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How often do you take your kids out for fast food?

Bowing to consumer pressure, McDonald's iconic Happy Meal is getting a healthy makeover.  Soon you will get fruit and a smaller portion of french fries.  Eyewitness News wants to hear from you.  How often do you take your child to fast food restaurants?  Will you take them to McDonalds more now?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



My son had his first McDonalds when he was 10 yrs old, so he never really asked for junk because he wasn't use to eating it.We did however go to buy the happy meal toys.....
He is 12 now, and since he pretty much chooses for himself now, its mostly healthy since that is what he grew up with. It is too easy to give into the junk food when they are little.Once in awhile is okay, but it all begins at a very young age to teach the good habits...

William Holahan

If I had kids it would be once a week or so. But can I say bravo to McD for moving the prize to a healthier meal. Kids always love prizes and it's a good opportunity for them to acquire tastes for new foods. If anybody can make broccolli taste good it will be McD.

Diane Kaufmann

These stories make me crazy. We don't live in McDonaldland. It's great they are making some changes but the burden is not on them entirely for our children's health. We need to teach moderation in all things and there's nothing wrong with an occasional treat which is what McDonalds used to be and we walked there.The computer, hand held electronic games,1000 tv channels and anything that has reduced the amount of physical activity in out lives bears a greater burden of responsibility for our added girth.Let the kids enjoy their Happy Meal toys once in a while. They're not eating them.


No more standing on line for 5 hours while my kids decide which one they're in the mood for..this is great!

Annette Cotter

I don't often feed my children fast food, but as a little treat, maybe once every two weeks, we visit McDonalds. I don't think it is the fault of the fast food restaurants but rather parents themselves. I mean if you feed your child fast food every day for dinner then don't blame fast food for your child obesity, blame yourself. All in moderation! McDonalds is fun for the kids plus the toy is an added bonus. Parents need to take charge in what kids eat...McDonalds everyday is a big no no!


When I take the kids for McDonalds, it is a treat. So they want the burger and fries. Maybe parents should just learn the word "NO" and have the kids have a sandwich and apple at home.


Less calories, fat, and sodium does not make up for the abundance of artificial colors, preservatives, and cheap corn fed dairy and beef they use!! I would gladly allow my child to eat a 700 calorie meal if it meant that the grains were whole, the animal products were pasture fed, and everything was just pure!! Like nature intended food to be!

Susan Habermann

Stop blaming McDonalds or any other fast food restaurants for what goes in our kids mouths....we are the parents and we are responsible for what we and our kids eat......

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