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Are women too concerned about being buff?

Celebrities like Cameron Diaz are under fire for being too buff.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Does being too ‘buff’ take away from a woman’s natural beauty?  Post your comments (below) and they could end up on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



woman think too much about being like men.they want all the muscles.they dont look good.thats what most of you think,right?but,james is right.excersising is good for you.just excersise the right amount.get your workout.muscles help you a lot.you can lift things,you can run more,et cetera et cetera.just be healthy.i am a woman myself and i have muscle.this isnt important.if men do what they want women can do what they want to.we are equal!thank you ppl on eyewitness news.I LOVE YOU EYEWITNESS NEWS!!!!!!

Joan B.

Strength doesn't lye in a muscular build. Women have strength in their mental capabilities and I think that is more important than the muscles. Being able to run a house, be a chef, give birth, raise the kids and works proves the point.

Tonya Thompson ,Bronx,NewYork

Who should decide what is too buff? America allows us freedom to be and look anyway we like. Just be healthy and happy forget the naysayer's


What's important is that the woman is healthy and feels good about herself. Why is working out suddenly a bad thing? Let's not have young girls growing up believing they shouldn't develop muscles. Their body images are already bad enough as it is.


I think women look more beautiful without being really muscular. With all that musculature comes the "testosterone face" that makes them look harsh and angry.


Why don't you just let us be. We don't work out and we're out of shape; too much and we're not feminine enough. If a women cares about her health then let her be; an individual!!!


I see buff women all the time, I think it's very unattractive... toned women are ok


I have to wonder why this is a question. I feel any woman who is in shape looks great. People who think women are too buff just don't get it, the women are just being themselves and if they are happy with their looks then that's the important point, not how someone else thinks she should look.


I think that being buff for a woman takes away from her natural beauty. It makes the woman look almost like a man and it's not attractive, in my opinion. I believe that if a woman wants to stay in shape and be fit, then they should stay tone, not buff.

Regina McNeill

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," and in the eye of the buff woman. It's really about how one views oneself.


I think women are complex and multifaceted. We are not Barbie Dolls, nor should we be held to that standard for "feminine beauty". Women who are athletic and toned or even muscular are amazing because they have achieved strength and confidence through a rigorous daily regimen along with dieting. Muscle mass burns more calories and also strengthens bones to stave off osteoporosis. Too bad for the ignorant guys who think all women are soft and squishy with enhanced breasts. Hopefully, society will evolve from that.


Fit is attractive on women. Muscles are not. Another way to say it is women should look like woman and men should look like men..

Anthony Sanchez

As the saying goes, beauty comes from within. If a woman feels getting buff will make her more attractive, so be it. The men who like that will go after them. Others don't need to buff, because their beauty is reflected in their interaction with others.

Allan Jones

I approve of a healthy body not a muscular looking women but a tone and fit one.


I think a fit and toned woman is far more attractive than a very muscular woman. I do think they lose some of their femininity if they go too far with the body building. That being said, to each his own. If their significant other finds them attractive, isn't that all that matters?

cindy sanborn

i dont think a woman looks good at all to me they look to much like a man. what man would want to rub his hands over a muscalur body of a woman. nice, and soft and smooth skin r the feel of a real woman.


Beauty is in the eyes beholder but if something heavy needs to be moved i guess its kind of cool

LeSean from Harlem


Being buff does not take away from a woman's natural beauty but being overweight does. I would rather a buff woman with a toned body and a flat midsection than an overweight woman with a fat beer belly. Give me a "buff" woman any day.


It's up to the woman to decide if her body is too buff or not. As long as she's healthy, for anyone else to make that determination for her is to willfully sanction the objectification of women where standards are set by others and we are required to comply. I find some professional male body builders unattractive, but that does not give me the right to set a limit to what they do with their body.


I think its rediculous that people would even care about someone else's body!! First of all, if someone has the discipline to keep up with a toned body, than more power to them!! Although I don't prefer a body builder body, I think it is wonderful that someone like Cameron takes such good care of herself. It's not like she is HUGE and looking like a man!! I mean come on! Would you rather she look like Kate Moss or the Olsen twins??!!! And if she was overweight, it would be an issue too. Rememember when they made fun of Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt for gaining some weight? It's a no-win situation!!!! Very few people have the PERFECT body...leave the girl alone!!!

