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So many passwords

How do you keep track of all your different passwords for the different internet sites out there?  Eyewitness News wants to hear from you.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


Donna Malik

Great suggestions from Lance, but not everyone is that tech-savvy, particularly older adults. Login Locker Password Organizer was created especially for those people. It is a low-tech solution to this high-tech problem. Plus, Login Locker offers suggestions to create secure passwords and to keep them safe.

Login Locker is available at The Container Store and Amazon.com.

(South Amboy, NJ)

Raith Kell

I use a fingerprint USB unit from APC. (www.apc.com)

It stores your actual passwords for you and then the next time you go to that site it asks for your fingerprint only and logs you in if it matches.

Raith Kell

This is what I do. 3 steps to make this work for you.

1. Create ONE main password.

2. Choose your favorite number

3. Use the letters/initials of the website you are creating the password for.

Lets use the word 'banana' and the number '5'


For Facebook: banana5fb
For Google: banana5g
For Twitter: banana5t

It's very simple to remember this way. You can even capitalize the first letter to make it an even stronger password. If you have to write down the MAIN word and number (just in case), it is still not your actual password because you didn't write down the letters following the number.

I hope this helps some out there.


I have this fabulous tool called LogIn Locker that helps me remember them. It fits in my wallet and goes everywhere with me--it even had some hints about how to make up passwords that no one would guess. Everyone should have one. I got it on Amazon.com.

Connie Modzelewski

I use a password book called Login Locker. I can keep it with me all the time. I am not very tech-savvy so this little organizer is perfect for me!

(Connie, Sayreville NJ)

Janice Hagberg

We keep our passwords in a blank phone book.


I have a login locker and love it!!! it's fantastic for helping me remember my passwords.


I keep a small phone book near my computer. I enter sights/company names alphabetically with their passwords.


I keep a Word Document on a removable drive of the web address, account information, user name, and password. I periodically print it out and place a copy in my firesafe.


There are only a few I need daily and I memorize them. The others I keep in a file encrypted with pgp (Pretty good privacy) using a pass phrase I can remember. I generate the passwords from objects in my environment that only I would know are there.

Diane  Palen

I just dont put anything i am afraid people will hack into or write on paper all differant passwords needed,, i dont shop or banking or order or paybills on computer

Damien Cal

Between work, home & personal passwords I always have to hit the reset password option on what ever site I'm on. I get the email to reset password & thats how I manage my passwords.

Judy in South Carolina

The easiest thing (and least technical) is to just write them down and keep them in a safe place. And of course change them regularly. No complicated applications necessary!

Sophia Cannata

In the APP world, there are many password keeper APPs. I use iAccounts. You just have remember one password to access all of your stored information.

Janice Hagberg

We keep our passwords in a simple telephone book that you pick up at the stationary section of your local store (ex. facebook.com under the letter "f", user name, and password under it ). Make sure to use pencil because passwords can be changed easily.

Damien Cal

From work to home & personal passwords I always have to click on the forget password option. Thats how I remember them. By constantly resetting everything. Works for me :)

James Torres

I write them down and memorize it.

Bobby Bains

I keep my password a secret in my mind at all times. I use a special password, but I won't tell you.

steve abraham

I just keep a written list of them near my computer.

eliana pavan

I´m from Sao Paulo - Brazil.. and to keep track of all my passwords I try to join letters and numbers mixed from the people who make part of my life....it´s better to remeber them all. Thanks. Eliana Pavan. Kisses to Serge, in New York.

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