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West Coast mocks East Coast earthquake

People on the West Coast are mocking us on the East Coast about how we reacted to yesterday’s earthquake.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  How would they react to blizzards, hurricanes and tornadoes out west?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


Mina Bekhit

I believe that the people within the context of the west coast of the United States have the privilege to say whatever they want to say. There is a term called freedom of speech. The way that individuals living within the context of the east coast acted was haphazard and full of shame in my view. When the earthquake happened, I was not concerned at all. I enjoyed it as a matter of reality. People on the east coast fear a lot of things such as the tropical storm that occurred a few days ago. I was out on the street for the duration of the storm. A few trees fell beside me, but I did not care. I had no concern. This comment does not include in its context the people of Florida who are, of course, used to haphazard climate. Moreover, the tropical storm occurred because of the car exhausts, as well as other methods of transportation among other things. In conclusion, the earthquake was not an ample deal.


That's ok fellow Easterners.We'll just have a good laugh when they get 1" of snow and run to the store ahead of time for supplies to survive...lol!


I think the west coast should not mock the east cost. You can't blame us for running out of a building after 9/11. You could only imagine waht was running thru everyones head when the earthquake occurred.
The West Coast is trained for these drills. We aren't. So you don't know what to expect when we haven't experienced one in over 26 yrs...
Honestly, would you rather stay in a builiding and go under a desk or in the wall frame and have the building fall on you. I think I'd take my chances and run out out of the building.
Seriously..if you had a any kind of national disaster we'd be the first ones to go and help you. So California really needs to take a step back and look at the big picture not the small picture.

Fred Schultze

i think people on the west coast should keep there mouth shut. if they think out west if we over reacted they should switch places with us and deal with all of our blizzards


Since when do we care what the left coast has to say about the tri-state area ??


West Coast should talk. Just like how they reacted last year with there big blizzard of 2 inches of snow. They were showing people bundled up like it was 20 degrees outside. Trying to build a snowman. Let them come here and dig out there cars after 2 feet of snow falls and getting plowed in.

Fred Schultze

we might not have earthquakes in newyork but before you take aim at people on the east coast lets see you deal with all the blizzards we get

michael leccese

Hey Cali, You may or may not have noticed, seeing that you are all a bit slow...but, our buildings withstood the quake...got something to say about that? Any attempt to compare yourself to us, even to mock us, just sounds plain silly...We are NEW YORK! Now go back to your tofu and bean sprouts...California...LOLOL!!!


The West Coast is just as scared as we are they playing tough but their not fooling me -_- get real i bet you they thought the world was going to come to an end a couple months ago

Lisa Lontai

I have to agree with California...the way people were reacting it was a little insane. I didn't feel a thing and to have news coverage for three hours over pretty much nothing was overkill. Maybe a slow newsday??


I was in San Francisco 2 weeks after a 2 ft snowstorm that shut this place down for 3 days, I think 1996. That day they had a major rainstorm and 2 ft of snow in the mountains. The reporter on site in the mountains said that with all the new snow skiing was going to be great, come up and bring your chains. That's how they react.

I grew up about 100 miles from the New Madrid fault. You think you have earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hot and cold weather? You get no sympathy from me. Where I come from, the airport gets hit by a tornado and reopens the next day.


I lived on the East Coast for years but left 22 years ago and returned one year ago this week. I lived on the West Coast (L.A.)for 10 years and then in the midwest for 12 years. So I've been through earthquakes (the biggest was the Northridge quake in 1994), tornadoes in the midwest and am now bracing for the hurricane. It's hard to say which is scarriest and most worrisome. One of the biggest problems with earthquakes is that you don't have any notice and do not have time to gather your family or plan for it. With tornadoes, you only have some amount of notice but do have some idea if you are in a tornado watch, i.e. conditions are ripe for tornadoes. Then you can sometimes plan accordingly. But the devastation can be huge if it hits near you. But I must say the coming hurricane scares me the most - maybe because I am used to dealing with earthquakes and tornadoes but not hurricanes. Time will tell which of the three natural disasters are the most difficult to deal with. Ultimately, of course, we just want to make sure our family is safe.


Please, L.A. Shuts down when it sprinkles. If they can have "Storm Watch 2011" over a few showers, he can make a big deal about a earthquake that hasn't been felt like this in our area since World War II.

Eileen NYC

Hey, it was my first experience with it, and I suspect, like with everything else, they'd have to learn to survivie it and/or surrender to what they cannot control. It was definitely a life changing experience for me. My sister and I plan to coordinate on a survival kit and to pay attention to the City's evacuation plan. The world is truly bigger than US! I imagine, they'd whip out their surf boards and skiis? :o) They have landslides, we have sink holes...same difference. A natural disaster is just that a DISASTER!


I got news for you - most of the people in California are FROM the East Coast!

I'm sure they'd do fine in a snow storm as long as they had some shovels and salt!

