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Making fast food meals healthier for kids

Should fast food restaurants change their children meals to be healthier?  Or is it the parents responsibility to monitor how often their children eat fast food?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


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I think it has to be down to the parents, fast food shouldn't be a regular thing but a treat. If the fast food is not that healthy it wont have that much of an impact on there health. I think there has however been a change in the fast food chains over last couple of years. Pieces of apple can now be offered instead of chips. But choosing them could come down to the parents again??


I think that parents should monitor how often their children eat fast food. the reason why is because their are many parents that be complaining why their kids are over weight but yet they still take them to fast food restaurant to eat dinner or lunch.


No, I don't think that fast food restaurants should change their children's meals to be healthier. They may want to offer additional healthier choices, but leave the existing meals in place. Those meals are a 'treat' to have once in a while, in moderation. It is ABSOLUTELY the responsibility of the parents to monitor their children’s diets. Why should the overall majority suffer because a few parents do not monitor their children, nor educate them in healthy choices. I like to treat my kids only a few times a year as a special event at fast food establishments, and they realize that its not as healthy a choice as a home cooked meal. After all, this is America – Freedom of choice, right??

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