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What advice would you give Weiner's wife?

Anthony Weiner is resigning from Congress after lewd photos of him showed up on social networking sites.  Weiner will now work on his relationship with his pregnant wife, Huma Abedin.  Eyewitness News wants to hear from you.  What advice would you give Abedin as they now focus on their marriage?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


Rosa Matthews

How quickly we choose to 4get!!!...In 1998 Hillary Clinton felt the very same nauseating pain as her assistant Huma, She stood by her man and look at them NOW !!!...Just follow your heart girl :)

phil z

i thought the rule was look but dont touch what happen i guess it dose not apply to some one in office


I would really like to know why don't most senators and congress resign also since most of them are guilty of sex out of their marriage they just have not got caught
as for the wife it should be between him and her not the pubic when you take marriage vows you say for better or worse


If you really want to try, especially for the sake of the child, send him to live on his own while he goes for therapy until you feel you can start to trust him again. Just remember to take care and protect yourself.

Steve S.

Your husband has a problem and you should now deal with it privately. Your husband finally made a smart decision and resigned from public office. His ego needs a blow and this is it. Hopefully the blow prompts him to spend the rest of his life being a better husband and this likely will allow him to be a good father.

Michelle lang

stand by your hisband, we all make mistakes, find it in your heart to forgive him.


I think it's very hard to give advice to anyone in a power couple public marriage, but I would hope she does what is best for her, and not for his political ambitions.

claire keane

She should follow her heart. Its bad enough this has played out in the press but now everyone should leave them alone to heal through this. They have a child on the way that they also have to consider.



Jennell Antoine

It's not our job to put our 2 cents into someone else's marriage. You took a vow for better or worse so this is it. It will take time to heal so take your time and make the right decision.

Hannah Saleman

I believe that Huma should listen to everything that he has to tell her. He did do an awful thing, but it's only right for her to give him a chance to say what he needs to say, and give him a chance to apologize. It's more important for them to work on their relationship than to dwell on what he's already done in the past.

Equality Omor

I believe that Huma should work things out with her husband thats there business beetween them and there husband.



Jory  Garth

I'm a man that has cheated on his wife and if she truly love her husband she will stick by his side. Just because he is in the media doesn't mean that he is not a good man. Everybody makes mistakes.

The Real

He is a White man wuth contacts in government. She married him for that reason, or reasons related. I wouldn't tell her a thing. Deal with your baggage.


If I were Huma I would Go straight to an attorney and file for divorce. This man is not normal and he will do it again once a cheat always a cheat. Take the baby and run.!!!!!!!!! PS he will try in every way to get you and the baby back he will promise you the world but dont fall for it!!!!

Marie Robertson

As sorry as I am for you in this situation....I have only 4 words for you....Run for the hills!


Don't rush to do anything everyone makes mistakes he made a mistake give him a chance to redeem himself and then make a decision but don't let anyone make the decision for you talk to your husband and see what you want after that conversation

cristina gonzalez

please take care of your self and leave him because your to good for himm and take him for everything.


I would tell her to leave that disgusting pig but who knows what Hillary told her.


Burn the Dude ! Take him for everything he has

Dem Disaster

Run away Huma as fast as you can....!!!!

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