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Earthquake hits East Coast

An earthquake hit the East Coast on Tuesday, and Eyewitness News wants to hear from you.  Where were you when you felt the quake?  What did it feel like?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


Ronald Hickman

I was in Pa and I was upstairs with my sister we were on our laptops when i realized the floors started to shake.I ask my sister what was that,she really didn't care but when i thought of it my uncle was installing wooden floors in my grandfathers house so i thought it was him. But then I said the house couldn't shake like that until a minute later i heard the news about a hurricane hitting the east coast. then my mom called and said are you alright, i said yeah mom why? she said you didn't feel the earthquake? I said that's what it was, then i quickly became over protected and asked are you okay she said yeah that calm me down the most. After i finished talking to my mother i continued too be alert and listen towards 1010 wins news.

susan Kittell

i was upstairs using he computer when my mom called me down and said the couch was shaking in the living room, i did not feel it upstairs, it was werid!


In the morning i was talking to my friend about the earthquake that happen in Colorado and I was like It's about time the fault lines start to move already on the east coast.They been quiet for a long time. Believe it or not it happen around 1:50. But i wasn't shock because i'm already expecting an erthquake, plus i have been through stronger ones when i was younger

Denise Sypniewski

Finally, some movement in Washington, DC!

Carol Diaz

I was in my doctors examining room. I wondered why the door kept swaying back and forth. As I got off the table, I asked myself, why do I feel like I'm on a ship that's rocking? I didn't mention anything to the staff because I had thought it would be too strange to explain. Glad I found out minutes later what it truly was. A very eerie moment!

Carol Diaz

I was in my doctors examining room. I wondered why the door kept swaying back and forth. As I got off the table, I asked myself, why do I feel like I'm on a ship that's rocking? I didn't mention anything to the staff because I had thought it would be too strange to explain. Glad I found out minutes later what it truly was. A very eerie moment!


I was one minute out of Grand Central, then it hit. I didn't feel a thing...except the rumbling of the Metro North train. This quake doesn't compare to the damage caused by the 2002 Plattsburgh, NY earthquake. Google it and check out the photos. I felt that earthquake in Hyde Park.


I was sitting in my car on Long Island eating lunch when the car started rocking. I thought someone had come up behind me and was leaning on the car and rocking it. I got out to look but nobody was there. I looked at the car and saw it shaking but couldn't understand why.


I would like to know why I felt so dizzy a few minutes before the earthquake hit. I was sitting at my desk here at home working when I felt a very strange dizziness -like a bad case of vertigo. I thought I was having a stroke or that my blood pressure dropped. I couldn't stand up b/c the dizziness was so bad. It passed after a few seconds, then about 30-45 minutes went by & I felt the house moving & realized we were experiencing an earthquake. But what caused the dizziness before the earthquake??? I could understand feeling dizzy afterward - but before?


I was in a Dinner in Monticello upstate ny and didn't real anything.

Krystal E.

I work at one of nyc's major hospitals as a RN. I absolutely had no clue about to earthquake until I overheard my colleagues who were working on the other side of the floor asking each other about it. We checked online and confirmed it was indeed an earthquake. About half the staff felt it while the other half did not. Patients and staff were calm. Everything went on as normal with the exception of the talking about the earthquake.

Denise Sypniewski

As a pre-school teacher (we're at camp now), I was getting my children up from rest time...everyone wondered what had made our building shake. I was in exactly the same situation many years ago when a much smaller tremor was felt, again during rest time at school. I reassured everyone, saying that I was fine the other time....and I'm fine....we're all fine, today. I told the children to watch the news when they got home.
As to what the quake meant, I have my own theory....since Washington D.C. shook, perhaps this was God's little way of telling our Congress that if they can't get moving, maybe, just maybe they needed to see what real movement is! Maybe they should get a move on themselves!

