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Do you trust food and drink studies?

Dr. Richard Besser and Dr. Oz had a heated discussion on GMA over a study Dr. Oz conducted on apple juice.  How much attention do you pay to studies on food and drinks?  Do studies like these impact what you will and won’t eat in life?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



Shame on Dr. Besser for bushwhacking Dr. Oz yesterday. Later, Dr. Besser softened his tune to state levels of organic and inorganic arsenic in juice should have a closer look. (Especially, since many have levels of arsenic in juices that ARE higher then what is required for drinking water.) Dr. Oz offers necessary, responsible information to the public at large. Dr. Oz's work is far from "fear-mongering". 'First do no harm', sounds familiar, Dr. Besser?


i would like to ask mr.besser why specific drinks like juicy juicy and apple and eve are not sold in "white" neighborhood stores.
i say white cause this is our ghetto reference. in upper class areas u dont see the same kind of products that r sold in lower class areas.
Dr. oz is always appreciated for the reality he and his teams bring out.

Donna Meyers

I take into consideration of important matters such as this, I felt that Dr. Besser was very unprofessional where he lacked proper journalistic professionalism and sounded more like the go for spokes person for the FDA and not for the American people who is supposed to be protected from these problems. He tried to attack Dr. Oz in a negative manner where if Dr. Besser would have done his homework he would have found out that their are scientists that agree that their is a problem and the FDA is not monitoring the levels of arsenic from China and other places that apples come from. It would be beneficial for all concern to stop allowing things such as this to go unresolved, it would also give the people a choice to choose if they wanted to purchase and give certain products to their children. We have a right to know the truth and when Dr. Oz contacted the FDA and other corporations no one was able to reply to his request ONLY now that the information aired everyone has something to SAY. I stand by Dr. Oz and his independent companies that conducted the test. Dr. Besser needs to be honest and stop being the fall guy.

Lorretta M. Seamon

I know first hand the effect of apple juice to a child. It took a while to find out, my granddaughter was having stomach problems only after she went to school.The school gave it to the children with snack or morning and we would have to send with her a drink.She would get nasia, cramps sometime she would vomit.


What I want to know is WHY are we even getting 60% of our apple juice from China?! I don't trust ANY FOOD imported from China!


I never gave my kids apple juice so i have nothing to worry about....


Yes, I take heed to food and drink studies that I hear, read, or study about, and everyone should too. Dr. Besser did not allow Dr. Oz to speak and defend his position. He was so upset and hyped up, while Dr. Oz kept his composure and professionalism. Just because you are loud and obnoxious, does not make you right.

Dr. Besser's behavior or he might defend himself and say passion for the topic, was not respectable. Everyone can agree to disagree, but his behavior was unacceptable. Dr. Oz always brings enlightening information to us all, whether we agree to listen it or not. Dr. Oz brings the truth on a lot of things, whether it's obesity, high blood, pressure, diabetes, etc. But it's up to every individual to decide what is right for them, or listen to the studies that are available.

Everyone is not able to go to Medical School and become a doctor, so it's nice that someone like Dr. Oz would want to share the knowledge that he has. We should all appreciate this information. He strictly encouraged us to read the labels to be aware, as we should for everything that we put in our bodies, whether its for calories, sodium, and sugars. We all know that China and other countries do not have strict guidelines for their food, so we all should be concerned.

When Oprah talked about the beef industry, all heck broke loose as well, so I am not surprised about this. Dr. Oz has taken the Hippocratic Oath very seriously, and all doctors should do the same. I hope and pray Dr. Oz continues to bring awareness to all of us. Thank You Dr. Oz for all that you do. DanielsT


We recently found out that my grandson has an allergy to apples and any products containing apples. An allergy as one would have to peanuts or bee stings requiring him to carry an epi pen. I commend Dr. Oz for at the very least researching this. My grandson who is 5 years old has suffered upper respritory issues from 6 months old from the initial ingestion. No doctor or respitory specialist ever attributed his breathing difficulty to apples. There may be other children out there suffering and are being misdiagnosed. Thank you Dr.Oz keep up the good work. t

