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Pharmacists stops robbery and then fired

A pharmacist in Michigan was fired after using his own gun to stop a late night robbery.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Do you agree with Walgreens for sticking by their ‘no gun’ policy, or should the pharmacist be rewarded for stopping the robbery?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


Bob Zipp

Walgreens should have had a 12ga shotgun loaded with buckshot under the counter. If the pharmacist had used that instead of a handgun, these mutts would never do another crime.

Valerie Josephs

What a Hero he is!! Forget "slave labor" Walgreens...come work for me!!!


What would the high paid Walgreen corporate executives do if they had to work in a store that had the potential of being robbed at gun point? The Pharmacies should be promoted!


Way to go Walgreen's. Rewarding your employees with job termination for going above and beyond. This should be an example to other Walgreen employees. Show up for work and do enough to get by. Going above and beyond for this company will get you fired.


Living with in minutes of the tragedy that occurred in Medford, I think that the pharmacist should be commended and not condemned for his actions. As a rule, policies and procedures of your particular workplace should be followed. However, these do not often correlate to "real life" situations. I am sure that when Walgreen's came up with their policy they did not have pharmacies open for 24 hours. If they insist on being open around the clock then they need to provide their employees with around the clock security such as armed guards to minimize the vulnerability of their employees especially after dark.

Marc Casellas

If the phamacist had a legal right to carry a firearm and used it to protect himself in an armed robbery. Chances are he saved himself and whoever else was there by doing what he did. Imagine not having that weapon. He could have been terribly hurt or worse and we all remember the murders in WENDYS in Queens. So Walgreens should not take his job away and if they do not give him his job back I see a big lawsuit in their future that they will end up losing.... If we had laws like in down south where people have the right to bare arms and are liscensed and trained to use it. These thieves and murderers would not stand a chance against us... crime rate would be way down because they would think twice about doing something illegal


I feel that walgreen has made a huge mistake in firing this guy, he was protecting himself and the store. Now maybe no one will ever target this store again. I applaud this pharmasist for a great and heroic and brave act. Congrads to you, hope you get every penny you're diserved.

Marcel Fontaine from Norwalk, Connecticut

I believe he had EVERY right to use that gun. If I were in this situation I wouldn't care about the policy I would do whatever it takes to save my life regardless of either if its policy or not. He also had EVERY right to cary the gun as well because one he legally carried it on his person and two EVERY person who works in a store needs to expect the unexpected, so if he hadn't had that gun and used it he wouldn't be here nor the merchandise.

walgreens employee

I am a long time employee with Walgreens and I've never heard of a "no escalation" policy or a "no gun" policy. Walgreens does a POOR job of protecting their employees especially on the overnight shift. They should reinstate this pharmacist!

Mary Moore

I think Walgreen's corporate suits are hypocrites. They expect a pharmacist to work the overnight shift without any security or protection and then they take him to task when he tries to defend himself and the store's property. Yet they have no problem SELLING guns at their mega stores! What's wrong with this picture?!


Protecting the perpertrator instead of the victim is common in today's society. Walgreens was very wrong. This pharamacist was so right and i take my hat off to him for protecting himself. Walgreens better change their policy to protect their workers. I for one will not shop there until they rethink their dumb policy.


Are you kidding me! What was he subpposed to say "go ahead shoot me". Who ever fired him should be fired. I hope he can't sue the pant off them and moves on to a better pharmacy.