Keith Newkirk

I was in Edison NJ at our office on the 4th floor, this building was built on stilts and over a swamp. The floor as moving and the blinds were swinging back and forth hitting the windows. My first and hopefully last earth quake :)

Keith Newkirk
North Bergen, NJ

Philadelphia Wagner

I was sitting in the car at a red light with my Fiance, on our way to a doctor's appointment, when our car started to move in circular motions, shifting back and forth. He asked me, "What's happening?" and I said I didn't know. We were both afraid the car was malfunctioning in some way and were scared because it felt like it was going to explode. That's when I noticed the light had turned green and no one at the intersection was moving. Finally it stopped and after a tentitive few seconds we were driving normally again. We didn't know it was an earthquake until we got to the Doctor's office and everyone was outside; the building had been evacuated.

Susan  H  Martin

While I was on beach 97 when the earthquake hit with my sister cathy,she was unable to use her cell to call my other sister Jeanie in Flushing. I was able to call her on mine, she thought she was having a verdigo attack untill her friend called telling her about the earthquake. She was relieved about not having a verdigo attack, but not happy about the earthquake.

Susan  H  Martin

I was at Rockaway on Beach 97 with my sister Cathy. She was laying down & I was sitting up. It felt strange, we felt like we
were shaking side to side. We couldn't believe the beach moved.
Everyone on the beach were in disbelief. A woman got a call
from her sister saying there was an earthquake at Jamaica hospital & were being evacuated & that's when we realized what


I was sitting at my kitchen table when it and the chair started shaking. Something fell of a shelf. I was dressed to go out. I felt just a little dizzy, but I started to perspire so much my my hair was soaked the perspiration just poured out. I had to change cloths and lie down. I still feel out or sorts. Has this happened to anyone else?


I was waiting for the 7 train on the platform when all of the sudden I felt the platform shake I felt dizzy then had slight nausea. I thought it was because my sugar was low. I then got on the train and arrived in Forest Hills. I went to staples to use the fax machine only to find out that the faxes were temporarily out of service.



Linda Weeden

I was sitting in my beach chair in Belmar when I saw my husband's puzzled face. I saw his chair shaking then noticed that mine was doing the same. Everyone on the beach was looking around asking if others were feeling the same movement. Then out came the cell phones but everyone had a hard time connecting. I kept watching the ocean for changes...we had a plan to grab one bag and run from the beach if the ocean started looking funky !!!


Me and my fiance, were sitting at our Computers when we both looked at each other and said,(You feel that). As our seats was moving for about 6-8 seconds up and down, then we started to rock from side to side and looking around I notice the plant we have that has water to the top of the pot was swaying like a small pond with wind blowing-I jump up and said "THAT'S A EARTHQUAKE", look at the water I was telling her LOOK LOOK...


I was in position (you know the one) for my annual GYN exam, in nothing but a paper gown, and the doctor was seated where he was supposed to be to perform the exam when I felt the exam table move and thought "why is the doctor shaking the table?" His nurse ran in and said we needed to get out, the building was shaking. I only had time to put on my shoes and street clothes...no underwear. My doctor stayed with me and we both left together. Bless his heart.


My boyfriend had just left for work. So I decided to lay down when my daughter called and all of the sudden my bed started to shake and my lamp swaying. Told my daughter and she reply it maybe a small earthquake, and then she said yep it is wich she confirm from her local news in Honolulu HI

Sandy Adams

I am in Riverhead and, while on my laptop, the floor started vibrating and my seat started moving back & forth violently. After realizing that I wasn't experiencing a major medical event of some kind, I became terrified that my mobile home was starting to "slide off" it's foundation. When I realized that it must be an earthquake, I quickly went to ABC news on the TV and there it was.


I was at the movies in Jamaica Queens watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I turned to the two teens sitting behind me and asked them to please stop shaking my chair. They just kinda looked at me perplexed. As the shaking continued I said "I think we're having an earthquake." Most of the people in the theater walked out to investigate but I stayed and finished watching a great movie!

