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Should New York state expand gambling to boost the economy?

A new poll found that a majority of New York voters support creating casinos away from Indian Reservations as a way to boost the state's economy.   Governor Andrew Cuomo first raised the idea, and legislative leaders are now considering a constitutional amendment to allow non-Indian casinos in New York, a move that would require voter approval.    The Quinnipiac University poll found that sixty-four percent of voters said casinos would be good for the economy.   What do you think?  Should New York expand casino gambling?   How do you think it would help or hurt New York City and the state?   Please click on comment to share your thoughts, and we may use them here or on Eyewitness News First at 4:00 p.m.


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Casinos will definitely boost the city's income from tourism. But we know that crime sprouts everywhere there is a casino. If we have more casinos then the problem with drugs, prostitution, and other crimes will increase.

Jon t.

Yes it won't help NY, yes the middle class will hurt again if this would happen I mean we can all see this, isn't there another way to boost the economy of NY?


Good idea but let's make sure it will cut some of our taxes!!


I'm so opposed to this idea. I think Casino's would bring a mess of problems to this city we don't need. Crime being a big one.

Robbie Heier

I believe that Casinos in NYC would be a huge boost to the city's economy and look at all the jobs they would create! It's a win win!

I'm all for it!!!


New York already has a casino located at Yonkers
raceway its called Empire City.

John DeLong

Gambling has never helped any neighborhood economy. If you speak to any property owner from Atlantic City, they will tell you that all that was promised did not come true. The jobs it will bring will be low paying and few. The real winners will be the casino owners. The state should encourage saving and a good work ethic instead of losing money at gambling tables.

June Somers

I truly believe gambling will not help NY. I live in upstate NY and they have been trying to bring gambling here forever. Well,it is to late PA and Conn. beat you to it as usual. Only a few would reap the benefits and the rest of the middle class would lose again.

Bill Thomas

Perhaps Casinos in NY a decade or 2 ago would have been a good idea. With the economy in shambles, and people losing their jobs and homes, the last thing we need in NY are casinos!. Does anyone honestly think people are going to gamble whatever little they have left?. The notion of casinos in NY is insane.

P. Verna

Yes,gambling should be approved for NY. New Jersey and Connecticut have full casinos. This would create jobs at all levels. Why not have Nnew Yorkers keep the money in New York rather than another state.



Gambling should not be expanded in New York. Gambling is very regressive so those on the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder will be more likely succumb to the effects of irresponsible gambling. Additionally, the jobs that gambling does create tend to be low wage jobs, and only a very select few will get reap most of the benefits. I think expanding gambling in New York would be a very bad bet.

Edward Ritter

It is long PAST time NYC had casinos. The rest of NYS has them and the city as New York`s largest tourist attraction is by far the best location for casinos. The tax revenue is badly needed by both the city and state.

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