Peter Coussoule

Dr Richard Besser looked like a completel idiot today trying to talk over Dr Oz. Dr Oz is completely correct and genuinely cares about the public's health. I have never been a fan but because of his courage on this issue, I am now. China only knows how to do things cheaper. Doesn't anyone remember all the lead in kid's toys coming from China? Do you really want to buy Apples and Apple Juice from china just because it is a buck or so cheaper? There are no rules at all on pesticides there!! Come on. At what cost to your health will this dollar savings cause you in the hospital? All Dr Oz is saying is read the label and make the right choice. I agree 100 percent with Dr Oz.

Peter Coussoule

Dr Richard Besser looked like a completel idiot today trying to talk over Dr Oz. Dr Oz is completely correct and genuinely cares about the public's health. I have never been a fan but because of his courage on this issue, I am now. China only knows how to do things cheaper. Doesn't anyone remember all the lead in kid's toys coming from China? Do you really want to buy Apples and Apple Juice from china just because it is a buck or so cheaper? There are no rules at all on pesticides there!! Come on. At what cost to your health will this dollar savings cause you in the hospital? All Dr Oz is saying is read the label and make the right choice. I agree 100 percent with Dr Oz.


I believe the findings of Dr.Oz's team. He has been right about so many topics he dicuses on his show and frankly when the media releases information about how a crime was committed or can be committed in such detail is more detrimental for us than losing sales for the apple juice world.

Kristina Krapf

I’m truly confused and disheartened that Dr. Besser is making it seem like Arsenic in any form, Organic or inorganic is ok for our children. I’m thrilled that Dr. Oz has opened this discussion. I hope the FDA and other organizations that are responsible for keeping our children’s food and drinks safe are listening and start making changes. But the fact of the matter is that it all comes down to money. I wonder who’s paying Dr. Besser and others to say everything is just fine. What a disgrace!


I would never give my children something that contained arcenic. I am very thankful to Dr. Oz for conducting the study. We all know that it is used to kill rats and in low doses for a period of time will eventually kill a child or baby. Who knows, it may even make them sterile or cause seveal birth defects as time goes on. In my opinion, you have to be a complete MORON to continue to give your baby or children Apple Juice which contains either organic "ARCENIC" or un organic "ARECNIC" to anyone. What is wrong with this picture. "YOU SHOULD BE SCARED AND FEARFUL" but actually it shows that you have mentality to know what is right for your children and not a negligent parent who might inadvertently kill one of your children by giving them Apple juice with ARCENIC (RAT POISON) TO YOU CHILD. The FDA apparently can't do their job or they just do not care becasue it is not their child.


Americans give too much importance to petty things and ignore the ones that caused their downfall in many fields. The main concern should be 1) Changing life style 2)Letter 'S' is meant to be 'Study'for the children. Unfortunately it has become 'Sex' in America 3)Credit Card Culture 4)Unnecessary Wars.Pl.wake up else there is no future leave alone bright future.


I had stopped giving my children apple juice a long time ago for the same reason. Dr. Oz should be commended for informing the public of what we are feeding our children. People need to take the time and read the labels on food before purchasing foods that over time can cause health risk. This is just another wake up call about moderation in out daily diet.


I would take Dr.OZ's word over the FDA and the big apple lobbyists' anyday! Apples from China?!! Does anyone remember the melamine in the baby formula and the dog food poisoning?!!
Arsenic accumulates in the body, it does not get "filtered" and eliminated. Sorry Dr. Besser your big voice did not drown out Dr. Oz's valuable advice. You people took it way out of context!


I find it disgusting how often our food comes from overseas and how poorly these foods impact our society. I don't care if it is organic or inorganic arsenic I do not want to ingest it. We need to stop relying on other countries for their food just because it is cheaper. We need to stick to food from the USA so we do not have to worry about these ridiculous issues.