Suzanne Palau

I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn and I felt every bit of this tremor. It was very scary. I was taking a nap when I was awakened by my bed shaking and then I felt my entire apartment building shaking. I watched as a bookshelf swayed back and forth for way too long. I thought I was having a bad dream but it was very real.


I was in my office on the 8th floor of a building in DUMBO when the building started swaying, almost like those moving floors in a fun house at the carnival, and I could feel vibrations in my feet. I thought a bomb went off in our basement or something, and when I called my colleague, who was grabbing lunch down the street, she said she couldn't feel anything, which freaked me out a bit more, because I figured she would have felt it, too. It was scary, I couldn't have ever imagined that it was an earthquake!


Somerset County NJ Was reading a book on my patio and the chair started to vibrate. Why do all the news channel repeat everything over and over when something like this happens? I can see if you have something new to report but you don't. Every time something out of the ordinary happens this goes on. There is nothing that can be done about it. Just be thankful no one was hurt.


I didn't feel when the Earthquake. Im here in NYC but my grandmother had just gotten out of work and was in the Bank when she felt the Earthquake, she said she felt dizzy and thought that her head was spinning but it really was the earthquake she felt which made her feel that way. They evacuated the bank and within 5 minuets they were allowed back in.

Pat Santi

I live in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. I was sitting on my reclining sofa, watching All My Children, and it started to shake. I thought my cat had gotten trapped under the couch. I jumped up to see if she was there, she was'nt. Moments later the Eyewitness News Team came on and reported that it was an earthquake!
Pat Santi


I work for the State of New Jersey. At 1:50 p.m. I was sitting at my desk and felt my chair rock from left to right for approximately 5 seconds. A co-worker remarked that the building was moving. We were told to leave and were evacuated for approximately 45 minutes. What a scary feeling!

Jennifer S

I am from milford pa & i was sitting at the kitchen table & the whole house started shaking, windows & doors. It was very scary.

Ann Price

I was working on my computer on the 5th floor of my building on the upper east side when my bed started shaking. I knew immediately what it was since I'd been to Tokyo and felt tremors.

However, EVERYONE is mistaken to say NYC hasn't ever had a tremor before. I believe if you check, you will see there was one at 2am on Friday morning, September 14th, 2001, after 9/11. I was awake, I felt it, and it was reported and in the news!

Everything shook in the same way then.


I live in Brick, NJ. I was sitting on the couch with my lap top and headset for my work at home job, when my couch started swaying, like a suspension bridge or a boat...I thought maybe there was a big truck outside, or a plane...then I Googled "earthquakes in NJ today", and there was something reported right at the time I felt the quake.

scary scary stuff! There is a crack in the walls out side my apartment!

Su Reiser

My daughter and I had been in Barnes and Nobel in Freehold NJ. We had just seen the sign for Bill Evans book signing. My daughter has a seizure disorder. When I glanced at her, I noticed her seizing and it was a good one, about 2 minutes. Then I noticed the floor moving and heard the cashiers remarks. In honor of Bill Evans Freehold Barnes and Nobel hosted an earthquake. I really want to try to get back down tonight, but I think Rebecca has had enough of the store. It was interesting listening to the people trying to decide if they were crazy or not.

Kay Smith

I was sitting crossed legged on bed when I felt my leg vibrating, thought it was a NEW condition I was getting at 55. Found out an hour later what it really was. I live in the Hudson Valley ... a little nervous here.

carol mochan

I,m in fords n.j. and was sitting in my chair when the chair moved.Before that there cwas a cracking sound behind my entertainment center.

Paula Newby

All I can say is that I'm SOOooo happy the earthquake hit when it did and not ten minutes later when I would have had to evacuate my dermatologist's [old] building in NJ completely naked except for a little blue paper hospital gown!!!! Now THAT would have been newsworthy! LOL

Diane Smith

I live in Whiting, NJ just South of Toms River. I was laying in my bed resting, when suddenly I felt my bed rattling off the floor and shaking. I thought it was my husband trying to wake me up, but he was not home. It lasted for several seconds and made me feel weird inside my chest. I was not scared because it was not a strong rattling. After I got up and spoke with a friend who also lives in Whiting, that's when she informed me that we had just felt an earthquake that started in Virginia. Is God trying to tell us something?