Carol Rappa

The pharmacist should be rewarded for his bravery. Walgreens should think back to what happened to the victims of the cvs pharmacy in L.I. and consider themselves very lucky thanks to that brave pharmacist. Why don't these pharmacies that are open during the night consider having a security guard. Years ago banks & pharmacies had security guards. Are our lives not worth it anymore.

jocelyne morel

in my opinion, walgreens owes this man a raise and an apology. the executives who are sticking to their policy must be taking all the prozac in the store. not only did the pharmacist have an order for his gun, he alsohad a perscription

christine north

I Have worked in the medical field for many years and have knowldege of the amount of crime and the level faced by pharmacies, doctor's offices, clinics and surgical centers. With the demand for opiods by drug addicted person as well as people effected by the economy this job is 100% more dangerous then cops.. They are left at night, with no defense against people with a purpose. I think that man should be rewarded and if the criminal watching saw that the next Pharmacy they decide to rob could shoot back, watch the crime rate on theses stores drop. It is insane this man should be punished and he was not told he was not able to protect himself. I think Walgreens is and should be punished for not providing a safe work place, all other jobs do!!!! This man was not safe nor was the guys he saved. Who is being protected here? The criminal? I think bullet proof glass and interaction only through that glass past a certain hour should be mandatory in these times and in the age of drug addicted, stressed out population looking for an easy target.


The pharmacist did not violate the non-escalation policy: he did not fire his gun to stop the robbery, but to defend himself once the robbers turned on him. He should be commended, and given his job back, perhaps at a different location. Walgreen's should either provide professional protection for their pharmacists or change their 'no gun' policy as it pertains to pharmacists.


Walgreens should be ashamed of themselves....Times have changed and so should their policy.....If the Pharmacist got shot or killed, what would Walgreens"s do for his family to make up for his life????......

J. P.

Thee cheers for the Pharmacist on defending himself and Walgreens. Those thugs were up to no good to begin with and the Pharmicist would have been shot and the thugs would have gotten away with murder. Shame on you Walgreens I would give the Pharmicist a raise. What would the CEO have done? A job well done.


Instead of honoring this man for being a hero, they fire him? This is absurd! It's like a slap in the face to those innocent lives lost at Haven Drugs in Medford Long Island.


So, let me get this straight, Walgreens would prefer their employees get shot? I never heard anything so ridiculous. He was being shot upon.


I think that a Pharmacist is not wrong. Anyone ever heard of self defense? In todays world they should only have online pharmacies. In the worsening economy, unfortunately the crime is just going to get worse.

ray muhs

i think it was wrong firing him.
more people should have permits to carry a weapon,robbers would think twice about robing
people or stores.

Charles Rios

Sure it's Ok to protect yourself , I'm sure it that was me I,d be more sercure having some protection.

Richard Gallo

If anything he should be rewarded. Shame on Walgreens.

Charles Rios

Sure it's Ok to protect yourself , I'm sure it that was me I,d be more sercure having some protection.

John Lewis

I believe the Pharmacist was correct in this situation he had a valid permit to carry a weapon. Walgreens should be giving him a raise for his efforts to protect their assets. Walgreens needs to do the right thing.

Tom Mazza

Atta boy! Kudos to the phamacist! Wallgreens should send him to the pistol range to improve his aim! God forbid it happens again, maybe he will hit the theives!

Don Smith

This man not only stopped a robbery but a possible hostage situation if someone on the outside tried to intercede. If the man has a carrying permit for the firearm, that means the law has determined him to be a responsible person, whereas Walgreens has not. I go with the man and thanknhim for his courage.

Jim Lambert

I hope the pharmacist is rewarded and gets his job back. walgreens is wrong about his actions. i am going to remember this before i ever shop there again.

Flor A

After the recent tragic pharmacy murders in Long Island, should the Pharmacist or other employees have stood there and possibly be killed? I believe Walgreens needs to reinstate the Pharmacist and pat him on the back.

patricia ross

I definitely think that pharmacist should be able to carry firearms at work in light of the shooting that took place in medford. People that abuse medication are very unpredictable.


I believe the pharmacist should be honored instead of fired. He saved 2 or 3 worker and his own life.

Barbara C., Stony Brook, New York

I understand the need for the 'no gun' policy at Walgreens. However, if this is the company's policy, employees should be protected at all times. Walgreen's should have security at every store.


The pharmacist is a hero. Walgreen's policy makes both them and there employees easy targets. Although it does become dangerous when law enforcement arrives at the scene of a robbery and there is an armed man who is not an officer.

