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Celebrating the Troops

Should the nation honor returning troops from Iraq with a ticker tape parade? Officials in New York and Washington say they would be happy to help stage a big celebration, but Pentagon officials say they haven't been asked to plan one. Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



steven sanabria

the govenments decision to not have a parade for the troops is proper. fiscally the troops are essential to the replacement of peolple who work for the government and do an awful jog in promoting american standards of living. if our govermental sector of employment is adjusted in hiring persons whom not only parctice but believe in our oath, pride and honor. then the united states would have rendered a celebatory process in response. on behalf of all the patriots in our nation. thank you to all the troops. god bless you all and we are so happy that you are home for the holidays permanently per say. your friend: little blu envelope

ann belfi

How about a parade AND the keys - not to the City but to some new housing and a good start over after their service. They sacrificed their all for the call to arms, how about some arms about them to show them it was worth going. How about some of those "rich" folks digging in their pockets to say "thanks." It sure would make some good publicity for them for a change!!! But then we all can dream............

Nancy Joan Washington

I say no to the parade, yes to finding jobs and housing for our troops

Jezreel Ricafort

By right we need to welcome them warm heartedly, they are our hero returning at home. We must welcome them with respect.

Reginald A. Taylor, Bklyn, NY

Yes a parade for our troops returning from Iraq is a befitting honor as Phase 1 & Phase 2 is for employers to hire vets who have given much to their country.


Yes, I agree they deserve the parade. But the fortune that it would cost would be much better spent to help them find jobs, and help the ones who will be struggling financially and those who might even be homeless.


Absolutely!! We should honor our guys and gals that go off to defend our rights and freedoms. While we are at it, gather all the soldiers that was maimed physically and mentally and put them in the parade also, I believe it would be good therapy for them all. This question should not be considered, it should be automatic for all of our fighting military. I am truly proud of them all! Keep up the good work!


I am a Korean War Veteran. There were over 30,000 US troops killed in Korea during that 4 year war, and there was no parade held when it ended. I have very mixed feelings about holding a parade at the end of the war in Iraq, in which we lost 4,000 troops over a period of 10 years.

A Facebook User

The troops deserve so much. To have a parade in their honor would be so great so happy to hear that our troops are coming home. Hopefully there will be a job for our troops. God Bless all the men & women who served in the military. Pat Sak keansburg , n.j.

Nancy Gutman

My father was a World War II Veteran. I remember our Veterans from Vietnam and how awful they were treated when they came home... These young men and women have given their lives for our country and should be honored with a ticker tape parade and more. God Bless them all!


Yes. But it's important not to confuse gratitude to the troops with support for the war. I think the parade shnould include hanging effigies of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld that people can throw rotten vegetables at.


Hell Yea
It's about time for the country to come together to show our troops we are proud of their service.


Yes i beleave that they should... The city has ticker tape parades for all sports teams,soldier's are more heros then sports players that's why they call it canyon of heroes get it done New York!!!


Yes we should honor our heroes that put their lives and limbs on the line. However, cities may not be able to afford; therefore, reach out to a wealthy patriot to see if they would assist.

Jeanie trueblood

The U.S should pull out all stops for the troops. That went through hell in Irac the worst war on the world. The troops spared no expense in fighting
The enemy. We as a country should show our appreciation ten times over.

Thank You guys and ladies, God Bless You All. J. Trueblood


Absolutely the returning troops should be honored with a parade........it's the very best way for us to collectively say "thank you" and it gives everyone the opportunity to let these special men and women know how much we appreciate their service - they are our "heroes" and should be given a heroes "welcome home"!


A country that required their young people to serve in harm's way absolutely ought to honor and celebrate their return.

I hope the City and the State of New York will find both will and means to hold the parade; and I hope they will find a way to include those who got harmed in the mission and possibly returned earlier because of an injury or other mishaps and provide decent accommodations and make decent travel arrangements for the veterans who choose to attend.

Tom C

How about we skip the parade and take the money saved and put it towards job training
and job coaching for our troops. God bless them


We should most definitely have a parade. It's the very least we can do for the troops that's risked our lives to make us safe. This would be a wonderful dedication to them

Eileen Jones

ABSOLUTELY! These soldiers have been in some of the most horrendous conditions any soldiers have ever endured. We'll never be able to rectify what was done our Vietnam era soldiers, but we can make sure it never happens again. Their courage and sacrifice should be recognized....they are willing to lay down their lives for us and for freedom. God bless them!


No, I think our gov't should honor them with benefits for them and their families. So many of our troops don't have the proper equipment while in the field fighting for us. Our communities and churches are costantly asking for donations of socks, underwear food etc. Why isn't the gov't suppling these things. They dodn't need a parade, they need protection on the battle fields.

Steve D.

Do you mean to say Mayor Mike(I bought my third term fair and square )Bloomburger has to ask the Government if he can hold a parade in his city? This wussy liberal would rather kiss Obama's butt and make sure that there is no mention of the war or the troops. Just like our rag newspapers.


Troops should absolutley be honored with a parade These men and women unselfishly put themselves in harms way for our country and deserve much more!

Sarah Shea

God Bless America and our President's bringing these men and women home. They gave of their lives and their families lives to keep us free. They deserve more then a parade. Lets see what this country does for these brave men and women who keep us free. God Bless America.
Parade in NYC and in every other major city especially Washington, D.C.