I keep up on food studies. I only buy organic products. There are too many ingredients in products that are being linked to health conditions. We need to start focusing on what is being added to our food. Companies won't admit that ingredients are harmful to us because then they lose MONEY! It is all about BIG COMPANIES and MONEY!

Mark P. Ginsburg

I am a cancer survivor and Vietnam Veteran. I have been exposed to many elements, and eaten foods and drank water that no one in their right mind would partake.
I am very health conscious of foods, but, I am alsao a believer that foods are checked pretty thoroughly, and bneing almost 65, I have survived and my health has been good.
Use caution and common sense, not panic and apprehension.


I really don't pay too close attention to the foods I eat. There is however the usual junk foods that we all have to watch. With this apple juice incident, it really didn't move me much, i do not believe that the juice should be of any worry to anyone. Live life to the fullest, and don't worry about such a small thing.


I watched Dr. Oz's show it It had a big impact on me. I will not be buying apple juice anymore & will not be giving it to my grandchildren. Dr Oz is a very caring person & I feel he only wants to get out to the public what is good for them.


I haven't payed attention to the food and drink that I use everyday, but now after seeing Dr. Oz show, about the arsenic in apple juice, I'll have to watch what I eat now.

Adele Ugricich

I want to hear about the cantalopes from
Colorado and the danger of them

LaShawn Washington

I pay very close attention about studies on food & drinks, as long as the studies are right & exact. It's publication that worries me. Most times we the people find out about "tainted" food or drinks is when someone becomes sick and/or dies. I'm pretty sure the FDA is aware of these things but withholds information because they don't want to bring "panic or fear" to the public. What Oz did is very admirable. I've seen the show, and what he did was to keep us aware BEFORE a potential sickness and/or death should occur. Life does go on, and no me personally will not let this affect my eating habits, i will simply take precaution in the food & drinks before consumption. It is our right to know beforehand. As in the story with the canteloupe It was stated that in several states, the "tainted" canteloupe was distrubuted, one state reported 1 death, and in the end result in New Mexico reports of a total of 3 deaths. Why report after the fact? To sum it all up, Allow people the "right to know" beforehand and...professionals like Dr.Oz the right to publicize prudent information to the consumers so long as the information is correct,without being chastised because he put it out there before the doctors who are left in charge to monitor our foods.


I pay attention to food studies and I consult organizations that serve as watchdogs for the food industry. Health is important to me and is a foundation for cutting down on the cost of future medical care. I think as a population we are too trusting of the foods in our marketplaces and people suffer due to lack of knowledge. I appreciate Dr. Oz for making a step in the right direction and caring enough about others.


DR.OZ,IS right.I think to many products are being imported into the USA with little or no restorations.Take in case china, and all the products with lead paint on them for are children to put in thier mouth.And nothing is done to them?

Joan Yurt

Dr. Oz, I believe, thinks he is a "Doctor of all trades" And I think he is "a master of none." He needs to leave the research to the FDA and not scare his viewers. Yes, I pay attention to food studies but I don't let them totally take over my eating habits.

William Holahan

I'm concerned about the ingredients in food products I eat. Studies and discussions such as Dr. Oz's are valuable and can lead to raising our standards of purity in our food. Dr. Oz made the distinction between the organic and inorganic arsenic, but he warned us that apples from China are exposed to arsenic in pesticides. The FDA would not want this program to air because it sheds light on the need for more inspection of food products. Dr. Oz is also making us aware of the effects of accumulation of arsenic in our bodies.

I have a solution, teach China the art of organic farming. I'm sure they would not only embrace the concept but improve upon it.

R. Gaffney NYC

Of course I pay attention to food & drink studies: Listeria in cantaloupe, alar in red apples, bovine growth hormone in milk, arsenic residue from pesticides used on apples grown in China - all important information in making intelligent food choices. I believe it's our responsibility to be active, not passive consumers. Kudos to Dr. Oz for his courage and integrity: for using his resources to do the study, to publish the results to the public, and then to stand behind his conclusions. PS - I agree with him that organic vs inorganic arsenic is not a valid argument. Special thanks to you, too, ABC, for putting this story on the air.