Rich Doyle

Walgreens had no right to fire this brave employee. Thank God he had a handgun. This would not have turned out well if he wasn't armed. What if the robber got his gun unjammed and started shooting everybody in the store like what happened in the Medford drug store. The guy deserves a promotion for what he did. I personally will never shop in Walgreens again and am going to spread the word to everybody I know. They violated this mans Second Amendment right to defend himself. An armed society is a polite society.

Brandon Zarzecki

In my opinion i believe that the pharmacist has the right to carry a firearm in Walgreens. Everyday pharmacies are being robbed from, and pharmacists are being injured. What was he supposed to do when the gunman pointed a firearm at him? Just stand there and get shot? Even if Walgreens says that it was against their terms to bring a firearm to work, they should've told the pharmacist when they hired him. Shame on Walgreens!

Clifford Ruff

I commend the Pharmacist,
Walgreens should reward, not fired him. Think about it, what would have been the outcome if the pharmacist in the Long Island
drug store had a "legal weapon, and used it"; would we have had four innocent people slaughter?

Gary Gorski

The MAN is a HERO.... He had a legal gun & permit to carry! We should boycott Walgreens until they HIRE HIM BACK!!


Walgreens should be honoring that Pharmacist, not firing him. He defended their business and put his life in danger. Walgreens should be grateful.
Next time, if Walgreens wants to stick to their "No-Gun"policy, let the robbers rob them blind. They would deserve it. Shame on Walgreens!


More power to him. The company should be glad they have someone who will protect them.

Bob Nesoff

Non-escalation policy? The armed robber had a gun pointed at the guy. Should they have waited until he was killed? He had a right to defend himself. Walgreen's needs to prescribe a tranquilizer for its corporate eggheads.
Bob Nesoff

Matilde Santos

If Walgreens already had that policy in place and provided a copy of it to all employees upon hiring them then they should stick by their ‘no gun’ policy.
However, if this was not done, then he should be rewarded for stopping a robbery that could've ended badly.

Brett B from Springfield, NJ

I am usually opposed to letting citizens carry guns, but the pharmacist had a right to act in self defense when the aggressors brandished their own weapons. Wallgreens should applaud him for putting his own life on the line to protect his coworkers and his store.

Fay M

The Pharmacist did the right thing. He was defending himself & that is everyone's right in this country. Walgreens needs to look at these circumstances & not be so rigid in enforcing their policies. Eash instance should be looked at before a decision is made. I hope he wins his law suit.


I whole heartedly agree with Walgreens. In this instance the outcome was favorable and the would be robbers left. However it could just have easily turned out that the Pharmacist was shot and no amount of insured product is worth his, or anyone's life.


This pharmacist was well within his right to defend himself from imminent bodily harm. Walgreens should limit the number of 24 hour stores and be required to hire trained security guards or off duty police to maintain security. Walgreen's policy is wrong in this case and until they reverse it, I will take my business elsewhere.

Brenda Egan

I think this Pharmacist should be rewarded for his heroism. Walgreens should think themselves lucky they have (had) such an employee looking out for not only their interest but also the public's. I hope he wins his wrongful dismissal case. I am routing for him. Good luck.


It makes you wonder if the assailants actually shot the clerk, would Walgreens feel any different.....I say good for the clerk for defending yourself, and Walgreens should be ashamed of themselves for trying to terminate an employee trying to protect himself.


I am a retired Police Officer here on Long Island. The pharmacist had every right to defend himself and protect his fellow workers with the ability he had. I think Walgreens should be penalized for not protecting their workers doing an over night shift. This day and age every pharmacy who is open 24hr should have a an employee who is licensed to carry a weapon. It;s time that the people take back their lives from the crooks who destroy them.