Sue Pursino

I ive in New Hyde Park, Nassau County, Long Island. W felt nothing


i am in brooklyn i was in my dining room feeding my twin baby boys lunch my chair started shaking and the high chairs as well as my shandelier omg i yelled to my twin girls that are 12 its a earthquake it was scary thank god everyone is ok

Iris Marquez- Mauras

I was at work and I felt dizzy, then I saw the picture frames moving and the plants moving the building felt like it was swaying. very weird feeling. It lasted a few seconds but it was noticable


I felt it in Toms River NJ. I was watching tv and my dog started to look outside barking. then my door started rattling and my kids were screaming telling me that there shaking and swaying. I felt like i was dizzy but i wasnt. my room started shaking and everyone came outside

Timothy Mischka

I'm 12 years old, and me and my mom and sister felt our house in northwest NJ shake for a couple seconds. It was weird, and we called our dad at work in Jersey City. One of our neighbors called and said it was an earthquake!

Barbara Kowalski

We were sitting on the beach at Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey and our chairs started shaking.
We couldn't imagine what was happening!

Mary Ann

It was the weirdest thing, my husband and I were watching a scary movie when the house started shaking. We both felt like we were part of the movie.


I felt dizzy and then 5mins later I look in my mirror and saw my 2 lamps in my room shaking my daughter who was in another room yelled out ( Mom my bed and door is shaking) I thought it was a ghost or a terrorist attack again. Because we never had an earth quake.

Stephanie Derr

I was in my car near Newark Airport when the car began to shake. I thought a car with a really loud stereo system pulled up behind me (you know the kind that makes everyone's car around them shake) but there were no other cars around so I thought maybe I imagined it!It wasn't until I got to my office at the airport that I found out it was an earthquake!

Linda Bogosian

I was at work in Woodland Park (West Paterson) New Jersey when i realized the building was shaking, pictures swaying walls creaking. I ran outside within a drop of a dime because I really thought the building was going to give way. It lasted probably one minute however it felt like 5 minutes. Once outside it was so weird because you could feel and see shrubs, trees & plants shaking. I never experienced that before.

Lisa Meddick

I was folding wash in the bedroom of my 2nd story house. Our four poster bed was shaking and the mirror on the wall was too. I actually thought the roof was going to cave in. I couldn't figure it out! My children were in band camp for Glassboro High school. All the kids thought they were dizzy!

samir umar

i was on the computer like i am right now and i felt the earthqauke and im like o man that very shaky its really scary

kathy hart

hi my name is kathy hart and i live in brooklyn ny and i live on the 24th fl here on atlantic ave and i was watching tv and i felt my building shake did nt know what it was until my friend ask me did i feel the building shake and i said to him omg its and earth quake somewhere then the breaking news came on and said it was a earth quake in virginia wow i still was scared i wouldnt know what to do if it was a bad earth quake because i live so high up kathy hart

Melissa Andros

I felt in it Danbury, CT. At first, I thought I was just getting dizzy. Then the blinds started moving and the walls were making a creaking noise as the building shook. I called out to one of my co-workers to see if I was just imagining it or if it was for real. Very scary!

Sharon McKenna

I was taking a afternoon nap. I did not feel anything when it hit. When I woke up, I had the news on & found out.


