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Soldiers charged for extra baggage

U.S. soldiers returning from a tour in Afghanistan were charged $200 each for extra bags on a Delta connecting flight.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Should the baggage rule be waived for soldiers returning from duty?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.


chairs for the disabled

They should not be ANY limit on the amount they should be allowed to carry and they are also away from there families.


I feel that it should be a HONOR to carry a returning soldier or marine bags home. They are away from family and friends in a war zone and then they come home and a major airline charges them fees!!!! It is an outrage to the american public and should be stopped immediately and all baggage fees returned to the soldier or marine. They should also apologize publicly for this shameful action. I would like to offer my thanks and gratitude for a job well done!!! Delta Airlines should do the same.

Shanon Manzella

For all that U.S. soldiers do for this country they should be given special treatment! They put thier life on the line, they are away from thier families and they do it all for their country. When traveling on orders or just to come home they should NEVER be charged for fees! For all they do, can the business world not do something for them?


As a retired lead agent of the former TWA, one unwritten rule that we always used. Military, no charge on baggage, and if a seat were available in business or first class, we did automatic upgrades, showing our support to our service personnal. The best were the Vietnam Vets. "God Bless America".

Lee Storm

As far as I'm concerned, our soldiers give their lives to protect something very precious...FREEDOM! Any airline or service industry that seeks money from the pockets of these good men and women is not taking into account the service they get from them. I applaud Delta for changing its rules and thin lessons need to be learned here.

Samantha The Cuban Nerd

I'm personally outraged that Delta would make soldiers pay that much for their equipment. There should not be ANY limit on the amount they should be allowed to carry. If what they have with them saves our lives (especially those comfy Delta Executives) I say let them carry the world with them if it will keep them and us safe.

Jeanette Martucci

Shame on Delta Airlines ! They should not even have a limited policy for service men and women.

Edith Newchurch

What is wrong with the airlines? These men and women are serving our country to keep us all safe. Instead of charging them, the airlines should put them in first class, serve them a good meal, and treat them as heroes because that is what they are. Without them we would not have the freedoms that each one of us enjoys as Americans.

Peter "Motch" Matschulat

Please slow down-
This may not be a big deal as long as they (military members) are reimbursed by the military when they file a travel voucher.
This is normal business. You travel, get charged for things and then submit a claim.
As much as I would love the idea of Combat Vets not having to pay for anything, this might just be normal billing and normal reimbursement in the waiting.

Maybe WABC News should do alittle more investigating before reporting a story like this.

Barbara Ceravole

Delta Airlines should be ashamed of themselves. These men and women should not be charged ANY fees and should be given every courtesy - whether they are coming home from active duty overseas or just traveling within the U.S. All airlines and other modes of transportation should follow suit.


why should the government PAY THEM DELTA SHOULD PAY

Pam Brown

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If you ask me, the military shouldn't even be charged for the flight! They are in the line of fire every day ,so that we can have the luxury of flying on a plane! Really?????


Yes! I can't believe they had the gall to charge the soldiers when they should have treated them like the heroes they are and give them so much grief when they are supposed to be happy to come home. Delta is wrong for what they did and should reimburse them with a free flight, in fact plane tickets should be free for all soldiers, Marines, Airmen and sailors.


This charge should be waived for all military, I think that Delta should be ashamed, The military has done alot for our country.

Eileen Aloni

How much more could we ask American Soldiers returning from protecting our country to do? What corporate greed!!! There should be no limit on their bags, especially since they are not bring home souvenirs from a vacation! Get real airline industry and treat the American heroes returning from hell with some dignity!!!!

Nancy proud mom of 2 US Army Soldiers

This does not surpeise me....they literally made my Son rwturning back to iraq take out 4 pieces of clothing until his suitcase was the right poundage...they gave him 100.00 voucher to use for his next flight couldnt use it as the exp. Date was when he was still fightng for our country. Do u no how lucky they r to have a soldier on board? They do fight terroism n r well trained...u thk they wld give them first class!!!

Kathleen McNamara

Our military should not be charged a baggage fee on any airline. It is a disgrace that the airlines are putting a limit on the number of bags, and charging for the extra. Shame on you Delta and all the other airlines.


It's outrageous that Delta charged these soldiers for their bags! And I think Delta should be reimbursing them not the military. Come on Delta, these soldiers are sacrificing so much for you; the least you could do is let them bring their bags home for free!


All airlines should have a policy that allows all servicemen and women to have ALL their luggage/bags free of charge on ALL flights. Delta's policy is a disgrace; remember, this is America and we should be grateful to our military. I will never use Delta airlines and will spread the word about how rotten and disrespectful they are.

James Forrester

Just another example of big buisness looking at thier bottom line! Shame on the CEO!

