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Social Network age limit

Should there be an age limit on social networks like Facebook? How should they be enforced? Despite the age limit of 13 being set to join the social network, the Boston Globe reports at least 7.5 million preeteens are on the site. Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.




Social networking sites

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Gemma Wilson

Definitely age limit required - You are giving access to kids to the same applications that adults are using - So they need to be cautious - I think 18 should be the limit


It needs to be set higher but it needs to somehow be inforced so it there age is certain. I agree as well that it is down to the parents, as they need to manage what they view and how they use the computer at home. The thing is mobile phones have it all on now which is another thing to worry about.


nice message sir!i accept your point one should be use social networking sites that person not below certain age limit period. it is important thing we know that.


I think that they should know what their children do online, and that facebook/twitter should be sure of the age because children choose their birthdays years before their own so they seem much older to the site.

joe stasolla

Yes there should be a age limit on all social networking sites, Hey when i was young i had to wait for a certain age to have a drink , Go to casinos etc........ I just hate it that there are so many people under the age of 13 and have all there info on FB And there parents don't have a clue or do they , I do not find it cute that underage people are on FB. Stop the Crap and read to your children instead of them always on FB. This is why this world is so messed up , They really are killing the kids with this social network stuff . I SAY STOP IT ALREADY AND CHARGE THE PEOPLE FOR FB AND THEN YOU WILL SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE GO ON FACEBOOK.

LaTasha Peeler

You can place an age limit on anything from social networking sites to liquor and cigarettes, but someone will find a way to gain access. the only way to keep those underage from such things is for parents to be active in the lives of their child/children.

jose pena

i think there should be an age limit because its more better for kids i think that parents should moniter there kids activities more often like that kids dont go online and start talking to strangers they dont know because they could be rapest


Ok, after reading the other posts, i believe you meant age minimum, not age limit. some content editor is falling down on the job at channel 7.


I think they should be a age limit because there a lot of bad people out there and the parent should look what there children are doing


do you mean age limit, as in my grandmother would be too old to sign on? or do you mean age minimum, whereby my 8 year old son would be too young to sign on?

the question does not make sense, but speaking of age limits, you should look at all those elderly drivers on the road who should have turned in their licenses years ago. There should be an age limit on drivers.

Susan Kittell

there really should be a age limit for social networks, i think the starting of high school is a good age group to begin this. any kids younger than that should not be permitted to do so.

David Brooks

It's 2012. Virtual rules are going to be virtually broken, no matter what enforcement measures are put in place. It's up to PARENTS to monitor their children's activities - both online and off. Kids are always going to find ways around the rules, no matter what those rules are - what adult can say that as a kid, they didn't do so themselves?


Parents are ultimately responsible for what their children do over the internet. FB is one social network that should remain for older children not preteens.

Andrew Tetreault

There really should be an age limit on social networking sites. There are just things younger children shouldn't be allowed to see on social networks. Then Again Would they even understand what is being said. Of Course People who use social networking sites should be there own moderators and watch what they post especially on Facebook & Twitter.


13. Is a reasonable age in my mind

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