I was laying on the couch watching All My Children when I felt some shaking that lasted about 15 seconds but I didn't know what that was until I saw the breaking news headline on Ch 7; this was when I realized that we just had an earthquake!

kathy hart

hi my name is kathy hart and i live in brooklyn ny and i live on the 24th fl here on atlantic ave and i was watching tv and i felt my building shake did nt know what it was until my friend ask me did i feel the building shake and i said to him omg its and earth quake somewhere then the breaking news came on and said it was a earth quake in virginia wow i still was scared i wouldnt know what to do if it was a bad earth quake because i live so high up kathy hart

Marina Mitchell

I was sitting on the beach in Southold, NY (North Fork of Long Island) talking to my sister in law in Brooklyn. She abruptly hung up the phone after saying that her building was shaking. As I hung up, I felt my chair swaying from side to side, just a little. Made me feel a little light headed. Weird. My Mom in Berkeley Hts, NJ said that food on the shelves at the Stop and Shop and Kings supermarkets had fallen off the shelves!

Christine Hermanski

Sitting in my office on Broadway and 26th st and all of a sudden we felt the building sway and so did we in our chairs, we then watched the doors to the offices swinging....needlesstosay we evacuated ourselves quickly! My husband was at home in Wyalusing PA and he called me at that moment to tell me that the house was swaying! Thank God everything is ok here right now.

Ethel Blount

Co-op City 7th floor, sitting talking with 90 y/o mother and I felt my chair move look to my left and saw the building swaying, asked my mom if she felt it then saw her chair and her shaking, I started to feel sick and frightened, went on terrace to see what was happening thinking maybe it was the repairmen who was drilling on the terraces, came back in to hear on tv of the earthquake

Theresa scrivani

I was laying on the sofa and felt it shake several times ! Thought it was my son , he was sitting on the smaller sofa next to me !! But then my elder son came down from upstairs and asked me if I felt the shaking and I said yes ! I said I'm sure there was an earthquake close by and soon as I turned on the tv my suspicions were confirmed .. Scary feeling but were ok!!

Thomas Van Winkle

I felt it while I was laying on my couch in my basement....I felt a shaking motion on my back. Then, my brothers told me that the beds shook as well as a mirror so I figured right away it was an earthquake.

Joann Bergen

we live in manahakin new jersey stafford township wasn't quite sure what we felt but it continued and I said to my husband do you feel a tremor. He was sitting in his chair and yelled yes. I thought a big truck went by but now we know it was a tremor


i was laying in bed watching tv and fealt the bed shake and i had one leg over the otehr and thought it was my sister so i put down my leg and see its not my sister because she is strong and likes to jump onto the bed and at the same time i see the mirrior and bed continuesly move and i thought maybe its because i had all the windows and balcony door opened and thought it was because of the wind and then i got up to hold the "important stuff" and grabbed my dog cause she ran to me because as my 3lb tea-cup pomeranion was walking,she was moveing side to side running to me lol. so as all of this was happeing i was laughing and was like what the hell.lol

Deborah Kacerek

I had just come back into the office from lunch and had stopped to talk to our HR Manager. We both felt the shaking and looked at each other and said "do you feel that?". The building was pretty much shaking and swaying, and when we looked out the window, the light pole was swaying back and forth. Our company and everyone at our complex in Morris Plains, NJ were outside of the buildings withing seconds.

David Simek

My wife and I were sitting on the beach at Robert Moses State Park (West Islip, Suffolk County) and suddenly felt our beach chairs swaying back and forth sideways. It lasted 5-10 seconds. Everyone on the beach started to ask "Did you feel that?" In a few minutes, someone checked their blackberry and got the earthquake news. Ironically, two of our daughters were sitting in a train in Union Station, Washington DC when the quake hit, on their way back to New York. It took a while but we finally reached them. They are OK, but know they have a long ride back home tonight.

Kathleen in Kisco

Strong shaking on top floor of 3-story office building in Mt Kisco (Rte 172, Mt Kisco Medical Group complex, near Northern Westchester Hospital Center). We evacuated.

Marie-Antoinette Larobina

I was sitting in my office at home (18th floor of 20 story high-rise) in New Brunswick NJ when the chair started to move as well as the floor beneath me. I stood up and the floor continued to vibrate. Very scary!! The entire episode lasted about 10+ seconds. No further tremors were felt.


