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Kids and sleep routines

It's back-to-school time, and that means making sure your children go to sleep at a reasonable time and get enough rest to help them learn. Bedtimes and sleep routines are important. What do you do to help get your kids to bed or to sleep now that summer is coming to an end? Tell us your thoughts, and you could see your response on Eyewitness News.



I guess I am an ogre because my kids go to bed the same time Winter,Spring,Summer, and Fall. I have twins that are 4 that go to bed at 7:30 and my 8 year old goes to bed at 8:00.

Cindy Woodstock

As a teacher, I have to make this adjustment just like the kids. I find it easier to start waking up earlier by around 15 minute chunks until I get back to my usual wake-up time. Waking up earlier causes you to tire a little earlier and THAT makes going to bed earlier a little easier to take.


My children will start going to bed earlier starting this weekend. Their bedtime routine has always included my husband reading to them and then they bread for fifteen minutes themselves until lights out. Of cours, there are lots of hugs and kisses.

Nancy DiGirolamo

Starting at the beginning of August I wake the kids up at 9 and then the 2nd week I put them to bed an hour earlier. Then the third week I wake them up at 8 and put them to bed at at their regular school bedtime. It generally takes them awhile to fall asleep, but they have to stay in bed and read or just veg. By the end of August they are pretty used to the hours.


Read them Biblie stories.

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