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What technology can't you live without?

What piece of technology could you NOT live without.  A group of students in Tennessee were given a technology challenge, and it didn’t go well.  Eyewitness news wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could end up on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


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Hand phone is the one that i cannot live without. Everywhere i go i need this. Ifyou need a help just dial and call. Phone is very important technology that every individual must have no matter what.

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For me is computer. I cannot leave without computer. Nowadys the fast growing technology and information we need a computer with net connection so that we can access a lot of useful tips, information and latest news world wide.


Give me my PC or give me death.


I can not live without my T.V. I would go crazy with my ABC Show, Like Grey, One life to live and General hospital, Most of all my 4pm news.


I don't know what I would do without my iPod or cell phone, I'm actually using my iPod to comment right now. It's become part of me wake up and go to sleep with it on my hand.

Lisa Marie

I think I wouldn't be able to live w/o a cell phone.. I must admit I am a text/facebook addict...I feel naked when my cell looses signal, I can't imagine myself w/o a cell phone... lol

Roan Morris

I don't know what I could do without my iPod or cell phone, I'm actually using my iPod to comment right now. It's become part of me wake up and go to sleep with it on my hand.


I can't live without wifi and my laptop. But I can honestly live without a phone, unlike most people today (:

Paul B

I could not live without my pacemaker. It keeps on ticking

Terence f.

I can't live without television I think I would be bored to death just reading books.

Terence from paramus, nj


I couldn't live without my radio cause when you drive alone you need something


the only thing i could not do with out is fire, the kids today wont last a week. i was around my grand kids for Irene,, they started complaining @ day 2

Keisha Kay

My iPod! I am absolutely in love with my beloved iPod. I rarely go on the computer anymore because of it

Felix Franco

Today in age we can't go without technology. Myself can't go out without my Iphone. For news,traffic, and facebook, etc.

George Tanous

i would not be able to last a day with out a phone or any computer

amanda mcdermott

my laptop and my blackbeerry thats my lifeeeeee!<3


I would never be able to live without my computer! I use my computer when i come home from work. I also use the computer at work and before work SO I NEVER GET OFF THE COMPUTER! So this peice of technology is very important to me and i could never do what those kids tried to do!

Norma C.

I would not be able to live without my cellphone, it's my lifeline!


People take electronics, and technology for granted. But I must say I can not live with out my iPad.


I couldn't live without the wheel...All else pales to it.


I could not live without electricity.As far as cell phones, I pods, I pads and whatever the other stuff out there is. I never had them growing up. If we wanted to talk to someone we picked up the home phone and called, went over to their house, wrote letters. These kids have no idea what that is like all you ever here is the pitter patter of fingers! and never watching where they are going


I swore I would never be seduced into the realm of PC's, laptops, or cell phones. In fact, I was one of the last in my circle of family, friends, and professional associates to succumb. I now am the proud and attached at the umbilical cord owner and servant to a PC, state of the art laptop, and two cell phones.


It would be the i phone and kids:)

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