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NYC school system

A new poll shows most New Yorkers think the public school system has stagnated or declined since Mayor Michael Bloomberg took control of it nine years ago.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.






Mayor Bloomberg has created a bureaucracy at Tweed at the expense of New York City schools. The MBA's that now work out of the multitude of offices created, Talent, Compliance, Accountability determine the ratio for funding and many schools have been left underfunded, unable to cover the costs of teachers' salaries in their budgets. He has created a "myth" that principals have control of their buildings and are the CEO's of their schools when in reality the system has become a "top down" system where outsiders at Tweed with no background in education are making decisions.

Daniel Guez

Since his first day in office he has tried to destroy the New York City Public School system and give it to his charter school owning friends. The public is finally seeing his efforts for what they truly are, I sincerely hope that it is not too late.


The school system needs to stop wasting resources on sex education (this is the parents responsibility and decision) and ESL - 'English as a second language' for both students and their families. Get back to basics and teach the essentials.

Cutting bus service for 7th and 8th graders is problematic to many children and their families. Kids are being bused to distant schools out of their district as well as after school programs but not to their homes within the district.

Textbooks are non existent and all reference material is provided on copy paper which the parents are asked to supply.

Purchasing of school janitorial supplies and material such as electrical, plumbing and carpentry supplies was put out to bid prior to Bloomberg but is now awarded to ONE company who cannot fulfill this need and overcharges.

Contracts for building maintenance and upgrades are awarded to contractors who many times do not complete the jobs as specified and sometimes not even to code. They are essentially stealing from the city and putting our children at risk of danger.


NYC DOE has drastically declined in the past years. Not only students were forced to adapt to different standardized testings in only a few years span (i.e. First came Math A & Math B, which only lasted for a few years, then now Integrated Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2/Trig). Good teachers were excessed because schools had no budget to paid for them, which leads to increase in class size, school programs are eliminated, and teacher support is diminished. Education is no longer about the students, it's all about numbers. Administrators say, "No child left behind." I say, "EVERY child left behind."


I believe the schools are fine for the most part. Sure, there's room for improvement, but I am concerned that parents are not taking enough responsibility for their child's education. It's too easy to blame their failures on the city and not on themselves.


The New York City school system has, in my opinion taken tried and true methods of teaching and discarded them. They have been replaced with methods that have left the children and staff dazed and confused. To teach reading, phonetics are no longer used. Latin root words are not taught. Math is taught in such a manner that parents that want to support their children cannot assist with homework. NOTHING is uniform. One school teaches some subjects, and some teach others. The United States could operate as a single united entity because all students learned the same things in the same way.
All students should wear the same uniform according to their grade. Saving money and stopping all sorts of rediculous nonsense. All students should learn the same subjects taught with proven methods. Parents should be able to get information to help their children.
Thank You

Julianne munford

There should be qualified special education teachers available instead of putting children with learning issue all in one group. It just doesn't work.

disgusted Parent

I live in a district where I actually saw children over the summer who were supposely attending summer school. 2-5 grade running around a construction site with no Staff whats so ever. The children were waiting in front of their school for a bus to take them to the next site. I ask a parent who was standing with her child what happen to the staff there is contruction taking place her response was they are on vacation wowwww. I went to the other school site and ask one teachers response was this is not the board of ed responsibility my mouth drop with dis belief.

Adele Leibowitz

Mayor Bloomberg has failed the students of New York City. There has been increased class size, less services for Special Education students, and abolishment of many Health Career Programs.

Mayoral control has forced the phase out of many schools without any parental input. Schools have been replaced by mini schools. As a result there is no community involvement in neighborhood schools.

Mayoral control also devalues the importance and input of veteran teachers. Veteran teachers are not respected in the school system today. Many veteran teachers are now shuffled from school to school as ATRs after their school was phased out because they cost to much in salary to be hired in another school.

Also schools today focus to much on testing and not real educating of students. Students are being taught to take a test and not being educated to prepare for their future.

Mayoral control should be abolished and returned to the educators.

Wilhelmena Taylor

The school system has been declining for many reasons. What I will say is that you cannot determine the intelligence of a student by just testing. There once were vocational high schools and places where students could develop other skills and talents that are almost non existant. I will reserve comment on the mayor. The public school students deserve as much of a descent education as those in the private or charter sections. These young people are our future. Without knowledge our future will be dismal.


