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Who is the hardest person to shop for?

Who is the most difficult person in your family to shop for and why?  We're coming down the stretch for holiday shopping, so who is it that you're struggling to buy for?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



My Wife, I get her anything she wants when she wants it. within our means of course, so when the holidays come, unless she lets on to something, i'm lost trying to get her something she wants or doesn't have

Where is Singapore

My brother, always change his mind for what he want specially for giving gift.


Definately my husband...he never wants anything and the kids always ask me what they can get him...I really have to think of something he needs but would never ask for.


The hardest person to shop for is my Mom.she tells me what she wants but I want to give her something special because of all the love and care she gives to me


i'm a grandmother and have never gotten a shawl. The best gift I get are gift cards for the local supermarket. Always in style and appreciated.

m. vasquez

mi boyfriend....every year he ask for the same thing a ferrari...and im broke...


Myself.... Usually buy myself what I want!


All of my in-laws are hard to buy for because they are ungreatfull. They don't appreciate any gifts they are given.


My mother is in one of the later stages of Alzheimer's. Since she has all the clothes she needs, & one or two toys to play with, I just don't know what else she can use. Thankfully, she has a warm home & a family who loves her. Maybe that's enough.


My mother and my husband he always wants what's so popular and currently unavailable and he loses interest pretty fast


My mother... She is just so picky :-(

Taylor L. B

My dad is the hardest person to shop for because he has everything you can possibly think of!


My Sister She always wants everything in the store.


My younger brother-he always says he doesn't need anything!

Cubby Bryant

Probably my Dad, he's 80 and seems to have it all. And over the years I'm sure I've given him 40 gallons of Old Spice, 84 ties, and 245 pairs of socks.


My husband is the hardest to shop for. He NEVER tells me what he wants.

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