Anthony Strianese

I wonder if a Walgreens Mgr. was in the same situation what they would have done when some doped up crack head points a gun at them????????????? This pharmacist had every right in the world to defend himself. To bad he didn't shoot them right between the eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Pietesha Wright

I believe that he should of been rewarded for what he has done. He should be able to get his job back

Henry Blum

The Pharmacist was correct in what he did. Would WalGreens prefer that he was shot and killed.
He saved the lives of the other employees and his own.
WalGreens should be ashamed of themselves for their reaction.
I hope he sues them for a fortune!
Henry Blum


With a gun pointed at him I doubt one would consider any response as escalation. Also, they probably never did discus their policy about escalation or carrying a hand gun. They probably posted the rules behind a door where no one looks.

Karen Ferguson

I beleive that the pharmacist was within his rights to protect himeself. I cannot believe the trauma he may have suffered during the robbery and the trauma that Walgreens is putting this man through!! This is adding insult to injury! He is not allowed to carry (legally) but it's okay for the criminals to kill someone! Something is wrong with this picture.


I do not agree with Walgreens, in fact, they should praise his actions. What if the robbers gun had fired and killed one of the workers or a customer. He had the gun because of a previous robbery, so I feel he was justified in his actions, and very brave. I hope he wins his lawsuit!

Jay G

Have we forgotten what happened in LI? The case that was just settled this week. If he didnt do what he did how many would have been killed- remember the robber tried to shoot 3 times! He should receive the purple heart?

Caryl Diana, Clifton, NJ

Did you not say it was 4:30 in the morning? Besides that fact if I had a permit to carry a gun and someone was drawing a gun on me you bet I shoot back. Walgreens is way wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!


I applaud the pharmacist for having the guts to stop what could have been a triple murder had the thugs decided to kill the managers instead of drag them down the aisles. And, if the thugs gun had fired, the pharmacist wouldn't be alive to be fired and his family would be suing Walgreens his death. Shame on Walgreens for not accessing the situation properly.

James David

He should have been given a PROMOTION!

Non-escalation policy???!!!???
He didn't escalate it, he ended it.
They ran when he fired his handgun IN SELF DEFENSE.
He, like EVERY US CITIZEN has a Constitutional right to defend themselves.

It has been proven time and time again, more people carrying in self defense DIRECTLY LEADS to lower crime rates.


This man should be rewarded for defending both his and costumers lives. He was LAWFULLY armed the thugs were not, if Walgreens doesn't like that well I wont shop there again.

Karin F.

Should have let Walgreens get robbed, it seems that they do not want to commend people for trying to save the store and would rather let it get robbed.

Karin F.

Should have let Walgreens get robbed, it seems that they do not want to commend people for trying to save the store and would rather let it get robbed.


I think Wallgreen should be ashamed of themselves. I understand the need to policy but given the circumstances I think they could have handled this case differently. He did afterall save their store and his life. Give me a break.

Sean W

As long as thugs know that Walgreen's has this policy, thugs will target Walgreen's as an easy mark for robbery. Kudos to the pharmacist for having balls in an emasculated corporate P.C. rhetoric parroting society.


I am a Pharmacy technician and every time i hear these stories it makes me so angry! Pharmacist and tech's are at Risk everyday! Walgreen's should have stepped it up themselves and had security at their store. Obviously if the pharmacist is carrying a gun to work there must be a reason. There is a time and place to enforce company policy and this was not it. After what just occurred a few months ago in NY where 4 people were shot and killed by a drug addict looking for hydrocodone I think every Pharmacist is thinking ahead! Kudos to him!

Amber Padilla from Tustin, California

I believe that the pharmacist is brave, the fact that the represenatives from Walgreens are more concerned at who may question their employee having a gun because of the "no gun" policy instead of recognizing the effort of this man is appalling. This should not over power or overlook his bravery. He should be recognized and thanked by Walgreens for defending THEIR business.


These mega-corporate pharmacies have ruined America. Had this been a Mom & Pop family owned place, this would not have been an issue. I don't want to own a gun, but I will not infringe in anyone's right for reasonable self-protection. He obviously felt the need to carry a firearm and was trained to use it. Wallgreens was wrong, yet they have too much money to admit it.

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