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Should obese children be removed from parents?

A new commentary in a health journal says the government should be able to remove children from their parents when they are extremely obese.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.




Melody Fleming

Children that go through depression may eat more. There are quite a few large kids out there. Why pick on them? I would say 3/4 of the overweight children overeat because of depression. Bullying in schools is a big part of it. A parent can suggest for a child to eat fruit or raw vegetables for a snack,but if they won't eat that, they won't. If they want to eat peanut butter sandwich instead,they do. Especially if they're a pre-teen.All I can say is why single out the overwight kids? The parent doesn't buy sweets or junk, but the child doesn't want to snack on fruit or vegetables. The parent doesn't want to argue forever about choosing a healthy snack,so it's a peanut butter sandwich. Children that have mental disabities do get bullied alot. This bullying causes depression. The child with depression will either eat too much, because they say food is comforting or they don't eat hardly at all. Picking on children that are overweight is DISCRIMINATION!

Anne Peverett

I blame the government they should not get any profit from fast food or from sweets etc. This country blames obesity, well make the House of Commons and Royalty look at their own. Their wives were and still are anorexic and well Diana suffered horendously not from obesity. What about all the pressures sores caused by bones protruding. Guess that bumps folks off quicker. I noticed Cameron and his wife aint size zero.............. cruel evil Hitlers in my opinion they do not know what to tackle next. For every finger they point at parents this world points three back. We have had riots and that cost 'Lives'. Stop messing stop paying all our money to other countries. Make employment easier to be in and raise the minimum wage. Prime Ministers need half the wage each to live on not an increase and twice the salary then tell us they have taken a drop in wages. They taught me something in school what have they been taught.


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Edward Ryder

Nowhere in any of these comments have I seen the phrase "personal responsibility." WHEN are people going to realize that government cannot do everything. When are adults going to step up and accept responsibility for their finances, health, and general well-being? When are these same adults going to accept responsibility for their children?

maria reveron

I believe that if a child is torn from his family soley on the part that the parents are to blame for the obesity is insane simply to say that obesity is hereditary as well as environmetal.Having said that it would be insane to remove a child for his weight problem.Seperation can lead to more health problems like mental health issues then the child will be labled and put on meds and that will not solve anything except destroy the young minoritie races with bogus proposals to tear them away from there parents.What about the millions of teens that suffer from bulimia and they surely are at greater risk of death should'nt the stigma be placed on all areas not just the one's of poor families that try there best to make ends met?

Carrie Feliciano

If the child doesn't have a thyroid problem or a medical problem that is making the child obese then the problem is the Parents. If you have children then you should be cooking healthy foods and not buying junk food. I totally agree with obese children being taken away from their Parents. Once taken away, the Parents should be forced to take cooking courses,a course on not being a lazy Parent and, last but not least, a course on how to cook healthy for your family. A child being Obese has nothing to do with being poor or being on Food Stamps the problem is "LAZY MOTHERS"............


Not at all 1st of all social services can't even take care of the over load of cases they have now that there are children being abused still, 2nd maybe if they made food more afordable for low income families they would have a better shot and change the school lunches look at what they get there. Look else where to blame not always the parents. Our health care systems stinks too when it comes to over weight.

Marta Ferro

No what about the kids that get adopted and they overweight since they are babies I think that is not an equal law if they removed the kids that means they removing the kids that been adopted too and those that have kids is not a fair law...

Carmen Shouldis

The goverment won't do anything about the most UN-healthly food in our schools, BUT they want to remove children from their parents when they are not feeding them the right way!!! I think the goverment needs to get a grip!!!


That is ridiculous! Parents of overweight children need to be educated on nutrition and an excercise, not punished by taking their children. How does that help anyone? Next the government will be removing children who parents smoke or work long hours to take care of their family. Where will the line be drawn?


Absolutely not...As a previous poster said..put money into educating on proper nutrition....make sure the focus is placed on those parents who physically and mentally abuse their children and remove them so they don't end up being murdered like so many horror stories we hear about every day...

Ronald Labes

Im sick of hearing obese children come from poor families , bull... they just come from bad parents who are lazy and dont care about themselves or there child, Every adult knows fruit is better then and candy bar and juice is better then soda.

Vinny Puleo

First Bill S.978(Which is completely unrelated to this bill with the exception of the fact that that law is also bull)Now This!?
Is it just me, or is the USA slowly becoming he equivalent to the Soviet Union, better yet the Nazi party?!? If this bill were to pass,I would start a rebel resistance to multilate, decapitate,and dismember the USA back into perfect shape right now!!!

carmen m shouldis

OMG!!!! I give up~ They serve the most un-healthly food in school, and won't do anything about that!! So they want to take a kid away cause they don't think there parents are doing a good job!!!! I think the goverment should look @ themselves first!!!!