Nick Egan

Delta should be embarrassed for themselves!! As a father of a navy girl i for 1 am appalled...They should let our military not only fly free but thier bags as well..I wonder if Deltas employees have to pay for thier bags..


I am glad to hear that Delta is allowing the 4th baggage to the Solders coming back and that they will be given back the money. I stopped flying Continental Airlines because the way I was being treated as a Military family when I had to change my flight due to my sons military orders changing.

js in warwick

The military who were subjected to this idiocy by DelTA brass should be given a vacation voucher for their families to any destination in the world good for a couple of years, all expenses paid to demonstrate their alledged respect for our military.
the garbage that Delta respects etc stops at their bottom line and if it weren't for the internet, they would continue this practicer and this goes for all carriers that transport our best and bravest while on duty

Fran Mazzonna

This is just another indication of the greed of big business.
Not only Delta but all the other airlines as well, should re-think their policy. Any serviceman or woman returning home from combat should be upgraded to Business or First class automatically and luggage should not even be an issue. What has happened to PATRIOTISM? God Bless our troops.

Grace E Joshua-Graceful Lady, Inc.

It is in poor taste and totally improper protocol, to charge a soldier for baggage while he or she is traveling while on duty. They risk their life's for our freedom and that's the thanks they get? A Fee? Shame on the Airline!!!

Kathleen Rouse

I am glad to hear that Delta is allowing the 4th baggage to the Solders coming back and that they will be given back the money. I stopped flying Continental Airlines because the way I was being treated as a Military family when I had to change my flight due to my sons military orders changing.


no they should not have to pay any extra cost and the military should not have to pay coming home. they fight for our freedom so lets charge them to come home thats wrong


All airlines should NOT CHARGE these soldiers for their baggage. It's the least they can do to show their appreciation for all they do. They keep the air space they fly at safe don't they?

Kathleen Rouse

I am glad to hear that Delta is allowing the 4th baggage to the Solders coming back and that they will be given back the money. I stopped flying Continental Airlines because the way I was being treated as a Military family when I had to change my flight due to my sons military orders changing.

Mark Gibbs

It is outrageous that any US Soldiers returning home under orders should be charge for extra bags. For all they do for us, all US own Air Line Companies should wave the fees for bags all together. These men and woman give up so much of themselves to protect and serve us here and and abroad it is the least we should do.


Definitely should be waived for our Soldiers--Delta, are you kidding me??!!! They risk their lives for our freedom, waiving charges should be the Least we could do!!!!!

Andrew Alongi

Any airline that charges military personnel while traveling on orders should be ashamed of that policy. Military personnel traveling on orders should not have to pay any fees. Shame on you !!!

Donald Yorie

Typical corporate greed... Where was the supervisor... Does anyone have any common sense anymore... this was not a soldier flying to Disney with his family... Delta and all those airlines should be ashamed of themselves. I think the idiot who formulated this policy should be sent to Afganistan!

Judith Grover

These men and women are willing to die for their country, I cannot believe they are charged these fees, this is OUTRAGEOUS. My son is leaving for Afghanistan in November I would be outraged if he was charged extra for bags that are required to be brought with him. They should be ashamed !!

Barbara Ceravole

Delta Airlines should be ashamed of themselves. The men and women who are serving our country - whether they are returning from overseas or just traveling within the U.S., should not be charged for ANY type of fees, and should be given every courtesy possible. All airlines and modes of transportation should follow suit !!!

Barbara Ceravole

Delta Airlines should be ashamed of themselves. The men and women who are serving our country - whether they are returning from overseas or just traveling within the U.S., should not be charged for ANY type of fees, and should be given every courtesy possible. All airlines and modes of transportation should follow suit !!!


Yes, I agree that no airlines should charge any military person for their bags. They out there giving their lives for us. It hurts to even think that delta airlines could ask them to paid.

Mark Kovall

Soldiers should never be charged for baggage. But where is TSA about guns and equipment on planes.

Sharon Smith

UGH!!!! Not only should the baggage rule be waived...but why can we not bring them home on the governments dime??? Not a penny should come out of their pockets...All they do for us....Time away from their loved ones and putting their lives at risk every day! God bless them all!


You know it doesn't shock me...We have never given our military the proper welcoming home they so deserve. This is just another disgrace, they shouldn't have to pay for anything when it comes to flying home...They fought for all of us!!!!! Wake up America! I blame the government, they should pay for their return home..If our taxes can pay for senators, congressman or whom ever, for doing next to nothing! Our heros are far more important.


Shame on Delta and ALL airlines charging our soldiers for excess luggage. Airlines get more than enough from the traveling public. Delta should reimburse those soldiers not the government.

Cynthia Nash

Service men and women should not be charged for baggage, in fact, they should not be charged for seats on the plan either. I've been around when American upgraded them to first class, but in reality we (and the airlines) owe them too much to charge them transportation back home to the USA.

