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What age do you allow your kids on Facebook?

At what age do you allow your children to have a Facebook account?  A Long Island woman says she encouraged her 12-year-old to fight another child after being bullied on the social networking site.  How do you monitor your child’s Facebook account?  Do you discuss with them what’s appropriate to post?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


Susan Kittell

My daughter did not have a facebook account until freshman year of high school she is now a senior, the kids have to use facebook respondabily and have respect for others.


No facebook, period. Kids should be concentrated on studying, get educated.

Brian Daley

I think Facebook in general is becoming more of a personal and public disturbance. Adults and children alike have become so addicted to it they're on when they're supposed to be in the classroom paying attention to teacher's, and adults are on Facebook when they are on the clock at their employer's. What age is too young? Hard to say, cause most adults are just as bad as the kids.

A Friend

Students are not allowed access to websites such as facebook while at school.


What happens in the neighborhoods should stay in the neighborhoods. You would not believe how parents "dump" the responsibility of their kids on the schools.....call the police! Better yet, be a parent to your kids. Gee, what a novel idea!

Robyn Davis

My 12 yr old grandson wants to chat with his friends on facebook. The way we have resolved this is to have his friends - or preferrably their parents - become one of my friends. This way, I know when he's on facebook and who he is interacting with. This system has worked fairly well and a number of his friends' parents have agreed to this method. He cannot have an independent page at this age.


This is a terrible story, but unfortunately in some ways understandable. I wish the mother had talked this out with the parent of the child, not responded in a violent way. Assertiveness is VERY different from aggression. My niece went on Facebook at 13, I believe. My sons started at 15 and I rarely monitor as they're more interested in online gaming, unfortunately. Of course, I have friended them.

Melinda Acosta

My daughter who will be 14 soon is not allowed to have a facebook. I think that's the monitoring.


I am FB friends with my 20, 18 & 14 year olds. We have an agreement-if I don't like something they say or post, I will tell them in person what and why, I will not comment on FB. I don't want to embarrass them, but I do want them to know what I think is and is not appropriate.

Jessika  Carter

Why cant parents chech Fb (facebook) I did and Fb said 13 yrs old but I didnt let my daughter have a fb untl 18. Is my decison right?

Jessika J Eason

I think parents should check FB (facebook)that's what I did a it said 13 yrs old but I didnt let my daughter have a fb until she was 18. Did I do the correct thing? / Am I just tough? What you think Sade?

Jonille Alexander

Hello -
I saw your video regarding Facebook, monitoring of one's child(ren), and cyberbullying. There is a software called, "Eye Guardian," that can assist parents in monitoring their children's FB activity, which includes monitoring for Cyberbullying, innapropriate content (images and text). Parents can also set up alerts to be notified via phone or email when something suspicious pops up. Check them out on www.eyeguardian.com or else http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8k1iYLopDU. They are trying to spread the word!

Thank you,


Social networks are a total no-no for me. Facebook is a weapon in your child's hands. They should have a facebook depending on their maturity level, 14+. It is an addictive fighting weapon, which can cause lots of fights and arguements between children. Though my 12 year old is very mature and respectful its a time consuming weapon; she can waste her time on something more educational and useful. Many of her friends have gotten into many fights due to these networks and I ask her to please stay out of them. Kids are very problamatic. Kids see certain posts, pictures and status and get insulted because if they are not included or think there is an in-direct comment about them.

Lourdes Diaz

i think 14 is a good age cause they should know right or wrong & the parents should monitor what the child post & who his/her friends are...

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