Of course the troops should be honored by by a parade. In NYC we've given multi-million dollar Baseball, Football, Basketball & Hockey players with a ticker tape parade. The men & women serving our country aren't paid millions buy they are the REAL HEROES!!!


I think having the parade for the U.S troops will be a way for all Americans to say Thank You,

Rose M. Torres

As the wife of a Retired Army SGT. Our troops should be giving a ticker tape parade.

Al in NJ

Absolutely not, there is nothing to celebrate! Combat in the Middle East continues and more Americans will be killed or wounded. We still have troops in Afghanistan and many of the troops returning from Iraq will be sent to Afghanistan.


The troops should definitely have a ticker tape parade in their honor. They served this country selflessly for many year and all other wars have received one so we should continue this patriotic tradition.

Lenore oO'Riley

Why not invite the Viet Nam vets being when they came home they were treated like they did something totally wrong..And never had a parade.. Iraq is now being destroyed by their on people, just like it was in Viet Nam .. lets remember ALL vets....

Margaret Gardiner

They most certainly do deserve a ticker-tape parade. They went and fought for all of us and some did not return home. If a NY team wins the world series they get a ticker-tape parade don't they?

Niesa Turner

Yes we should!!! The yankees had a parade and all they did was won the series'


Absolutely! It should be held in NYC.


They haven't accomplished anything, the murder and mayhem continues. So what they were in the line of fire, duh, they were doing their jobs. Give the ticker tape to the ones that merit such by having finished the job at hand, beyond the call of duty.

Patrick and Karen Moharter Brooklyn

We feel the nation should because the solders have given so much to protect and serve our nation. Thats the least we could do to show our appreciation for what they have sacrificed. And also to not only mark the end of the war but, to show them we are behind them as a nation.

Phil  NJ

I believe we really need to show how much we appreciate the men and women that keep this great country free. A ticker tape parade would be the perfect way to show that.

Nicolette Modica

Yes, of course they should have a ticket day parade for the troops!! They need to be honored for all they have done to protect this country!


Most definatley,without question or delay!!!!!! Being a retired military veteran, I know the sacrifices that have been made. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!


It would be wrong not to honor them with a parade. They've done more for this country than we could ever thank them for. If NYC can throw a parade for the Yankees when they win the World Series they can afford to throw one for the troops. What kind of message would we be sending to our children if we don't?? Are baseball players bigger heroes than the men & women in our military? I think not.


Yes, we most definitely need to have a parade for our returning troops. No matter what your beliefs about the war in Iraq, you can't deny the risk that our men and women took with their lives while serving our country there. Not to mention the time they've lost with their families and friends. They put their lives on hold and on the line for us. Not thanking them for the sacrifices they've made would be downright un-American!


There definitely should be a parade for our returning troops. However, any parade and/or celebration must include reminders that we still have troops in other places of danger, like Afghanistan.

Carlin Amalfitano

Yes we should honor our troops with a ticker tape parade. We hold ceremonies for sports and music . Why not honor those who give their lives to serve and protect our country


Yes I think the troops should be honored with a ticker tape parade. After all they have been through and sacrificed for our country, they should definitely be celebrated and shown how much we all appreciate what they have done. I think the troops deserve it more than anyone.


Absolutely!!! They are the best and deserve recognition for serving our country.


NO! While they indeed deserve all the love and respect a nation can offer, the money spent on parades and the clean-up would best serve the soldiers and their families directly.

Mark Snoe

I think the troops should be honored with a parde because they served our country and they desirve some support from there country with a parde. They are home safe and with there families.

Erin and Janet

I think the returning veterans should absolutley be honored with a ticker tape parade. They're the reason we're free! We should be ashamed if we don't show them our appreciation! We have parades for sports teams, why not for people who put thier lives on the line for us? It seems only reasonable.


Of course we should .. We can have a parade (west Indian) where over 60 people got shot and stabbed but have to ask if we can have a parade honoring our vets who put their lives on the line for us everyday.


Yes, yes, yes. It would be a disgrace not to do this for them!


yes they should be honored

John Elmer

YES! Our troops deserve the utmost recognition for serving in an unpopular war. Lets keep the trend going and get our troops out of Afghanistan. Bin Laden is dead, we are done.

SGT Jackson

I think that the troops should get a ticker tape parade due to the fact that they was way from the families for a year and its to honor them for what they have done for this country.


A ticker tape parade is the best way to thank the troops coming home. If they can do it for the Yankees who are hometown heroes, they can do it for soldiers - American heroes.

John Rosenberg

Yes the troops have more than earned it.

Rick Cahill

Absolutely! As a 9/11 family member, I would like the opportunity to thank all of them for keeping us safer.

William Joseph

By all means give them a parade. And everyone should come out to see it. Bring some joy to our troops who allowed us to be free of terrorists.
God bless them all!




I think we should give the troops a parade to thank them for everything they have done for keeping us safe. I ask God every day to bring them home safely to their families that have been without them for far too long. God Bless America!!!

Susan Kittell

Yes i think the troops should be honored with a ticker tape parade! they have served our country


Yes I think our troops should be honored with a ticker tape parade, if we can have a parade for the Yankees and Giants, why not our troops, they gave much more than a few home runs and field goals. They give themselves, and some gave even more there lives.

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