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Breaking up using Social Media

Is it proper to break up with your significant other on a social media site?  A local newspaper conducted a study where 33 percent of the people say they’ve ‘dumped’ someone on Facebook.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


Gary F.

I hate to be "logical" about this subject, but if you can meet someone online why cannot you end the relationship online. ("Transmit now Spock"!).

Colleen K

I think dumping someone via a social network is a cop out!!! If you really ever cared for the person be a real man or woman and say it face to face!!! If this is how you choose to dump someone then they should have dumped you first because your not worth their time if you can break their heart in this way. It's not right and it's not fair to them!!! It would only break their heart even more doing it via a social network on top of how many people would see it?? This is a private matter not for the entire network to see.

Mark M.

Appropriate to break up with someone on a social media site? For convenience's sake, in today's world, seemingly so. However, regardless of how things ended, one should at least have the respect for yourself to face the person to end the relationship decently.

Joe Fortunato III

It absolutely is not ok to do so, it isn't even ok to leave a voice mail to break up with someone. If you can not break up with someone to their face, then you should never have gotten into the relationship to begin with. Where has common sense and common decency gone in today's society?


I think it's absurd to break up with someone on a social website or text message. What ever happened to face to face break ups? Cowards!!! I think society is hiding behind a computer screen and missing out on life!

Theresa Wilson

Show some respect, only cowards do that.


If your a coward this would be the way to break up with a loved one

Ann Marie Reilly

The only times it would be appropriate to break up with someone using social media is if you've only gone on a couple dates or have a predominately internet based relationship. Also if you belatedly determined the person you are seeing is particularly creepy or even possibly dangerous, avoiding face to face contact may be the only safe way to go.


NO! It's not proper, It's horrible. Being broken up with over a social media site, or a text is devastating. It's pathetic, I would never end anything with someone over a social media site. Breaking up with someone over Facebook, or a text, is just a way to end it without really caring. Very un-proper, pathetic, and disgusting. Be proper and end it in person!


It's never easy to break up with someone. If the best way to get your point across is through a Facebook message, then do it! The recipient may not appreciate it but being dumped won't be anymore appreciated if done in person.


No no and no . Definitely not!!


No it is not right people who do that need to grow a pair and break up face to face


NO! do not break up with someone by facebook or any other social network or text message if you do your scum its more heartbreaking to log into facebook and see that you special someone broke up with you do us girls a favor if your going to break up with us do it in person!

Willson Jacklie

i dont think that would be really a good idea. if i broke up with my girlfriend i wouldnt do it over social media i would say it to her face in person

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