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Too young for adult pastimes?

Footage of two slender boys wrestling in a cage in front of a cheering crowd in a British social club is drawing harsh condemnation from government officials and children's advocates who blasted the match as barbaric.  Watch the ABC News story seen on Good Morning America:


Between cage fighting for little boys and beauty pageants for little girls, children are having very grown up experiences at very young ages. At what age do you think it is OK for children to be exposed to more adult pastimes?   Click on comment to tell us your thoughts, and we may share them here or on Eyewitness News First at 4:00 p.m.



I think it's awful to see those young kids cage fighting and how their parents allow it. There's a real potential for someone to get seriously injured or die. It's too dangerous for kids that young.
Maybe when the kids are old enough to make their own decision that they want to do this then ok but not until then. that video made me sick.


I think this is child abuse. These parents need to attend parenting classes to learn what is appropriate and acceptable behaviors to promote to their children. Exposing them to violence leads to problems in the future. These children are too young to make these types of decisions. Someone needs to step in and protect these children.

Cathy Smitheimer

Beauty pageant's (dressed up as Pretty Woman). Octomom's, girls giving birth at younger ages, and now young boys cage fighting! This is just crazy! I fear the future for our children is very troubling at the very least. We talk about "bullying" and how it affects kids to their death. But, yet here is another reason why the problem will only get worse. Parents encouraging their children to fight...REALLY???

Are we so evolved that we are turning back into animals?

Chuck from Levittown NY.

They should not be allowed to fight in an adult enviroment.It should be done under adult supervision in a school gym with parents and coaches!!!

Mitch Wolper

It's obvious that the people in the UK have a different way of raising their children than we do. I would NEVER allow my child to become involved in something like that especially if it is held in a club with alcohol being served and scantilly clad women as ring girls. Also, these kids need protection as serious injuries can occur no matter their age!!!

I have no problem with kids having fun with easy wrestling matches but with this type of event, they need to wear head gear and other protection to prevent injuries. Plus when a kid gets so frustrated that he starts crying, then it must end then no matter what.


This generation of kids is bad enough... spoiled & selfish, now I see the next generation will most definitely be worse... spoiled, selfish & violent.. great!! What the hell are parents thinking???

Tom From Staten Island

These kids are a bit too young and have no option. There should be an age minimum such as 18.

bob solo

these idiot parents teach their children to fight, and the kids love it because, when they win, they get the glory... Glory is a great feeling...

Fran E

How is this legal? What about child endangerment? It is SO outrageously wrong that I cannot say enough against it! I am appalled!

Allan W.

There is very little safety net for kids of any age. If I had one, I wouldn't let my 15 year old son fight in MMA. Or football. My kid will have more brain cells and a healthier skull than me, or else.

EJ Velazquez

Oh, wow! I think that kids should be at least 15 or 16 to be somewhat interested in that type of pastime. After watching that piece, I find it appaling and just flat out wrong!

Allan W.

There is very little safety net for kids of any age. If I had one, I wouldn't let my 15 year old son fight in MMA. Or football. My kid will have more brain cells and a healthier skull than me, or else.

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