Leona and Jay Stephens

Delta's apology falls way short. There first action should have been a full refund to each soldier and a sincere apology in writing to them. Soldiers are not authorized to book first class or business class when on orders so their new policy is just fluff.

Patricia Mauo

I can't even believe we are asking this question..Delta should be ashamed of themselves their return flight and luggage should be free, additional I think anyone serving active duty should get same privledges as the airline workers, pay minimal fee, we do not pay these men and women who defend our country enough...shame on them


Shame on you Delta!! These men and women are defending our country, ensuring our freedom. How dare you charge them for baggage. Our armed forces should not be charged for any baggage at all, it should be free. Maybe some Delta bigwigs would like to trade places with some of our brave soldiers overseas, then charge them for their baggage. Come on Delta, it should be FREE with no limit wether in 1st class, business or coach.


No solider should pay ,, and they should get special attention , thats the least we can do,, if nothing else


I think its absolutley crazy that we would even charge a dime to brave men and woman that serve their country to keep us safe. I don't think there should be any charge for extra baggage at all. If they don't charge us for saving our lives who are we to charge them to come back home?

Tim, CWO (Ret.)

Done with Delta... Start the campaign...

Saul Cohen

I'm not sure if the airlines should be at blame here. Perhaps the military should simply reimburse any soldiers for their travel costs.

Kim Pollard

This is beyond disrespectful. It's bad enough that our weak economy has the airlines taking greed to a new level with families and business travelers but our soldiers?? If they weren't overseas protecting America and it's interests this might not be an issue; because we'd all be dead...

Dede Duncan

I think that all baggage fees should be waived for soldiers returning on orders. They are out there risking their lives and are bringing home the equipment they used to protect and serve in a war zone so we can be safe at home. Shame on you Delta.


My son served three tours in Iraq with the Marine Corps. When he left the states and returned to the states all of his belongings were military, necessary for his survival. Delta you made a huge mistake.

Nicole W.

Shameful that a dollar is more important than honoring a soldier!


Absolutely ridiculous! Ticket cost should be waived as well. Im sure that the personnel responsible for instituting the fee have never been in the services!

mary mcnulty

GREED, is the name of the game, how sad. The airlines should honor the men and women who defend this country. All military personnell should fly free. LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE. HOW COULD WE FORGET.


Really is Delta having that much financial problems. That they have to charge the military for baggages. So much for defending our country.


I think that it is shameful that soldiers who have given up so much for should still have to give. Give me a break!!!!!! We should all do our part in serving our country. Therefore, airlines should have no problem whatsoever bringing our boys home without the worry of paying extra money. They are going to have enough to to pay for when they get home. Why is it that the rich find it so hard to give? Airlines, do you remember when no one was flying after 9/11? Well, our troops kept us safe so that we could fly again. It was because of them that we all feel safe to fly. So this is how you reward them? Shame on you.


You better change your minds and refund those heros. If you don't I fly plenty, and it won't be on Delta. Let me Sgts if they refunded you? Or all hell is going to break loose.


ARE YOU KIDDING? The absolute greed of airlines....no....of all big business in this country is out of control!! I never used to buy into conspiracy theories but I am really beginning to think that the what these people really want is two classes of people - the rich (them) and the poor (everyone else).

Jane Saeger

For all that military personnel are willing to give for us I think it's outrageous !! that they are charged for extra bagage coming home from active duty in a war zone. I'm sure Delta can afford the $200.

Jean M Cacioppo

Well that's just the straw that breaks the camel's back!!! I won't be flying Delta anymore!!!!!

Ben Ascone

I can not believe an airline would take money from an active soldier going home. It's amazing the work a soldier does and that he lays his life on the line for a ridiculous wage, but to take money from him? It should be an honor to fly that hero home with no additional fees. I am sure everyone on the plane would have donated a dolllar or two to pay that fee.

Charlie Giles

Delta Airlines Management should be ashamed of themselves. These Brave Men & Women are fighting for Our freedoms that we enjoy and we are going to charge them for luggage. Totally disrespectful and as a Member of the American Legion I will be putting out a statement in our magazine, and Delta could forget about my business.


If the airline wants to charge the U.S. Armed forces, it should bill the Armed Forces and Not the individual soldiers returning from duty. This is a Disgrace to our uniformed Men and Women defending our country and for that matter the U.S. Airlines as well !

Edwin Vazquez

This is very disturbing,these young men and woman put their lives on the line for companies like Delta and others to be in "business'. They should fly first class,and free baggage for what they have done for this country! Didn't Kennedy say it best? Ask not what your country can do for you,but what you can do for your country! Or would Delta also charge if they were flown home in a pine box? Congress needs to look into this!!!

Teresa Alvarino



These soldiers are risking their lives for us and they charge them money for extra bags! Disgusting. Yes the baggage rule should be waived for soldiers.Delta should be ashamed for charging them.

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