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Would You Visit a Poorly Graded Restaurant?

So what do you think about restaurant grades?  Would you avoid going to a restaurant with any grade less than an “A” or if it has “Grade Pending” sign?  Share your thoughts with us by clicking COMMENT below.  Your comments may appear on Eyewitness News!




I've been studying for my food handlers certificate and had to learn exactly what those letters stand for. So, my answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! If it's not an A, I'm not eating there. Any restaurant that thinks it's too difficult to achieve an A isn't worth my money or my health.

Mike Michaels

A grades only for me!!!


I've given up on a diner I used to frequent because it got a C.

Lisa Jones

GRADE PENDING, means they failed and are now appealing it.

Lisa Jones

I don't eat at anything other than an A. I have noticed that some restaurants have made color copies even black and white copies to fool the public. If you don't have a real A then you don't care about your restaurant and I don't care to eat there. This letter grade has to be one of the best ideas Bloomberg has come up with.

George Marchant

I would only visit "A" rated firms, and never "pending " rated ones

Joanne sinovoi

only eat in A rated restaurants


If the grade is less than an A....that means something is seriously wrong and your health could be in danger. I go for the A all the way!

Mark Gonzalez

After reading the criteria, you certainly do not want to patronize any restaurant that has a score LESS than an A!

karen anne

It would be disturbing to me if they had lower than a B rating. Definitely, I would not patron a restaurant that had a grade pending!

Kathy Raftery

These grades are the decision maker for me !!

Mary Ann McQueen

No "A" means I won't eat there. It's a non-negotiable for me.

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