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Advice for incoming college freshman

College is a time of many firsts. It may the first time living with a roommate, living away from home, new independence and choices.  What advice would you give incoming freshman as they are about to get started on their college career? Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



My advice to students is to always be aware of your grammar usage, for you will be judged. For example, know when to use "freshman" vs. "freshmen."

madison suzanne

Have the time of your life!!


join organizations(Greek or non) it's hard work balancing it all but thatcleadership will give you skills and lessons you can take with you for the rest of your life

Kathleen Otero

Enjoy this exciting time of your life, but remember to always be pro-active about your education. Be aware of your course/degree requirements, deadlines for filings, etc. College students are expected to be responsible for themselves and schools won't be spoon feeding you. Keep on top of things. It's good practice for your future.


Not only are you getting an formal education and having fun on your parents dime, but this is your time to grow and learn from your mistakes.


Remember that you will have the rest of your life to party, drink and eat pizza. However, you will probably only get one chance to have a successful college career. So, make the most of the education you can receive, as well as what you can learn and do while you are making new friends and exploring life for the first time without your parents in "the house."


Get done with all of your prerequisites a.s.a.p. This will give ou time to decide what it is you REALLY want to major in!

Bluto Blutarsky

Don't go. You can waste your time doing much more worthwhile things.

Angela T.

You're going to college to study hard but remember to have fun too! College is the best 4 years of your life and many of those friendships last a lifetime.


College is a time for new opportunities and trying new things. Study hard but don't forget to have fun and meet new people!


College is a time for new opportunities and trying new things. Study hard but don't forget to have fun and meet new people!


Make sure you understand these loans you are signing. Its your freshman year have fun but dont get too distracted....1st year will make or break you. Mom and Dad are not there to hold your hand


Go in with a positive attitude and don't slack off. College is what you make of it. Have fun and take your education seriously. I'm a junior in college and I have had some of the best experiences since the first day I stepped onto the campus.

Diann from Toms River

Don't get caught up in the partying. Have fun but keep your mind on studying and making it to class.


I will be sending off my second daughter to college with two more to go. My advice is try new things. Whether it's a class you would never of thought of taking or a club sport or even voluntering. Something that takes you away from your comfort level. You have nothing to loose but so much to gain.


My son Will be a freshman in 5 days! My advice to him is this is a great opportunity, make new friends, have fun, and be safe! Live the life that will make you the man you want to become..

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