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Cursing and your kids

How do you address cursing around your children?  On tonight’s episode of “Modern Family” a toddler will be ‘bleeped’ after using an apparent curse word.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



I can tell you that almost all kids swear, even when the parents don't allow swearing. I would rather my kids didn't do drugs or smoke, so I pick my battles. As long as they're not swearing on Facebook or or at school, etc. I feel that I can't tell them not to do something that I do myself. And I'm more proud of never having tried drugs.


Cursing around children does not really bother me. In the real world many people curse and we can't try to shelter our kids from everything that they will eventually be exposed to. Also, curses are just words, hearing them kind of dilutes their "badness".

tracey nicholas

i personally dont beleive in using curse words in front of my children, but ilet them know its not acceptable in my house. there is a better, and more intelligent way to express one self.

Chris Coleman

It is best to tell kids when you make a mistake and that bad language is a mistake that people sometimes make. Another mistake is giving away the plot of Modern Family before it airs tonight. Perhaps this question could have been posed tomorrow.


my mom told me what comes out of he mouth shouldn't come out of mine because I was a child and she was an adult.


As an open minded parent of a 9 1/2 and 6 year old, my way of addressing it isnt always looked at as "ok". However, since my children were smaller, I didnt always watch my mouth around them, they heard it, I told them its a bad word. Now, as they get older, they ask permission to use those words. I say yes, they use it at that moment, in the right context and dont say it again. Being allowed to say it, took away the thrill. And to this day (knock on wood) I havent had any phone calls from school or day care that they are using these words outside the house.


I don't curse at my children or around my children so I have never ever heard a curse from them......ages 20, 16 and 14.

Lourdes Diaz

When my 3yr old curses i make sure i tell him not to say it
again cause its a bad word..
if you laugh or feed into them cursing they will think its
cute & continue to say it..

christine kenter

This show is about dealing with everyday life events with humor. I am sure lots of parents have slipped up in front of their kids and had a situation where their kids have repeated what they said. for anyone who is offended by this...GET OVER IT!

Bobby Bains

I address them by saying to them, please don't say curse words like that because that is inappropriate behavior and that is not accepted in life. So they have to beware of it.

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