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Best movie to never win an Oscar

We are less than one week away to the Oscars. As the Academy Awards (Sunday on ABC7!) approaches, we want to know, what is the best movie that never won an Oscar? Send us your snub, and you could see your response on Eyewitness News First at Four!



Rush Limbaugh's apology is definitely not enough! He only did it for self preservation, not because he's remorseful. He should be fired and prohibited from the airwaves...permanently!


Color Purple!!


Do The Right Thing ! Spike Lee 1989!

Boo Boo Romero

Crash! Excellent movie! Never got the recognition it deserved! However, it's great for teaching tolerance in the classroom!


Buffalo '66


Will need to think on Best Picture, but I can tell you the best performance never to win Best Actor...Clark Gable as Rhett Butler.


The really, really, really old films from before the Academy Awards deserve some accolades. The old, silent, black and white films are now forgotten, but they were the cornerstone for the films we have today.

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