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Debit card fees

How fed up with you with these banks?  Are you willing to switch?  Bank of America plans to start charging customers a $5 monthly debit card fee.  Citibank says its new minimum for e-z checking accounts is $6,000 and the fee is doubled at $15 if you don't keep that money in the account.  Post your comments (below) and they could end up on Eyewitness News.



Thats taking your money a big injustice.

Ann Nonimous

I am fed up with TD bank. They are charging me a $4.00 a month maintenance fee for sending paper statements to me. I thought that was part of their banking service to their customers, and therefore, doesn't warrant a fee. As a result, I am definitely closing my account with TD bank before the end of this month before they can charge me another monthly fee. Basically, TD has become greedy, and they are being "Penny Wise, Pound Foolish". If there is a smart bank out there, they will capitalize on this by not charging any of these fees and gaining customers. Don't they make a lot of money from people who deposit their monies by investing it? I don't get it. We are still in the midst of an economic crisis due to extreme greed, much of it coming from the banking industry, and from what I see and read, even after this economic downfall, GREED is worst than ever.

Sheryl Joe

Is it any wonder our forefathers hid their monies under the mattress? I went to another bank the other day, and thought, 'Why do I have to pay $3.00 to get my own money out of the bank?' The original purpose of the banking system was to help people save their money, and lift the economy. This is like taxation without representation. Penalize the people for their own money!!!!

Lisa M.

I use my debit card for everything. It's the most easiest thing to use when you don't have time or can't get to the bank or you just don't want to carry cash around. I travel to work and don't want to carry alot of cash with me and the debit card is the easiest thing. When I heard that Bank of America is going to be charging me to use my debit card, the first thing I said is I'm going into the bank and cancelling my account there.

Valerie Cross

This is the reason I do ALL my banking at Credit Unions. They offer everything from Mortgage, car loans, financial services, credit cards, debit cards, free checking, etc...and they don't charge any EXTRA FEES

Donna Farley

I just left Citibank regarding the increase...but before you switch banks, you may be better with whom you already have. Compare...Citibank is the only one right now that is NOT charging an ATM fee.

Valerie Cross

I am so tired of these banks making consumers pay extra fees for the banks financial mistakes. Credit Unions are the way to go...you can get every type of service from Mortgages, Financial Planning, car loans, personal loans, credit cards, debit cards, and they DO NOT CHARGE ANY FEES....I've been a Credit Union member for more then 18 years....


I think paying a fee is outrageous, I think am will stop using my debt card as of December of this year.. mayb close my account with BOA and open it in one that will not charge; bank do this in their best interest, I will have to do what is best for me

Nancy Wilson

Let's see...we deposit our money into their bank which they make money on...correct? And they want to charge a fee for us to access our own money! Ludacrous!!! Also they require us to get a debit card in order to cash a check, deposit, etc to make life easier for them! I am switching banks ASAP. If all the banks follow suit then I will be sleeping on a lumpy mattress. I would rather lose sleep this way than thinking about them robbing me!

Diana Moore

I think I will start using my credit card instead. That what I think of it. Don't the banks make loads of money as it is? When is enough, enough? I may change banks as well.
It's similar to the Airlines charging baggage fees. I'm against that too. Just put the cost into the ticket. Don't charge a separate fee. People are sick of being nickeled & dimed to death as it is!

Frances Vandeburgt

Many people use debit cards for a purchase because it was better than a credit card. Charging a fee is outrageous. I have used one for purchasing gasoline for my car.


This is outrageous! The job market is low, companies aren't giving raises; and now this?
The stuff shirts in DC don't see the clear icture, they're living in another world. Once again, the decision made by these DC stuff shirts, yet again will be forced on the LOW/MIDDLE INCOME CONSUMERS.

Joe Versaggi

It is another abusive banking practice that Congress will have to outlaw. We have to keep swatting them like 10 year old brats with more and more regs until banks learn to make money by banking, not usury. This is the thanks we get for giving these swindlers 2 rounds of TARP that should have gone directly to consumers to pay off toxic mortgages they got hood-winked into.

Lorraine DeAngelis

I think charging a fee to use the debit card is ludicrous. We are taking money out of our own checking/savings accounts, so why should we be penalized for the BOA's mis-handling of funds. Before you know it, they'll be adding a fee to pay bills online from their website. Enough already!


I will be closing my BOA account effective immediately.


I will be closing my BOA account effective immediately.


I think charging a debit card fee is ridiculous. Soon no one will be able to afford to have a checking account at all. I don't understand why Bank of America is being so greedy. If they manage the money correctly there wouldn't be a need to keep charging all these fees.


These banks and their money hungry CEO's are getting out of hand. The money they are playing with belongs to their depositors, not the banks. They continue to gouge the public by adding these ridiculous charges to access our own money. When will it end!!!!!

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