California Cat Living In NJ

You NEVER get use to an earthquake. They are the one act of nature that has NO warning. They last a minute on average and can cause astronomical damage. I moved from LA for a reason, I HATE earthquakes and will never forget the fear and helplessness that is felt.
I apologize for the mocking of the West, one thing I don't think they can relate to is our fear of shaking buildings being a bomb, or jet plane crashing. I am certain many people wondered what happened here in the East, before finding out it was a quake. When my daughter in Sussex Co called me with the news of "I think we just had an earthquake", I said, are you sure??? And immediately worried about the nearby Army base and the possibility of that shake being an explosion with the arsenal, where my other daughter works.
Much of your mockers probably haven't even been in a serious quake as many of them were not born and raised there. I was, I will never live down the fear and "helplessness" I felt after the 1971 Sylmar earthquake, Feb 9th, 1971 is etched in my brain for life.
I can only hope that this earthquake makes the East Coast start thinking about what to do in a quake, and how to be prepared for something there is no warning for.

Angela T from Islip, NY

Almost 10 years ago, the earth shook here- and it wasn't a quake. That was the first pit of fear & dread that entered my mind as the building was shaking yesterday.

Susan B

California is mocking us? At least we on the East Coast did not deliberately move to a place where this happens all the time. Glad you find it funny that we all got a little nervous. I would like to see how you handle major blizzards.


I don't think it was the earthquake that scared the east coast. It was the fear it was another terror attack. That's something the west coast doesn't get.

David Fontanez

Yes I agree with the west coast and I'm a Native New Yorker. Frankly I didn't feel the tremor and New Yorkers were acting like fire balls were falling from the sky. As usual New York and especially New Yorkers will over dramatized the event and make it sound worst than it is. Five Years from now New Yorkers will talk about the tremors and say the streets opened up and the world was coming to end. And you wonder why people outside of New York can't stand us.

Jacqueline Cassar

Yesterday I was nervous and still bear the scars of 9/11. So it brought back a lot of emotion and perhaps overreactions. Almost 10 years ago our city went through a horrific terrorist attack and I believe a lot of yesterday's reactions stem from that.


I think the east coast really are wimps.. New Yorkers are not ready for anything.

East Coast King

the west should shut up about our reaction
as stated in the article "How would they react to blizzards, hurricanes and tornadoes out west?"
they should come to the east and see how it feels!!
oh yeah hurricane irene is coming, so they should see how it feels!!!

Rosa Savage

I live in California, and I think is nothing to mock about in case of an earthquake or any other mayor nature's event. Every earthquake, blizzard, hurricane and tornado puts peoples lives in danger and that is not laughing matter. Yes it is true that here in Southern California we are custom to feel earthquakes even bigger that 5.8 (the last big earthquake that we felt it was last year, a 7.2 that hit the Mexicali Valley, Mexico, just few miles south of San Diego), but we should not be making fun of people that experience for first time an earthquake and obviously get scare. I was in the Mexico City 8.1 in 1985, since then every earthquake scare me a little bit, because I am not sure if it will be just the preamble of a Big One, like it was then. We need to have more respect for each others bad and traumatic experiences.


It was very scary,I was in my room when everything started shaking. I felt like I was on a boat and it was rocking.


I just moved from CA. I was shocked when NY had an earthquake yesterday. But people shouldn't be ignorant when it comes to natural disasters. Snow & blizzards do occur in CA, but it is in the mountain regions. Natural disasters don't discriminate. They will hit whenever & wherever they want. Natural disaster preparedness should be in place no matter where you live. It is up to the people to always be prepared. You never know when nature will strike. This is a time where we all unite as brothers & sisters as one. We should unite & be there for everyone in the entire world. How someone handles a natural disaster depends on the person. Some people go into a state of panic, some people are calm & know exactly what to do & some are in a state of shock. If you are prepared & have the right resources then you are off to a great start. This isn't an issue about West Coast or East Coast. It is about completely understanding what everyone goes through & being compassionate towards our fellow citizens. No one should be mocking anyone. I think there is concern & worry making sure all those who go through a disaster are alright.

Cat chez

I am originally from California and have lived in NJ for a long time. I giggled at everyone making such a big deal about it locally in NJ once I confirmed it was an earth quake. However, with so many terror problems in the U.S. today I understand evacuating bldgs. Personally my first thought was an explosion at the nearby arsenal. Earthquakes are scary and the one disaster that is unpredictable.


i think the westcoast would do great with a freezing blizzard. anything to help them achieve that botox filled frozen face look they love so much.


Is this the same brave West Coast that freaked out over a weekend freeway closure?

Susan, Long Island, NY

I'm sure we seem quite comical to those out west who are used to feeling the earth move under their feet. But for us, it's very a unfamiliar thing, and we do not know how to react or even how to protect ourselves from such an event. I wonder how people out west would react to a major category 3 or 4 hurricane threatening their homes, or even to 3 feet of snow falling on their homes and roads in under 48 hours? I dont think they'd be laughing then!


Although the shake wasn't as strong as what the west coast typically experiences, it is still scary for us because it's not common that we feel our building swaying from side to side with us in it! I think that was a big shocker for all of us on the east coast. I know my heart was pounding yesterday afternoon as my building rocked and I didnt know what was going on. C'MON! the earth is shaking--if that's not something to get a little hyped up about than I don't know what is! I'd be more worried if someone didn't have a startled reaction to that!

I think we were more fearful of the quake because earthquakes=destruction. Therefore, in our mind, we already link the shake to the worst!


well we would make fun of them

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