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Heat or Snow?

If it’s hot, people complain. If it’s snowing people complain. Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Would you rather deal with the extreme heat or a blizzard?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.



in c/o lee goldberg or liz cho hi watch you guys all the time i'm a loyal viewer of channel seven i like the winter even though you get blizzards and it's cold, and people have to shovel in the summer you sweat and you feel dizzy and sick to and you get very dyhydrated from the heat for not drinking in winter you don't have to worry about the summer well take care time is 7:03pm date is 7-22-2011


As a former city paramedic I treated far more patients in the summer for heat injuries (that can be fatal really fast)than for any cold related problems during the winter.In the heat if you don't have AC there are just a couple of remedies all entailing leaving your home to go a cooling center which means having to travel there and back in the heat leaving your pets at home to suffer and then you STILL have to eventually come back home to your oven-like apt.
On the other hand you can snuggle, use heat pads for your hands, feet and body and drink hot toddy's against the cold.
Gimme winter anytime.

mary abramson

Snow storms are better. You can always put on more clothes. In the heat, how much clothing can you remove to cool off?

Rosemary Kazanjian

You can get naked in the summer and still feel hot... However in the winter you can put more clothes on and get warm... Snuggle under the covers in the winter, but without air conditioning you melt.


Give me the HEAT. I was born in the sunshine (Jamaica) so the heat is in my Blood.Shoveling snow is too much work


Let it snow! anytime! winter is picture perfect, cozy awwwwww. this heat everyone is hot and cranky can't do anything..


i'd rather a blizzard. i always manage to layer enough to keep myself warm in the winter but there's only so much you can take off before you get arrested. you'll probably still be hot anyway.


I would much rather summer & the heat. I agree with Liz - I do not like to shovel any snow, but the blizzard we had was the worst! It took days to get rid of all that snow. I also don't like that you can't leave the house because the roads aren't safe.


As long as the power and air-conditioning are working I would prefer a hot day over a snow day-You don't have to shovel the heat and your still able to go out to a movie ,or restaurant -the beach etc -& you don't need your street plowed to do it-


I would want the the snow because i love to see it in the trees and i love to etheir shovel it or snowblow it


I'll take the heat or the snow any day. You don't have to shovel, plow or scrap the heat. Also if you have to drive somewhere, driving in the heat is much much easier than a foot of snow.

kathy hinton

I would take the heat over the snow any day!! Too much snow makes everything come to a halt for days on end. For me,its never too hot!!

Dick Hurts

Heat! Snow stinks!

Ron from Paramus, NJ

I woiuld prefer the extreme heat. You do not have to shovel it off the driveway and sidewalk!

Crystal Chanel

i would say the snow because you wont have to worry about your or your kids becoming dehydrated. and we wouldn't have to worry about conserving energy. and plus you can make money shoveling. unlike in summer. your so tired and slugging that you cant even walk to the store to by some supper.

joe rutigliani

why would you rather have people dying out there than watching snow falling, Liz? it's easier to put on a coat or move around to keep warm. it's difficult for many people to keep cool. the more i watch this station, the more i get upset with Liz and her stupid comments.

George Dawoud

i think the blizzard because the kids can play and make money by shoveling driveways also you can get warm if your cold


The snow is picture perfect and everyone is home and cozy! This heat is unbearable.. everyone is hot and cranky.. horrible..

Omar Norris

I much rather deal with extreme heat. You can deal by cooling off various ways such as air conditioning, the beach or pool. Snow cripples the whole region. Transportation, lost production from people not being able to work. Plus the cost of cleanup by the Dept of Sanitation is in real dollars. Plus heat feels good. Cold and snow hurts.


HEAT most defiantly.
The sun make everyone a lot more happier.

Janis Winter

It's very simple... no need to shovel the HEAT! Take the heat ANY DAY!:)


i rather deal with the heat, if theres a pool in my back yard
to cool off. i hate the snow one reason why i moved back home to d.r. jejeeje

Jamar Lampkin

Thats a questions thats been asked all day .... i would have to say i rather deal with the snow/cold because you can always layer up to stay warm... but in this 104 degree weather theres nothing you can do but suffer & try to drink as much water as you can.


In the middle of winter, you can always add another layer to stay warm, but what do you do in this extreme heat?? Give me the cold any day.


I would rather deal w/ extreme heat at least u can go into a pool and cool off. No shoveling or having to dig out. You can go shopping and stay cool too... Extreme heat doesn't totally keep u in doors even if its safer to do...

Martha Roth

I don't like either one. But I can tolerate the cold more easily and not worry so much that the power will fail! And since I don't have a car, taking the subway is really horrible in the heat.

Patrizia Crino

I would have to agree with Liz and say extreme heat because you can at least run your errands if you drive and stay cool and not dig your car for 3 hours. Bring on the heat!!

Lori Drew

I would rather choose the heat over snow/cold weather any day!!!! If this summer is going to have heat waves like this I DONT EVEN WANT TO THINK HOW COLD THIS WINTER MAY BE............

Artie C.

Heat! Snow sucks!


SNOW !! You can always bundle up in the cold....in the heat there's only so much you can take off !

Alex, Central Jersey

The heat is definitely worse! Sure heavy snow is a pain to shovel, but at least you can take a break from it. Heat is inescapable. Plus we are all expected to still show up for work during a heat wave.


I prefer the snow. There are so many ways to get warm. How many ways are there to cool off?


I'd take the extreme heat over a blizzard. A blizzard leaves snow that you have to shovel, bad driving conditions, and you're confined.


