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Office pet peeves

A new list of top office pet peeves has been released.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think. What pet peeves do you have in your office or with your co-workers?  Post your comments (below) and they could end up on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.


Jennifer Kley

Most of my coworkers have been annoying throughout the years, even my bosses. Between their poor hygiene habits (soooo tired of seeing brown skeets in the toilets or just the BROWN itself), soooo tired of people who are just clueless and thoughtless.

Donavon Sudduth

People acting stupid in public makes anyone really mad and when there in your family thats embarrasing. Who wants to watch the family or friends go act a fool in public then come back to you when they get done.... NOT ME!!!!


#1 Pet Peeve: Gossip mongers going around making up stories and then using the bogus tales to backstab someone else.
#2 Pet Peeve: People who go around trying to make others look bad in order to make themselves look good! Give me a break!!


My Pet Peeve at work is when I go into the locked bathroom next to our staff lounge and one of my inconsiderate male co-worker has peed on the sit and on the floor next to the tiolet. Totally disgust me.


I hate it when I'm in the office and the people around me is speaking their native language instead of English. It's very rude!!!!!!


When people stop to have long conversations in the ladies room after they've finished using the facility. For goodness sake - leave the room and give the rest of us some privacy!


When someone re-heats fish in the common microwave. Can you spell disgusting!!

Kathy Lui

A pet peeve of mine in the office involves the 3 dogs and 2 cats that my boss brings in every week assuming that we're all fine with it. No, it's not fine when the dogs pee or when they start smelling.


people who hire relatives that are not qualified for the job, make mistakes, and then blame others....yet they stay!


The office snitch is my pet peeve. The person who acts like she is your friend and then goes and tells the boss everything that goes on in the office and who is talking and who isnt working.. Looks like that person is the one with to much time on their hands.. but you cant do anything about it when its the bosses girlfriend.

Mike Marusevich

We hate to see people take the credit for doing nothing on your project and they forget that the team helped them get there...and OMG..the stupid ones keep getting promoted

Kathy Lui

My biggest pet peeve is when my boss and people who get paid more than me have to ask for help on the simplest tasks, such as how to work a copy machine or how to send an e-mail.


I hate listening to co-workers chomp on their lunch. The sound drives me crazy. Chew with your mouths closed people! CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP


When co-workers fill up the trash can and don't change the bag.


When co-workers fill up the trash can and don't change the bag.


My pet peeves is my co-workers who can't keep the office clean and get paid more than me after they worked on the job for 4 years even though I've been in the job for 10 years

Ann Dugan

My biggest pet peeve at work...when people try to dump their work off on you!


Nothing bothers me more than when you go into the restroom and the person before you does not replace the toilet paper roll. How can you walk out, without replacing it?

Ms. Marilyn

Pet Peeve # 1: Using a speakerphone with your door open and speaking so loudly that you are disrupting others in the area, but the person seems to be oblivious to how disturbing that is. Pet Peeve # 2: Walking around other's desk and area carrying on a conversation on your cell phone instead of finding any empty office to take your call in. So discourteous.


when my coworkers bring food in to eat put in the refrigerator and then forget it. It beoomes a science project after a few days and then someone else has to thrown it away. Also when they bring plates of food from the cafeteria and then leave the plate in the kitchen. Who are they expecting to bring it back? The roaches or mice? If they can take it from 25 feet away they can sure as hell bring it back! It even weighs less then!!!


My pet peeve is when co-workers touch your desk (items) and don't put them back. REALLY???


When a co-worker uses the speakerphone in a 'shared' environment for EVERY phone call!!


OMG!! Eatting at your desk and then picking up the phone and answering with FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH!! Ewwwwww. Chomp down and swallow first! PLEASE DO NOT CHOMP IN OUR EARS!!!!


It's very annoying when people chat loudly when you're trying to work.Its very distracting, especially when you're on the phone. I miss the days of high cubicles!


It's very annoying when people chat loudly when you're trying to work.Its very distracting, especially when you're on the phone. I miss the days of high cubicles!

Ann Nonimous

My pet peeve is people should not complain. If you don't like the way things are at your current job, then move on! Otherwise, be grateful you have a job. Just be lucky you have a job because millions of people are out of work and many are suffering.

So as Clint Eastwood would say in his Dirty Harry movies(with slight word changes) "you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya EMPLOYED PERSON? "Go ahead make my day, say "I FEEL LUCKY I HAVE A JOB!"


My pet peeve: Cell phones in meetings. Please turn the volumne off. No one needs to hear your 'Paradise by the Dashboard light' ringtone and while I love Queen as much as the next person, it is no place for the Bohemian Rapsody, nor your conversation. If you feel your phone vibrating during a meeting, please excuse yourself & take it outside of the meeting. You may think its funny, but the other people are just rolling their eyes behind your back. Save yourself now!

Eric Walters

Colleagues who never check what printer they are printing to, print to the wrong printer and never pick up their stuff.


It grinds my gears when someone walks into my office while I'm having a meeting with someone else and interrupts or just stands there in the doorway instead of waiting outside.

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