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Lindsay Lohan's serves 4 hours in jail

What are your thoughts on Lindsay Lohan only spending 4.5 hours in jail?  Due to overcrowding, Lohan only spent a short amount of time of her 30 day sentence in an Los Angeles jail.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


Chaim Paddaman

It is amazing how Linsay Lohan has all of a sudden turned over a new leaf, according to the judge and probation officer. The California Judicial System is showering her with praise. It demonstrates the power and influence of the Hollywood moguls. It is an eye opener.

Chaim Paddaman

Soft Hollywood justice is alive and well. The sole purpose of state and federal law is not to benefit Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein bankrolled the political campaign of Hillary Clinton. It makes you think. How many complimentary tickets to the Hollywood casting couch have been issued to politicians and district attorney's by Weinstein and the Hollywood elite? Is it the casting couch that have made Hollywood untouchable and above the law? This is food for thought.....

miss theresa haase

hi my name is theresa from guttenberg new jersey time is 6:45am date is 11-8-2011 i don't think dr. conrad got a fair trial what happen to the dermatogist he did wrong to he shoulda got punished to that is my opinion


Lindsay Lohan is a train wreck and and embarrassement to not only to herself but to everything she represents. Her and her father need to go live in hibernation somewhere and dissappear... to many real issues need to be attended to real life issues


It is a joke. CA judges should all be replaced. She will be back in Court soon.


How did the courts not know the jail was overcrowded before putting her in jail???? They only figured that out after putting her in jail. I find that hard to believe!

David Fontanez

And you wonder why she is always in trouble and just doesn't get it. She thinks jail time and the legal system is a joke. If I would have done 1/3 of what she did I would have gotten the chair by now.


send her back to her hometown of Long Island to serve her sentence she needs to get away from that Hollywood fast life anyways


I think it is such a shame, having 5 adult children between my husband and I, knowing if it was one of them they would be in jail for a very long time. But thankfully she is somebody elses trainwreck. I am very proud of our 5. My children make me feel safe for the my future and my husbands. I think also she should not be the center of everyones attention, just let her fade and go away!!


She Needs 4.5 Years behind bars. A spoiled rotten brat, who is getting her kicks with the advertisements she's getting. Pathetic to see taxpayers dollars go to waste.....Lock her up with no bail for at least a year, and let's see if she doesn't straighten out.


she needs to spend several months in jail. Someone with less money would be in jail for a few years, especially with california's strict dwi laws. its redicules that she gets so many breaks because of her "celebrity" status.


Really? with all that is going on in the world today? , do you think anyone really deserves this much attention? She has access to help, more than some people who really want it and need it and chooses her way, well how's that working for her? and how's it working for you covering the same story..... the definition of insanity....




I'm not surprised. If it were an normal person, not a celebrity, you can bet they'd be sitting in jail where they should be. This #$%^& seems to get all the breaks even though she should remain in jail for all of her stunts.

Paul Ojea

i believe they should send her to a different prison,,, or release someone close to getting released,, i am tired of these celebrities committing crimes and getting a slap on the wrist.. why is there always room in nyc jails.


I think that this entire fiasco is a big joke! This girl is never going to do any time for anything just like Paris Hilton! Poor little Rich Girls!!


Isn't this spoiled child part of the top 1%? Your query has been answered!


If she was a regular person she would be on her third year of prison. Why spend taxpayers time an money to go through a trial if they are only going to spend hours in a cell. Let's have one set of rules for ALL of humanity.


Do you even consider that imprisonment.

Walter Johnston

Definitely NOT sending the message she was supposed to get, as duly meted out by the judge. Overcrowding? Surely someone more deserving, who'd been in longer, should have been released. Little miss entitlement (and her family memberbs) will continue to behave badly.....

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