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Share Your Thoughts on Steve Jobs

Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs died Wednesday at age 56.  He battled pancreatic cancer for 8 years.  His inventions changed our everyday lives.  Please share your thoughts on Steve Jobs here by clicking COMMENT below.  Your comments may appear on Eyewitness News.

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c androvett

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family he was the genuis of the computer age. RIP i will treasure my 6 iphones and soon to be 3 ipads. Thank you so much.

Bernice David

The best thing that the world can do to remember Steve Jobs is to build on his innovative contributions to the world. Steve has already done the hardest job by laying the platform. Let us continue to raise his excellence.


I have been following Apple since I was a child. Apple has and will always be a part of my life. I own an iPod and now when I look at it, I'll think of Steve Jobs and the legacy he left behind. He really taught us all how to think differently. RIP.

Rose Abreu

Steve Jobs is an icon and a genius of the tech world. He put a computer on our desks and music in our pockets; amazing man. RIP Steve

audrey jack

RIP Steve , i will miss your visionary,technology and my grandchildren love your toy story and ipod .you touch my family every day life . thank you

Linda suppa



An inspirational man who nevertheless can be defined as change and how it is forever on going. RIP STEVE JOBS

Cheryl M

Steve Jobs in 3 Words - Innovator, iPhones, Inspirational

I learned how to use a computer on an Apple in jr. high in Cupertino, CA, where I first heard the story about the founders.

The galaxy is brighter because there is a new star up there tonight....

Jayne G.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his Family! Steve will be extremely missed! He has made many lives fuller, richer, easier, Fun! Thank you Steve, God Bless you, and your family.....Rest in Peace....

Edwina Dayao-Yevoli

Steve Jobs left too, too, soon. This Earth's loss is Heaven's gain. Angels will now have ip4S. RIP and I will offer my prayers for you and your family.

Carlos Morales

On Apple As a K-3 ESL teacher, my principal thinks I have all this Computer Proficiency and am a creative for the school. I have benefitted. Truly, I have been hiding behind an Apple. SHHH. Say nothing because in truth, I know very little. Thank you, Steve Jobs.

Boyd Shockley

A year ago I had a dumb phone, a Palm Pilot and no thoughts about being Apple-sized beyond the iPod nano that I had. Then I met the iPad and then later, my Palm Pilot died.
The iPad became my Christmas present and when the iPhone 4 came out it replaced my dumb phone and my dead Palm Pilot. For someone like me who was so dedicated to the PC, this was remarkable. My iPhone and iPad are my constant companions. And I suspect that sometime in the not too distant future, I will also own a Mac notebook.
None of this would have ever happened if not for Steve Jobs. He was a true visionary that has had a profound effect on my life. He will be missed!

geri schwartz

What a sad day for the world. A creative,innovative amazing human being has left an empty space in humanity. He will be sorely missed. My deepest sympathy to his family. Who doesn't have at least one apple product that they love and has made life enjoyable. Thank you, Steve RIP.


I sleep with my iphone4 at night and when its charges at night now it will be in rememberance of Mr Steve Jobs... A brilliant man, a genius, and one of the greatest inventors that will go down in history, my sincere prayers go out to the Jobs family and the family and employees of Apple...


The world is a better place today because of the legacy Steve has left behind. God bless Steve and his family. May they have the strength they need to carry on his work of art. Rest in peace my friend!

Kathy Noonan

His name was synonymous with apple. He will truly be missed. But most of all my prayers are with his family...his wife and four children. Family is everything.

Jatil Kodati

Steve Jobs became one of the most inspirational men of all time. He changed the way the world looked at a computer and altered the way people used their phones, downloaded music and much more. He is a true genius and he will be greatly missed. RIP

Chris C

Deeply regret that we've lost what woukd be legend of our time

Martin W.Schwartz

Steve Jobs was a polymath in the manner of Thomas Alva Edison. Such people come along once in a century. He will be sorely missed but his technological innovations and contributions to our society will be his eternal memorial. R.I.P.

George Morales

The leonardo di vinci of my generation.


Sad day. I will go to my iPhone...or iPad....oe even my MacBook to read more about Steve. God bless his wife and 4 kids. XOXO

Teddy Coln

God placed Steve in our lives for a season. He will truly be missed. His ideas have changed so many lives technologically and naturally. I am so grateful that his ideas have made my life more interesting and creative.


Steve your knowledge and creativity in the world of technology has changed the way we all live; you were brilliant and your legacy will live on. My deepest condolences to your family and friends, rest in peace.


I am truly sad to hear of Mr. job's passing. The world has lost a true pioneer. My condolences to his family. Apple forever. That evolution cannot be stopped...



thomas ackerley

great man, he will be missed. r.i.p

Bruni Naveira

Shock n saddened.


A truly sad day in the history of computing, for the United States, and the world! I remember seeing him as the Keynote speaker some 15 years ago at PC Expo at the Javits Center...a real dynamic speaker who was so mesmerizing its no wonder he had built a legion of diehard fans and customers.

Not all his products were hits in the early days (the Mac vs. the IBM PC, Next). But he just wasn't a geek. The way he put technology and marketing together was brilliant (Super Bowl ad, joint development with Gates, etc). He, unlike many others, retooled himself, stuck with it, and now his legacy outdistances IBM and Microsoft in market capital! His story is an inspiration for young entrepreneurs and future business leaders alike. Amazing story, amazing man, what a sad day!


I really love his work. I wish I had a change to meet him in person and see the world he see technology... He was a very inspiration to all of geeks that wanted to created itmes like he did..

Liz C

A true visionary,technology was changed for ever by his vision and brilliant thinking. rip

Jayson De Boulet

RIP, you will be missed, but your vision has left an indelible mark on technology. Thoughts and prayers.

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