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Holiday shopping blues

A new forecast shows holiday sales will likely not be as high as last year and that shoppers won't be hitting the stores as much.    Of course, the uncertain economy and consumer confidence is driving this forecast.  So what about you?   Are you scaling back on spending compared to previous holidays?  Why or why not?  Tell us by clicking on comment and we may use what you write here or on 7online.com.


Online Shopping

This year a lot of country in crisis and debt that's why the shopping experience this year will slow down.

cliff valarose

Have to spend $1200 FOR OIL, $500 for wood,just spent $278 on gas.propane... Christmas???? Just getting by and I am working...


Yes, I'll be scaling back. I have decided to "decommercialize" this year. It will be all about family, love, and togetherness.
Angela H.


Will spend about same except spending it close to home. Live on Staten Island, consider the tolls to get off the island, gas prices and meter parking costs which all have gone up, the choice is easy to make. May be a boone for us Staten Islanders.


Yes, times are hard my kids are just going to hvae to deal with what they get. Hopefully thats enough.


No job no holidays for me or my family

Nicolle R.

I am absolutely scaling back this year... I have no choice! But I will be keeping it festive with the festivities around the city and cooking together in the kitchen etc


Yes, we are scaling back this year. We already are. Letting go of cable channels and boxes, keeping the lights off, etc. All of the necessities (electric, phones, food, heating, etc.) are through the roof and there won't be much room for anything else.

Linda Bolton

Apparently I'm way ahead of the pack. We ceased purchasing gifts for extended family several years ago, but it's easy for us because it's just my husband and me; I'm imagine it's much more difficult for families with children. News outlets like ABC 7 can help people live within their means and not feel like they have to keep up with the Joneses by not reporting stories such as the the "hottest must have toys of the season." I agree with others who have posted--holidays are about tradition, making memories and celebrating time with loved ones, not about impressing others with a trendy, often expensive gadget or gift. I hope the back to basics trend gains momentum as we enter the holiday season.

David Brooks

I'm definitely scaling back - as are most of my friends. Instead of spending ourselves silly, we've collectively agreed that getting together one night - be it a party, a dinner out, or an evening stroll to enjoy the lights and sights of NYC during the holidays - is how we will celebrate each other and the holiday season. The friendships and memories last much longer than any sweater or bottle of cologne...


Yes we are scaling back again this holiday season.

Thankfully, my husband just started working again after a year & 1/2 without work.

Our plans are to keep the holidays simple; focus on traditions and spending time with family.

Charles Peter Watson

I'm scaling back because I want all 3 holidays of the year's end to be what they were meant to be: celebrations. You don't have to buy and buy just to fill business market expectations. My family can afford what they want and I don't know what difference in routine expectations I can make for those fortunate enough to be fotunate.

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