away. Instead, it just punishes people who are unfortunate to not be offered help but are thrown in a cold, dark, cell in a prison with rapists and murders. These people then come out with more mental illness then they arrived with. Everyone has their own set of morals and discretion to choose what they think is right or wrong. I think it is beyond belief people are prohibited by a so-called democratic government to use their birth-given rights like access to the Earth's natural resources. When people can't have something, they will want it even more. So the drug addiction rates are still going to increase. Also, contrary to what many think, legalizing drugs would actually lower crime rates in America.

As for teens, if they are suspect to using drugs, if you see nothing wrong with their overall health, academics, and attitude there should be no reason to worry. Most of the time its just hormones, anyway.


For $100...No I would look for it myself


No why use a dog to sniff out drugs you already suspect theres a problem.look around


My kids are grown and on their own now, but why rent a dog when you can be the dog yourself!!! Parents should step up to the plate and start parenting. That's your job!

Joey Baron

This shows how our young generation is so corrupted that CHILDREN again CHILDREN are performing adult actions without really understanding the damage and the harmful choices they're performing. Who do we blame? The kids? Something's need to change people. Think about it.

Linda Molinari

It troubles me to think that our society is so screwed up in the way we think today, that companies are now renting out dogs to parents to find drugs in their homes possibly brought in by their children. How about going back to the old days of talking and asking your kids about drugs? Instead of spending $100 a snoop season from rent a dog, how about paying a therapist fee for your family and learn to communicate.


I think that's a great idea and definitely worth the money!! Especially with all these kids losing there lifes to drugs! Hopefully it will be available in other states.

Joey Baron

I belive that is ridiculous that parents would go to that extreme for trying to expose your child being under the influence of drugs. I would understand the use for adults and criminals but for children? Come on parents, ever heard of talking to kids about the usage of drugs?


ABSOLUTELY!! If a parent has a gut instinct that their child is dabbling in drugs, chances are, they're right. Nip it in the bud immediately. It's your job as a parent to protect your kids at all costs.

Dan from South Amboy, NJ

Absolutely, Kids and teens are sneaky, and sometimes you have to trust them, I say yes, Dave.

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