I am not happy with the education system in NYC. Our children are not learning anything other than how to take tests. Why cant educators and psyychologists have a say rather than the test makers? Boys and girls learn diffrently, is that taken into considertation? No. Kids development is also not looked at and many of the items asked of children is not in their ability to comprehend because they are too young and may have concrete understanding rather than abstract.

They do not have the basic building blocks because teachers only focus on taking the madatory tests. The mayor runs the school system like a business, you cant learn the foundationh to take a test that way. Teachers are so preasured for their kids to pass the test that they have no time to teach what is necessary to really succeed in the future. If the mayor wants us to have standards of other successful countries perhaps he should look at how things are really tought in other countries where school systems do not focus on standardized tests.

The education system belongs in the hands of teachers and educators and psychologists not business moguls.

Also, starting classes at 8 AM making kids get up even earlier that is rediculous. Why not keep the 8:40 AM start as before. Does the mayor actually think making kids get up early will allow them to learn more? How about bringing back recess, kids need to let some steam out! You want to decrease obesity well give kids recess.


As a DOE employee, yes the schools are failing. Class size is beyond comprehension and waiting lists for kindergarten are long with virtually no chance of admission. Kindergarten is not mandatory but what are first grades going to be like filled with kids who have never been in school? New zoning laws make no sense. Children who live 2 blocks from a school have to travel 10 or more blocks to another school. There is so much paperwork and accountability that teachers have no time to teach.

Joanne sinovoi

my daughter got an excellant education in the nyc schools. She graduated college a year ago and I must say she went to a decent high school- not gifted but considered vocational- high school of fashion industries. Went on to a SUNY college and made the deans list. She had a caring high school principal who has since retired Miss 'nieto.


As a HS teacher the mayor and the DOE are only interested in that stats, not the students or what they need to learn. They have budget cus for programs that the students need but they spend a fortune on testing and outside consultents who have no idea what our kids need. Enough is enough. Somdone has to start to care about our students.


Mayor Bloomberg has destroyed public education in the City of New York. By taking large high schools and breaking them up into five smaller schools he has increased the administration, secretarial, cafeteria, custodial staff 5x. Our Mayor has taken millions from our children's classrooms to provide jobs for his cronies. Many are not educators but his manager friends that haven't been accountable to parents, children nor staff. Mayor Bloomberg has taken millions from our children's classrooms and played a numbers game. He has fudged the numbers appearing to have a higher graduation rate when he has permitted students to pass/graduate in PM school where they write/copy/plagiarizer a paper.


I work for the department of education and I see how this system is failing our students. Over crowded classes, not enough material, and administration that is incompetent. Money being wasted on unnecessary positions and special education students not receiving their services. The biggest mistake was giving the Mayor control over the cities school system. The Mayor needs to stop treating our school system as if were a business.


I think Mayor Bloomberg's education policy is like a business to him instead of interactive learning like in other places. To the mayor school only about tests.


I think Mayor Bloomberg's education policy is like a business to him instead of interactive learning like in other places. To the mayor school only about tests.

Christopher Debouse

You know as a public school highschool student now entering my senior year. The majority of new york citys public schools are a scam. My principal is barely ever in school and is only there trying to act like a principal when visitors from the board of education come to visit. Many students sure may pass because they are liked by teachers but are abosuletly not ready for college. I know im not .


Yes, the mayor has failed. He had money for Water falls and Fish Tanks (in S.I. ferry terminal) when times were good. He should have saved that money knowing good times don't last forever. Now teachers are getting down sized, schools are closing, and parents are buying the supplies not just for their children but for the school. Next we can talk about the mandatory testing. Our children are losing almost a hole school year of learning because the teachers have to do test prep.


As a parent of a public school child (who, has, this year been removed to private school), I can attest to the fact that the public school system has declined. The school system has seen at least 4 consecutive years of budget cuts, resulting in cuts in services, increases in class size, declines in extra-curricular activities, etc. There is no end in sight on these budget issues. All of the fat is gone, and we are slicing into the muscle. This is especially bad on the middle school and high school levels.

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