No choice,extreme heat. I prayed for this all winter while dealing with snow storm after snow storm,blizzards,ice,freezing all the time. give me heat


snow and cold. You can always put on more layers.


i'd rather deal with heat then a blizzard, however it does not help that eyewitness news interrupts regular scheduled programming all day to remind us of how hot it is outside... we know... thanks!


I would take heat over the cold/snow any day. Yes. Even heat like this.


I'll take the cold any day. You can always put something else on....


Snow! Cold!


i would rather deal with the blizzard because in the heat you get all sweaty and sticky. in the snow you can be cozy in bed and watch tv.


I would much prefer the heat. I can still remember the 4' snowdrifts, wondering how long it was going to take to shovel the car out. Praying that no one was stupid enough to follow me too closely on the icy roads and hit into my car. The snow falling down was pretty for exactly one day--then it became black and dirty and it just stayed on the ground for weeks and weeks--ugh. Give me summer and flowers and air-conditioning any day!


I commute by subway to work everyday, I would take a blizzard over the heat. It has to be 200 degrees waiting for the subway not to mention the funky smells.

Crissy Ortiz

I would rather deal w/ the heat because it is no fun trying to shuffle the snow at my height which is only 4'll.


I would take snow any day; there's always the possibility of a day off and you can always bundle up and cuddle to keep warm.


i would rather deal with a blizzard because then you do not get a tan and you could be cozy in bed while watching tv!

Jeff (Suffern, NY)

Heat ANYTIME. Summer ANYTIME. Daylight over darkness ANYTIME. Winter and cold are awful. Stop complaining, get a bottled water, take your clothes off!! Ha!


The snow any day of the week. You can always stay home because of the snow not the heat wave. Also when the power goes out you're stuck in the heat.....

Vlad Kostetsky

I would take the Heat over the Snow anyday , anytime because I cant stand the frigid and snowy winters that we have here in NY . Bring on the heat !!!!!!!


As long as the AC is running I would take extreme heat. Like others have said, you don't have to dig your car out or shovel a driveway, deck or roof and you can drive in it. However, if AC was not around I would have to say blizzard, even if the heat goes off you can still get warm by piling on clothes and sweaters.


I will always say extreme snow. It's a lot easier to get warm when it's cold than it is to get cool when it's hot.

Renee Altshul

I will take the heat any day -at least you can go in the pool, and go outside. When we had snow, up to you know where, all we could do was stay home, watch TV, cook & eat. (and eating we did)


I'll take the snow any day over this !@#$%^&*( heat.


Hard question. Right now I'd probably say the snow but in January I might say the heat.


I'd take this heat over snow anytime. I hate being cold and having to slog through ice and snow. It's dangerous to drive, dangerous to walk. You can always find someplace with air conditioning to go to if it's crazy hot.


Give me a blizzard any time over the heat. I remember lots of fun family time during blizzards, such as snowball fights and hot cocoa. The heat can make people irritable and unfriendly. It's simply not fun.


I'd rather be a polar bear. Being super sensitive to the heat, the cold is much better. I don't care if there's a foot and a half of snow out there. Anything is better than feeling like your face is melting off!

Christopher Gagliardi

I will defeinately take a blizzard over heat any day of the week or any month of the year, I love snow, and I'd love to see a blizzard before the end of summer!!

Chris Gagliardi
Englewood, New Jersey

Mary Burke

I'll take the snow any day.


The heat is better than the cold and snow anyday. I dreamed of this heat while I dug my car out of a snow pile.

Po Wang

i can deal with any kind of weather. after all mother nature is very unpredictable and we still have to deal with her anyway. just hope people won't regret what they say about wanting to get snow when winter comes

Ka Yan Ho

Can always turn on the air conditioner. Cannot walk in the snow. Sorry.

Ka Yan Ho

Can always turn on the air conditioner. Cannot walk in the snow. Sorry.

Cameron Lee

Every year, people complain about the heat in NYC. They lose all those terrifying memories of the frigid cold weather and refuse to be grateful for what we have right now. I'd trade any of those cold days and MTA mix-ups for a heat wave. It's time to hit the beach and have fun! I'd be cursed if I had to spend another 3-4 months locked up because of snow!


I never complain about the snow. I would take snow over the heat anyday. Bring it on !!


If I had to decide, it would be exteme cold. In the cold temperatures, you can always add more clothing, layer upon layer to warm yourself; but in the extreme heat there is limitation as to how much you can do to stay cool - even air conditioning is working overtime with little results in extreme heat!


I can cope with snow and cold - I can always put on more clothes and find a way to stay warm.

But with heat, there's a limit as to how much you can take off and there's no guarantee I can find a way to stay cool!


I can cope with snow and cold - I can always put on more clothes and find a way to stay warm.

But with heat, there's a limit as to how much you can take off and there's no guarantee I can find a way to stay cool!

Ira Thor

Extreme heat, you're stuck inside. Blizzard, you're stuck inside. But you don't need to shovel for 3 hours after extreme heat and it's easier to drive in, so I choose heat!

Oke Jojo

"One man's food is another man's poison". You cannot satisfy everybody. Some likes it when it snow and others don't but if it's at the average, I think a lot of people will like it that way instead of heavy heat wave or snowing.


I'd take the heat in a heart beat. At least I can drive to the mall, go out for ice cream or just go to work to enjoy the cool air.

Ahmnodt Heare

I would rather deal with a blizzard. At least snow is pretty when it first falls.

Ahmnodt Heare

I would rather deal with a blizzard. At least snow is pretty when it first falls.


I love the heat!! Bring on the pools and barbeque.

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