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Penn State Scandal

Would you reconsider sending your child to a school dealing with a scandal like Penn State?  Head football coach Joe Paterno has now announced his retirement at the end of the season.  Many in the community are also calling for the president of PSU to resign.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



I do not want my child's tuition supporting the pension of Jerry S.

Demetrios Kehagias

I would reconsider sending my children to Penn State. Joe Paterno did do what was required of him by informing the school. I hold the dean and others at the administrators at the school because they failed to take the appropriate actions of dealing with this issue and handing it off to the authorities which shows that they are NOT concerned with the safety of the children in asmuch they are concerned about trying to protect their schools reputation which the just trashed by their actions. Yes their reputation would have been hurt if this came out at the time that it happened but still their reputation could have been repaired and they would have earned the trust of us (the parents) of showing that our children are not just dollar signs.

Jim Kerner

Its ashame how this was handled. Joe Paterno did exactly what he had to do at that time. But, seeing that football has become a $170 million business, he should not be treated this way.

miss theresa haase

from theresa haase guttenberg new jersey time is 5:30pm date is 11-9-2011 i don't know what to say about that situation it's terrible what happen anyway whatever they do to the coach hope they find out the truth take care

Howard from NJ

In no way shape or form should the Penn State scandal impede parents from considering the university as a first choice for their children.The events of recent days do not have anything to do with the exemplary education that is offered there.This type of question is exactly what the university doesn't need at this point in time.Instead you should focus soley on the facts of the case and stop throwing the entire university under a bus.

Ellen D.

Our middle daughter attended PSU. It is a wonderful and safe place. I respect Mr. Joe Paterno and I believe he has had a great impact on many students.
I would never hesitate to recommend PSU to anyone that was interested in attending a great institution of higher education.
I wish Mr. Paterno the best for his future.



You pose the wrong question. The coaching staff member and his alledged actions is the question. Report the news. Don't attempt to create it.

Proud Penn State Parent

The events that precipitated this story are tragic but what is also tragic is the manner in which Joe Paterno and Penn State have been tried in the press and the manner in which the facts have been presented. The victims have been lost and instead of focusing on a terrible crime at the hands of one man the story has been sensationalized by directing attention to Joe Paterno and Penn State. I am very proud to say my child goes to Penn State and this scandal does not impact the tremendous educational opportunities and public service that Penn State provides. My heart goes out to the victims and I only hope that the attention can be redirected to their case where it properly belongs.


I am deeply upset over your insinuation that Penn State is now a school that parents should "reconsider" sending their children to.As a mother of a sophomore student I can attest to the extremely high quality of education that my daughter is receiving along with the genuine care and concern of her professors.Penn State is now and always will be known as a "public ivy"..a University with the academic rigors and ambiance of an ivy league insitution with a public school price tag.While this scandal is an extremely horrible thing it should not impede parents from having their children apply.

Terry R.

Why people would think this problem is unique to Penn state is crazy. These things go on wherever kids, children,and young adults are. Parents need to constantly be aware of what's going on in their children's lives regardless of how old they are. People that want to take advantage of kids will be where kids are available to them. Adults have to be held accountable to information they have on such matters. Kids HAVE to know there are people they can trust and tell, ESPECIALLY a teacher, coach,or professor. H
so yes I would still consider sending my child to Penn state.


My children are graduates of Penn State ('04 and '07). I cannot say enough GOOD THINGS about the collegiate and academic experiences they received, from the first orientation day to graduation day. Both have been employed full time in their fields of study right out of school, and career networking is invaluable. The current scandal is truly HORRIBLE, BUT PLEASE DO NOT PAINT THE ENTIRE UNIVERSITY WITH THE SAME BROAD DIRTY BRUSH! I hope my grandchildren get the opportunity to attend Penn State; my heart will be forever grateful for the Penn State experience.


No reflection on the student body but a true black eye for the university! What kind of a man sacrifices the well being of small children for a sports program that is all about young men and women. Where is the honor in that! How could a man that works with young men so closely close his eyes to this disgusting behavior? How could an adult whose life and career is all about working with students look a person like that in the eyes and work along side him after knowing what he knew. It is appalling and a disgrace!

Chris W.

I have a daughter who is a junior at penn state. I'm extremely pleased with her education at PSU. If I had other children I would certainly send them toPSU. The sex abuse issue is in no way connected to the education that is offered at PSU. It is and will always be a great university.


I am a PSU alum & would still send my child. The school is more then football - its an institution of higher learning that teaches integrity & values among other things. The school shouldnt be shunned for the actions of a few.

Greg Johnson

Of course I'd reconsider! Any school who's top officials and most famous face fail to contact authorities is participating in the sexual abuse of children, and does not deserve our $20,000/semmester.


!my child will not be applying to Penn State even if they gave her a FULL SCHOLARSHIP!!!!! with people such as Joe Paterno whos conscience should be weighed down to hell with the poor spirit of all those young boys who since 2002 when he KNEWWWW there was a MOLESTER working with and for him yet besides telling the school did NOTHING...these are the same neighbors who see teenagers on the street corner and call the police for loitering!!! you cant call a cop for a CHILD MOLESTER!!!! you are DISGUSTING yes I am fully aware other people do know and have been punished but I also know that this man is practically a school ledgend and DIDNT put the CHILDREN first!!!!


I live in New York and currently have a son who is attending Penn State. The mistakes of a few individuals does not make the university a bad place to send your child. Anyone smart enough to get into Penn State should be proud of the education and the experience they will receive from one of the finest insitutions in this country. I also have a senior in high school and if he wants to attend Penn State he will be going there too! WE ARE...PENN STATE, ALWAYS AND FOREVER.


There are far too many people in power at Penn St. who looked the other way and allowed innocent children to be hurt. I would never send my child to university that appears to be morally bankrupt, except in situations where it might suit them.


As someone who attended PSU until 2003, I am extremely saddened to hear of everything that has happened. While the football team is/was a huge part of our school experience, it is not why I chose to go there. Our school chant of We Are... Penn State is about the students and fans who make up the heart of PSU, not the teachers or coaches or officials. This will have no effect on the quality education you receive from this institution, so it should not be THE deciding factor in whether or not my child goes there or to any other institution.

Kate O'Brien

This is not the right question. The scandal is not the point. The tragedy here is not the loss of a coach or the status of a team. The tragedy is that eight children were violated by someone to whom their care was entrusted. The crime is that no one cared enough to stop a predator. These children are the victims and the survivors. That is where our outrage should lay.


Without a doubt! We're talking about the lives of, not just one - but many children here - not a f***ing football game! How can you even begin to talk about "Success" or "Honor" with this as part of your history!


Absolutely not! Penn State stellar academic reputation and the passion of the football program is enough to send mt kids. Joe Pa's legacy will live om!

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