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San Francisco pet sales ban proposal

Lawmakers in San Francisco are considering a ban on pet sales.  The Humane Pet Acquisition Proposal hopes to protect everything from Great Danes to goldfish.  The proposal would slap a ban on the sale of all pets in the city to shore up the adoption of unwanted creatures from shelters and rescue organizations. According to the Los Angeles Times, representatives of the pet industry call the idea "by far the most radical ban we've seen" nationwide and argue that it would force small operators to close. Animal activists say it will save small but important lives, along with taxpayer money, and end needless suffering.  What do you think - should pet sales be banned to force adoption of animals in shelters and rescues?  Click on comment to voice your opinion.  We may publish it here and/or use it on Eyewitness News First at 4:00 p.m.



This industry needs to be put to an end. The US government and USDA should be ashamed of themselves for letting this go on. Though this would help with putting an end to puppy mills, they need to go after the transporters, the brokers and the breeders. Just like with drug dealers- starting with the little guy is a start- but you have to get the king pin. The store owners are just a small part in this, but if the stores go down, then soon the transporters will go down, then the brokers, then the breeders.

Betty W. Butler

All pet shops and puppies for profit wherever should be banned nationwide.
The cruelty and suffering documented and undocumented is horrible. Until the profit is removed it will continue.
It is the shame of our society.


Hey NJ - follow suit!!!! No more pets sales in pet stores!!!

Joan Lee Rodriguez

When I think of the torturous conditions some (not all) breeders keep the animals in I get physically ill. What better way to put an end to the horrors those animals endure. Also most shelters require that you fill out an application and provide low cost spay/neuter fees. This would be one of the most humane things that could be done for the over population of animals and cruel conditions they are kept in all for the purpose of making money. I believe it is one of the most responsible ideas I have heard of when it comes to the prevention of animal cruelty and over population. All my pets have been mutts so to speak. They are less likely to have genetic defects and health issues. Just take a trip to your local shelter and see the heartache in the face of the animals waiting on "death row" before you go and spend hundreds of dollars on a purebred animal.


Great news!! Puppy mills need to be shut down to solve the real problem though.

Christina K.

They should definitely ban pet sales!!! Most pet buyers are uninformed and too ignorant to make the better choice of saving the animals in need in the shelters. Hopefully this will limit the number of puppies produced in puppy mills and people will be more aware of this ongoing issue.


My family and I adopted a puppy from Bide A Wee. She is now 2 1/2 years old. I believe in adopting pets from shelter. The stores should not be banned in selling animals. There should be closer inspecting of the stores and breeders to prevent animal abuse. My dog was 2 months old when we adopted her and she was abused before the shelter got her. She was undernourished and was beaten. She is doing so much better with us and has had a lot of dog training. Michelle



C J Balmer

I thought that 7online had stated that they were taking a poll and it weas online. This poll would be an important public service for the tax payer that has to pay for public shelters and those concerned with the plight of homeless animals. Please conduct a poll to influence elected officials that legislation is desperately needed for controls over those that profit at the expense of animal victims.

Tatiana Alexis

I believe ALL sales of all dogs and cats should be natonally banned UNTIL all the shelters are emptied out by adopting out the adoptable and taking care of the injured or sick humanely according to their needs. The exception would be getting a permit or license to continue a blood line that has existed and has been continual for generations. The other animals and reptiles and fish should be banned according to the overpopulation in shelters in each individual state.


Go SanFran. Be the first to ban sales of pets, especially dogs and cats. Perhaps New York wil be second. ADOPT a PET NOW

marty pina-salotti

why don't the pet stores and shelters come together and sell animals 'together'? why should there be a competition? pet stores is about money and shelters are about money but for totally different reasons. stores...profit, shelters...upkeep for ALL the animals sheltered in their facility.
so do i think banning pet store sales is a good idea, NO! it's not the answer...combine your efforts and think of what is best for our pets.


YES, go SanFran. Be first to ban the sale of pets, especialy dogs and cats Perhaps New York will be second to do so. ADOPT A PET NOW.

Richard Rivera

I've NEVER understood why people spend hundreds if not thousands on pure bred dogs when you can obtain them for next to nothing at pet shelters. These are living creatures. Millions are put to sleep simply because the snob in those wanting pets think they're getting crap because they didn't buy it in a fashionable mall or pet store. Humanity's lack of common sense astounds me.

Sue Barkley

Stop pet store sales. That will take care of puppy mill problems AND promote shelter adoptions.


It is very true, there are too many animals being killed daily all over the world. It is scary that we cannot rely on the intelligence of the Human race to know better - This isn't the only are where humans wants to NOT MAN UP, we need to TEACH responsibility in school. That is key, to take responsibility for ones own actions. New York City ACC is killing pets for no legitimate apparent reason. Many of the dogs catch a cold while in the custody of NYC ACC, then they kill them for being sick. It sounds like a good excuse. We would love to know the truth of this issue. Don't SHOP, ADOPT - People that sell animals should also NO BETTER -


Not only is this going to be hard to get approved it is utterly ridiculous. I am a vegan animal rights activist and still disagree with this proposition. No one should to tell me where to spend my money. Maybe we (animal lovers) ought to find other ways to advocate aggressively for adoption vs selling/purchasing.

Robert Stevens

I applaud this proposal; it should swiftly be implemented in NYC where tens of thousands of animals are needlessly put down and are exposed to crowding and illness. It would be multi beneficial because pet store animals usually are delivered from puppy/cat mills.

Claire in NYC

San Fran should ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores to ensure more people go to shelters, but they should not shut down pet stores in general. There are enough different kinds of pets for the stores to still make a profit.

patty kissane

i think pet shops should absolutely be banned. they get the dogs from puppie mills, which are the most horrific places. the animals are practicly tortured. maybe if puppie mills were outlawed as well as pet shops we would not have all these stray animals in shelters.

Rose Blanchard

Yes, i agree with the bann, because i think it would finaly put an end to puppy mills, and the abuse and suffering that they go through...

jody orso

I think its a great idea. Most people dont have a clue that you can adopt even pure bred hypo allergenic animals. People buy animals all the time without even trying shelters. Save money save an animal


ALL dog and cat sales should be banned all over this country. San Fran first, then everywhere else. Millions of beautiful pets are killed everyday, just because they are homeless. Every breed can be found in rescue, no need for pet stores, except for the profit of millers.


Just because there's a law banning pets from a pet store doesn't mean people are going to the shelter to get their pets. There are always breeders.


So the strange people from SF drive across the bridge to Oakland.


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