Tabetha Smith

Yes I think women who are to buff is nasty!!! Your supposed to have muscles and crap like a damn man!! I think women body builders is GROSS!! Nothing wrong with have some muscles in your arms and legs, and a flat stomach and tone butt. Women like Halle Berry, Juila Roberts, Cindy Crawford, that looks good. I actaully don't like how Cameron Diaz looks now. I don't think women should have 6pack abs, and now she has no butt so her so called beautiful yellow bathsuit looks like crap because she has no butt and it sags. Just my opinion.

Jennifer Kane

Being a mother of a 13 year old daughter I am thrilled to have "buff" fit women like Cameron Diaz as a role model, it is significantly healthier both physically and mentally than the anorexia looking models in magazines!!!

kevin bolier

Yes, woman should not be buff. They should be femine. This is nature. If your buff, your are not sexually attractive to the oppisite sex.


who cares!


why is this on the news? who cares? why aren't you talking about the wars and the results of the decision form the senate regarding the debt level.

The Gee Man

Buff women are awesome! There's nothing wrong with striving for physical perfection. So long as there is no chemical abuse, there is only so muscular that a woman can get. More power to em. I'm a fan!


Bottomline: Yes!


@ ls - dumb comment, probably from a flatzee - j.lo is not fat, she had babies, and we all come in different shapes and sizes. Fat is the crap walking around the streets with daisy dukes on and muffin tops thinking they actually look good. Get your head on straight otherwise you are just a HATER.

James M. Timm

First of all, a strong woman is a sexy woman and anyone who sees physical strength as a turn-off is SO not worth your time. Seriously. Think about it.

Secondly, the purpose of diet and exercise is to nurture vibrant health. And when I say “diet” I mean eating for health every day as part of a healthy lifestyle. I do NOT mean jumping on the bandwagon of some diet fad in order to lose weight because you don’t look like the model on the latest cover of Cosmo.

We all have different body types, and a healthy body is an attractive body.

That being said, let’s say you legitimately need to lose some body fat for health reasons. Muscle burns fat.

James M. Timm

I'm a personal strength & conditioning specialist...and honestly if Cameron Diaz wants to get more toned and muscular let her. You can burn AlOT more calories; rather then just running on a treadmill for hours at a time. I've been in this line of work for more then 10 years now and I've trained all types of elite athletes, professional athletes, college athletes, High school, body builders, elderly people and so on. If you want to be a specific way don't let anyone tell you any different (don't let people tell you or dictate to you who you are...and most importantly don't make excuses.


Cameron Diaz is buff, really? Who is concerned, are they related to her, pay her bills, feed her? Who is behind this Guilian Rancic and her big head, boney ass? I can't believe I took the time to answer this shit.


Being fit should not be viewed as a negative but being overly muscular can seem more intimidating than beautiful.

Bobbi Obrien

those people, men or woman that are negative about a woman being too buff are more than likely insecure about their own body. I think looking "buff" is sexy at any age. Hat's off to us woman that like to look fit and healthy!

Joanne Domorski

I was offended at the thought that we women are being challenged for being "too buff". With such extremes as a 30% obesity level in this nation OR women starving themselves so that they fit into a size 0 or 2 so that they mirror their favorite celebrity, I find it appauling that we are challenging the femininity of any woman who goes through the effort to "boot camp" herself into shape. Are we still in the 60's where we think that women will bulk up like men if we lift weights? Any article that you read today regarding women's exercise all reccomend cardio AND weight training to maintain good health.

I found it equally surprising that Robin Roberts of Good Morning America would do this segment without challenging it as well. As Robin was a past athlete I would think that she would have risen to applaud Cameron Diaz's efforts, and accomplishment.

I've had enough of this craziness, I'm heading to the gym!


No. They're not concerned enough. Fat acceptance is running amok in the US.

When People Magazine's "most beautiful woman in the world" is the chubby Jennifer Lopez, we have a problem. Lopez is very unattractive from the waist down.


These women look terrible. They are not sexy but are too thin and hard. The redhead on Madmen is so hot. When I hug a woman I want her to feel soft and smooth, not hard and bony.


As a 15 year old girl, I enjoy seeing female celebrities breaking the staus quo. However, I feel that we have no business judging them for being to big or too buff. As long as they're healthy we have no right to critique them on the way they look. Everyone has a different definition of beauty and we should stop pushing our own on others.


People are ridiculous. If a woman wants to work out and have a toned/buff body then let it be. People who say its disgusting or not right are just jealous of the time and effort it takes to look "buff"!!! I think it looks amazing!


I think women should live freely and do what they want. They should choose to be buff or not.

Daniel Corton

I really don't see why this is such an issue. If women feel the need to gain muscle, I say let them do it.

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