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Do you still believe in the American dream?

A new poll finds only two in 10 Americans believe they will become millionaires in the next decade.  It's a small showing of optimism compared to Australians, but downright cheery next to Britons.  The results reflect the psychic toll that the worlds' economic troubles have taken on the aspirations of individuals.   And so we want to know do you believe you will become wealthy in the next decade?  And even more important, do you still believe in the American dream?

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margaret meade

if it will open up jobs for new yorkers i absolutely agree

proud American mom

ABSOLUTELY i still believe in the american dream.Right now our country is struggling financially but just as in the past we will get through the tough times and prevail. nowhere else in the world are there such opportunities to use hard work and initiative to better yourself,educate your children and make financial improvements.Damn right i still believe!


No it has been lost .... gas prices have sky rocketed, the value of my home was misused for corporate greed, my adult children with Master degrees work as waiters and waitress...I may never be able to retire. NO AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED IT IS GONE!

cheryl  Moran

I don't believe I will become wealthy in the next decade but I do believe that the American Dream will become available again. We as a nation have to stop yelling that" the sky is falling" and being Eyore from Winnie the Pooh. The papers and other news media is so negative that no one even wants to imagine that things will get better. We are very strong and I think we NEED to help at home before we try so hard to help everyone else. Remember "charity begins at home".

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