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Should actors get involved in politics

Should Hollywood actors get involved in politics?  Alec Baldwin is the latest ‘star’ to say he’s considering running for office.  Baldwin is considering a run for NYC Mayor.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could end up on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



I don't like the idea. I feel that fans would be voting them into office for all the wrong reasons.

John Leonard

Anyone can run for office in this country as long as he/she is an American citizen. Unfortunately, politicians and Hollywood actors and actresses are removed from what the American people need, feel and want. They have their own agendas and ideas that most of the time are out of touch and out of reality. Politicians have been acting for many years so actors/actresses should feel right at home. Next question should be - Should actors and politicians give marriage counseling advise? Just look at how stable and balanced their family lives are. Can you imagine how America would be living those life styles?

Frank Dabroski

It can’t be worse than politicians being in politics.

Regina McNeill

Only if the actor is Alec Baldwin!


wrong question...

the question should be...

what class of US citizen should not have the right to run for office...
(besides felons)


Why shouldn't actors get involved in politics? If they are American citizens, why not?

Any citizen of this country has the right to have an opinion about (and get involved in) politics.

Too bad so many Americans are more concerned with what celebrities are doing than they are with what's going on in government, local and national.

Robera Dalton

GOOD HEAVENS NO!!!!! Hollywood is more dangerous than the politicans!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Murphy

Why not? Being an actor is a job, just like being a lawyer, or baker. They should be able to run like any other citizen. I like Alec Baldwin. I wouldn't have a problem with him running.

Mike Michaels

Hell no - they live in a fantasy world and I don't believe they understand the ramifications of real life issues because of the lives they lead.

David Brooks

That's like asking if Chinese people, or Mormons, or plumbers should get involved in politics. If the PERSON wishing to get involved in politics is qualified to do so, it's up to the PEOPLE to decide whether or not to vote for them. Isn't this what democracy is all about?


The problem is not actors in politics but ignorance in politics. The founders knew democracy could not survive an ill-informed citizenry and, indeed, democracy is gone.

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