Arya Connett

I stopped drinking apple juice about 4 years ago. It did not taste good to me.
I prefer fresh made juice from real fruit.

Lucille Giordano

I have two grandchildren that drink apple juice in thier lunch boxes. When I watched Dr. Oz I was very concerned at first. Then I thought, "What will this report do to the juice industry?" Will all parents stop buying a staple in thier childrens diet. It remined me of when Oprah had something to say about beef. What an uproar that caused and the industry suffered. In my mind, this is on the same line. I do believe that the FDA should have stricter rules, especially when products are inported from out side the US. In this case, China. They do not have the rules and regulations that we have here, so any products should be tested at a higher standard. In the meantime I will restrict the amount of juice my grandchildren drink and substitue milk or water.

R. Ross

i think it was responsible for Dr. Oz to call attention to the potential health issues related to drinking apple juice. i feel like the FDA and the media would not be upset with Dr. Oz if he had called attention to a less popular commodity. this is only a story because of the potential economic impact. good for Dr. Oz and his honesty and concern, regardless of how popular the product is.

barbara Goldstein

I trust food and drink studies depending upon who does the research and the purpose of the research. In my opinion, any product that can impact the safety of children is worth consideration. Dr. Oz is a well trained professional holding a prestigious position from a prestigious medical institution; if he speaks, I listen.

Thanks for the opportunity to weigh-in.

Maggie Engelhardt

These studies do impact me to whether I purchase a product. However, I will do my own research. In this case Dr Oz is 100% right on the money! I thank Dr. Oz for his courage because he is taking a lot of heat for speaking up. The FDA DOES NOT check the food that comes into our country like they should!!! The good that will come from this is maybe the FDA will start doing there job better!


I do keep up with food studies and take them into consideration and use my judgement. I trust Dr. Oz and will take what he says more seriously than someone I don't know. I believe they tried to keep him quiet and now they are trying to discredit him. I'm glad he is not backing down. As for juice--liquid calories are not good for anyone. Have an apple!


Arsenic is "cancerous", MAYBE this is ONE of many reasons why so many Americans are suffering from cancer. It might be a "small" amount of it per drink, BUT, seriously, which kid only drinks one per day if it's in the refrigerator at home. It's apple juice, it's SUPPOSE to be "healthy". Absolutely I pay attention to these studies, specially when it concerns the well being of my kid.

Cathy Zodda

I pay almost no attention to food and drink studies as they seem to be completely unreliable. One minute something is bad for you, the next it is good. For the most part, I believe using good old fashioned common sense in what you eat or drink, and using moderation in anything you eat or drink is much more effective and important.

Rosalie Macaluso

I watch Dr. Oz on regular basis, and Yes studies like this Do effect what I do, and what I eat. I respect his judgement and would hope the research that is being done has been fully examined! I am now sceptical, after this episode.

Sincerely, Rosalie from Brooklyn

Pattie Caiazzo

Thank God for people like Dr.Oz who put themselves out there day after day for people like me...I watched the show and was horrified..I give my Grandson apple juice all the time...NOT ANYMORE...hit the companies in the pocketbook

Robert  McKenna

I do take announcements like this seriously EXCEPT for Dr. Oz comments. He is and has always been more interested in generating attention to him and anything he does by overstating facts. He is careless in throwing around scare tactics in order to get publicity. Today is just another example. The real truth is that not all arsenic is the same. He is a doctor and full well knows this but chooses to scare people in order to get publicity. It works too. He is on the news today isn't he? If he said Apple Juice is good for you he would not have been in the news. Saying it has arsenic scares people and so there he is exactly where he likes to be right in front of the camera. He is an irresponsible fear monger.


I would trust Dr. Oz with anything medical. I watch his show and he has my utmost respect. I, too, believe the American Public should be made aware of such things.

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