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What wouldn't you give up in struggling economy?

Many Americans are giving up things due to the struggling economy.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  What in your life would you NOT give up during these tough times?  Post your comments (below) and they could end up on Eyewitness News.


Ira Thor

I would not give up our families individual activities...my son's karate, lacrosse or soccer or my daughter's dance or gymnastics. I'd give up my own golf and volleyball activity fees before taking these 'extras' away from our kids. It's too important in their development and happiness.

Lamar Boone

People should not have to give up anything and this why I believe that so strongly.
In any Economy when the People are Flourishing the Country is Flourishing.
It's an undisputed fact, that it is the People efforts that make any Country thrive in a Failing Economy.
If the Government would support the People's efforts we would not be in this Economic Crisis in the first place.

Irene C

while being a noble person is great you have to be KIND to yourself to stay sane, and two of my guilty pleasures are PEDICURES and starbucks, I have cut back from daily trips to sbux to about 3 times a week


No matter how tough times get I'm not giving up my mani pedi!!!

Sally Acosta

I would not give up my cable and my kids. If I give up my cable then I would not be able to watch you guys.

TheRev. G. Dane Ewen

I would not give up traveling. I am Grand Associate Patron, Order of the Amaranth and my partner is Grand Royal Patron, Grand Court of New Jersey. We will continue to travel to other Jurisdictions throughout the USA. We also will not give up dining out once a week.

Maria Cruz

I would not give up Baskin-Robbins chocolate ice-cream.

Meghan Bock

I absolutely will not give up getting my nails done and having my pedicures! I'm a mother of a 2 yr old and have another baby on the way! It's my one indulgence every other week and we all need to take time to pamper ourselves every now and then!


I would not give up on my dogs and cats. Their needs would be taken care of before mine. I just wish others would do the same. Pets are family members for life.


I would not give up getting my nails done. Maybe not get them done every two weeks. I'd stretch it to every three weeks.


I would not give up my manicures and pedicures. As a working mother of two I need those moments of pampering myself to help relieve stress and feel good. I appreciate that times are tough but we need to keep ourselves feeling positive!


My Dog Little Dude!!!

Barbara K Gallagher

I would not give up volunteering to help those less fortunate and in need of support and love, especially during these times. People affected by unemployment, financial hardship and life dissappointments tend to withdraw from others due to their self-disappointment or feelings of shame. I need to be more giving, understanding and diligent in reaching out to my friends during this difficult time. It costs nothing from me, but is such an "investment with lifelong dividends" to friends.

Sharon Stafford

My dog Quincie. He is a black lab/ red boned coon hound rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia. He is such a blessing to my life............he loves everyone and visits an assisted living residence often.
Can't imagine life without him.

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