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What smells remind you of NYC?

A new book gives you a scratch and sniff guide to NYC.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  What smells remind you of New York City? Which ones do you like or not like in New York?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


Isabelle Rasmussen

Honestly, I cannot answer this question as to what smell reminds me of the NYC. I have not been there yet. I am planning to stay there for good starting December this year.


The smell of diesel fuel burning and cigarette smoke mingling together around the buses and trucks.The smell of fresh printed papers on the newsstand.

Vernon  Holiness

Ny smells I like is the pizza smell. No one has a pizza smell like NY.... NO ONE!


Living in Queens as a kid in the 50s, the smell of Juicy Fruit gum and ozone in the subway. The ozone smell is a byproduct of the electrical nature of the subway...


Rosanna Malecki

I love New York during the Fall and Christmas. I just love the smell of roasted chestnuts, and pretzels. Makes me feel so happy!! :)


I love the pyrotechnic aromas of the spectacular 4th of July fireworks display, as the residual smoke wafts and rises in the midnight blue sky high above the East and Hudson rivers of NYC.


I love the smell of baking bread in some of the Italian bakery's.


Good smell - roasted chestnuts from street vendors

Bad smell - urine, as soon as you approach the subway steps, present for as long as I can remember (decades). So disgusting! Can't someone do something about this?!?




For me, it's the smell of nuts dipped in honey. Also, the smell of fresh bread first thing in the morning. That is what I miss so much about NYC. Oh, I am NOT a fan of bus exhhaust fumes nor urine in the train stations.


......the pyrotechnic aroma of the exploding spectacular fireworks that appear in the midnight blue sky every 4th of July high above the East and Hudson Rivers in NYC....thank you Macy's department stores!!!

Pel A. Dera

There are so many, but let's face it, nothing compares and nothing is more New York that the unique scent emanating from our subway system. Even my 12 year-old who was born in Staten Island and hardly ever comes to Manhattan tells me how much he loves it and how "New York" the smell is.


warm thick funk from urine and garbage distinctively only in nyc subways is a smell i hate to love. for me smells like dirty freedom. when its been long absence, that smell is such a comfort.

Tigs Tygrrr

Well I know there will be a lot of people who say the smell of food vendors peddling hot dogs and assorted dishes on street corners or the crisp smell in the air after a rain shower on a chilly fall afternoon or even the sweet smells of the fresh cut grass at Central Park's world-renowned Sheep's Meadow, but seriously, if you are going to ask for replies from REAL New Yorkers, than the UNANIMOUS reply will be the oh-so-lovely aroma of our subway system on a humid July day.


Always love coming into the city in the fall or winter and the fantastic smells of hot fresh pretzels being sold on the streets...True NYC:)


No one loves NYC more than me, however, the vendors in Chinatown need to do something about the raw fish stench that seeps onto the passer-by sidewalks and curbs. On a happier note, there is nothing like the amazing sweet morning smells of fresh bread and donuts rising from the local bakeries. I adore the smells of pastrami steaming from a Jewish Deli and one of my favorites...the NYC hot dog vendors' cooked onions...Mmmmm!

Jean  Karpowich  (Sparta,NJ)

LOTS of varied smells (good and bad) in New York, but one I enjoy is the toasty aroma of the pretzel carts. Yum!) A not-so-nice smell is the exhaust from the vehicles. Hope THAT odor isn't in the book!


The smell of roasted peanuts/pretzels from food carts in midtown. Reminds me of being a little kid coming into New York with my gramdmother.

Suzanne Borget

I was born and raised in Manhattan. It might seem odd, but my favorite NYC smell is the smell coming up from the subway grates. When I was a little girl I would always pause over the grates to take a wiff... still find it a comforting and familiar NYC scent : )
Second favorite is the smell of wet cement after it rains...

Christine from Staten Island

Hot dogs and fresh hot pretzels from the food carts on every corner are the smells that remind me of The Big Apple.

Frank S.

Although I'd like to say something more positive, but I'd have to say the smells that remind me of NYC more often than not, are urine and rotting garbage, especially from the backs of garbage trucks.

What nice smell that would remind me of NYC? Hot pretzels, hot dogs, roasted nuts - and pretty much any sidewalk food vendor.

Frank S.

Ilene Thompson

Definitely the hot candied peanuts sold from pushcarts on corners in midtown.

Christine Albano

The smell of hot dogs and fresh hot pretzels from the food carts on every corner of NYC are the smells that remind me of the Big Apple.

Kris Carreno

The mixed smell of bacon & coffee is the smell of a busy weekday morning in NY-blended with the breeze that also has hints of perfume & cologne worn by busy NY's headed out to work in the jobs that help make New York City the greatest city in the world.


The smell of the subway typifies NYC for me--believe it or not, I like that smell. Also, in the winter, the roasted chestnuts are one of the smells of NYC during the holidays. Both smells remind me of my childhood, visiting the city with my mom.


The smells of Eucalyptis in the fall walking by the local flower shop is my favorite. But the smell I dislike the most is the smell of dog urine in the summer.P.U.


The smells that remind me of NYC...are hot dogs grilling on those push carts, the smell of the streets during and after it rains and store fragrances of cologne and perfume in department stores. Only one I really prefer are the fragrances but that gets even a little too much because they have so many at the same time.


My favorite smell is the smell of the food carts around the city. I love that smell of cooked, WELL-SEASONED meat.

The smells that need to go are all smells in Times Square. Trash, people, vehicle exhaust, etc.


the smell of warm pretzels reminds me of NYC

Morgan Greenwald



I love the smell of the food carts out on the street, especially the Hot Pretzels and chestnuts roasting as we get closer to the holiday season

Morgan Greenwald



ugh! Urine :S

Ruthie Gavin

The smell of roasted nuts and chestnuts from the vendors on every corner !!!!!

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