I was at my desk & felt the chair shake & pictures on the wall shake in Jamaica, Queens plus the floor shake.


It was so scary!MY sister and I are worried cause we both have kids we both will be setting up can goods and water for us and the community.

Mary Kemper

Live in Gardiner NY 12525 and felt tremors while on my laptop. The screen was shaking and the dishes in my china cabinet were shaking. Happened around 2PM.


I was at work when I felt the earthquake at 5th Ave. I felt the office shaking in a back and forth movement for a few minutes then my office building got evacuated. The good thing is nothing fell off the shelves and nobody got hurt.

April Berkol

Listening to the end of a webinar. Floor shook - I'm on the 38th floor - but I didn't think it was an earthquake until I saw the water in the tea pot was moving! Thought someone was moving in upstairs.


my son got a text saying they felt it in Toronto Canada

t. lee

Was having lunch at CPK at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ mall. Big glass windows shook. We couldn't figure out what was going on until the news broke through on the tv over the bar.


Here in Yaphank I was sitting at my computer in a desk chair and felt it start rocking - felt that for about 10-15 sec. Guess one of my 3 greyhounds also felt it because he picked his head up - The other 2 dogs slept through it. Emailed my brother in Leesburg, VA which is only 92 mi. from Mineral - he said they felt it pretty strong and their building was evacuated. And this morning I woke up and only wondered what Hurricane Irene was going to do.


I was at work in West Virginia and while everyone in the building felt the shaking, I did not feel it. Crazy as it sounds, I don't if it's because I was walking around. However, everyone was talking about computer monitors, chairs, and cubicle walls shaking in their areas.


I was at overlook beach in babylon and my beach chair started to sway. It felt like the waves from the ocean were going under the sand...like a rocking rather than a rumble or shaking. My kids were on a 2 story high play structure and the whole thing started to shake....very scary.


I'm at work, my husband is home ill, he thought it was the side affect of his new blood pressure medication he just started taking today !!!!!!!!!LOL !


I live in middletown ny and we felt the earthquake all the way up here. Just to think that we have gone through this and it happened in the state of Virginia is scary. I was at the hospital visiting a family member when this happened. Even the nurses were like "did you feel that". Its just scary....

Floyd Newton

I reside on the 18th floor in the tallest buildings(24 floors) here in East Orange,NJ. I felt an unusual rumble, then the building began to sway! I began thinking if I was becoming ill or faint. Looked out my window and DID observe the build sway. I grabbed some clothing to put on and ran to the elevator after hearing on CNN that it was an earthquake! What a scary feeling! I pray that all is well with everyone!

Marian Petit

Felt it in my office in Morris County. Shaking quite alot and couldn't walk straight.


there are sayings that another will hit. is that true?

Kim Miller

Yes, I felt it too. I was on the porch with a customer at Surviving Sisters' Boutique in Hyde Park NY & didn't have a clue! I thought a big truck went by & shook the building at first (as I am located on Rte. 9, a very busy road), so I looked all around & didn't see any. Then, I thought maybe the building shifted as it was put on this foundation many, many years ago & I do know that it is on a six degree pitch from settling.. Then, the phone rang & the neighbor across the street asked me if I felt it. OMG, I have never, ever felt anything like this before in my life. Its scary!

Kim Miller

Yes, I felt it too. I was on the porch with a customer at Surviving Sisters' Boutique in Hyde Park NY & didn't have a clue! I thought a big truck went by & shook the building at first (as I am located on Rte. 9, a very busy road), so I looked all around & didn't see any. Then, I thought maybe the building shifted as it was put on this foundation many, many years ago & I do know that it is on a six degree pitch from settling.. Then, the phone rang & the neighbor across the street asked me if I felt it. OMG, I have never, ever felt anything like this before in my life. Its scary!

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