I agree that child obesity is a problem in our country however I think that it is ridiculous that we should expect our already suffering foster care system to take on more children who are relatively safe. The foster care system is already struggling to help the children who are abused physically, sexually and emotionally and in other dangerous situations. The extra strain of obese children would only serve to harm more children. There are other more realistic steps that could be taken to improve the health of obese children. I do not think that taking the children from their parents is the answer.

Francesca Pace

No way, I don't agree that obese children should be taken away! Goverment can't come into our homes and take away children from their parents. It is the food industry that puts fake fats and fake sugar in our products that are making our children obese. Why doesn't the goverment regulate better food products!

Margie DeAndrea

I think that the government should concentrate on more important matterws that need to be dealt with and not worry about removing children from their homes. They don't know the family's financial circumstances.

Matt, Catskills, N.Y.

I think children should not be removed from the parents and placed into state custody. Why so the state can pay for this. Most states are in financial trouble already so why not ring up the bill some more. How about the Harvards who come out with this junk put their minds to work and find more work or income for struggling parents so they can better feed their children. Also, What do you do about families that have obesity in their jean pool. It's Rediculous. Give me a break..

Lou G.

Better food habits and education for healthier eating for these kids is the answer. When they go to school and hang out with their friends, they eat behind their parents back anyway. The schools offer mozzarella sticks and french fries, etc. So the problem not only lies with parents responsibility, but with society also. What would be next? Turning off your electricity so they cant play playstation? I think the Doctor's commentary in JAMA is too opinionated and the government's worries should be about government. Why dont they focus on taking the $2 billion dollars in aid to Pakistan and put it back into our Social Security fund.

Dee Holiday

All obese children are not food stamp recipients or minority. Those who are need guidance from some of the very nutrition programs that are being shut down and taken away due to lack of funding. Cracking down on fast food and giving choices is a good thing, but what about the supermarkets that are set up with all the sweets and goodies in the beginning of the store? Taking the children from their parents is only going to destroy the very child you are trying to save. Removal from the home has a greater impact than people realize.


Are they going to remove children from the homes of abuser, alcoholic or drugs addicts, Only because obesity is show on the outside of a child doesn't mean that child is the only one who needs help What about the thin child who is not getting fed. Come on there are so much more thing to worry about, many more thing that the goverment needs to get involved with


Absolutely not! I have worked in the Department of Families and Children, and have seen the effects, mostly detrimental, on children who have been removed from their families. Even the most abused children love their parents, no matter what! You may be causing an even worse eating problem if children are seperated from their parents because of this. And exactly who will these children be removed to in a system that is already over taxed?

We need to be supporting families and educating them---along with the children, instead of possibly causing more emotional trauma---which happens to be one of the main reasons for those with eating disorders!


why should government take the kids away..that's basically stupid..it's like taking them into a prison..sure people need to lose weight but taking kids away from families is out of the question!!!


NEVER- Are we becoming a police state? Educate parents; don't punish children by removing them from home.


If the government does not take away the children that are physically and sexually abused by family. it's stupid to the ones that are overweight.

Dede Duncan

Take the money that would pay for foster care and use it to educate the entire family about healthy food choices. Another good idea would be to prohibit the use of food stamps to purchase sugary, high calorie, nutrient poor foods and only let them be used to purchase healthy fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains.


Remove a child from the home because they are obese! Really now? lets look at the fact that are streets are not safe to allow our children out. They cannot go in front of there homes to play or ride their bikes. There is no opportunity for children to be a child. They stay locked in homes to be safe. There is no exercise in a home watching tv or playing video games. The world needs to wake up. It does not matter if you are rich or poor. Taking a child away from the home so what they can become depressed and anorexic and die?
CLean the streets of gangs and viloence, stop laying off police officers who can protect our streets. Let our children have the ability to play outside or go to a park and run around and obesity I guarentee will disappear.


Since the vast majority of severely obese children come from poor, far disproportionately minority homes, this level of invasive government paternalism is race based; vile and the last thing these kids need.


Overly obese kids are from poor families on food stamps. The kids should not be taken away from their families. Why doesn't the government put a ban on fatty and sugary foods that is paid by food stamps and let food stamps pay for healthy foods only. That will solve this problem.

J.A. Lodin

Absolutely not! Why not take the same funds that would be used providing foster care for these children and use it to educate the family as a whole on proper nutrition and provide opportunities for exercise. That kind of program would help the whole family without traumatizing the children.

Debbie Goldstein

No, But I do think that the parents shoud be watched, and than warned, if they cannot help their children to eat better, than Yes , because they are killing their kids with food.


people need to mind there own business we have bigger problems then eating habbits, the kids that need to be removed are the ones that are always out in the street looking for trouble!!!!

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