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Is college necessary?

With college tuitions on the rise, Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Is college necessary to survive in this world?  How do you plan to pay for your child’s college?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News first at 4 p.m.






I never went to college, instead got as many IT certifications and PMP certification. I have been making in the area of 100k per year for the last 15 years. SO glad I didn't spend all that money. As for my kids, I'll help with whatever they want. But would recommend community college or lots of certs like me. My brother in law never went to college, owns a small business and does great.


College gets most people nowhere. Okay, you have the job, but now you're stuck paying back the loans until it's time for your kids to go to school.It's make it not worth it. I have an Associates and I'm glad I'm not finishing. I don't need debt, thank you very much.


I am a recent College graduate with two specializations in music so I knew that getting that degree might be tricky and job hunting would be harder, but my goodness! I just hope that one out of my 20 applications I sent out in the past week would get some attention! We shall see.


I have an Associates and I can't find a full time job. I would love to finish but so many jobs out there require Bachelors but schools are way too expensive. I'm not going to finish my degree and be in debt when that piece of paper guarantees me nothing.


A college degree is not necessary to SURVIVE, but at some point in your life you will question would things had been different had you acquired that education. No I don't believe parents should save for their childrens education. If they really want to get a higher education then they will achieve those goals on their own. It will also make them work harder in class as well as not take the struggle for granted.

Calvin Byer

In this economy and with tuition astronomical I would suggest that parents and college students look into opening a small business together with the tuition set aside. I have an advanced degree and have been unemployed and underemployed for over two years. My one six figure income is now barely 12,000 a year and if not for saving, I would be virtually homeless. An advanced degree does not guarantee the American Dream anymore.

eric warren

No it is not necessary to go to college, college is so expensive today after you get out of sachool that job may be there when you get out and you spend the next 10-20 years paying off student loans. I wish i never went to college!!!!!!

Nataliya Bari

College is a scam. College graduates hire only college graduates, creating a closed system that permits schools to charge exorbitant ­prices and forces students to take on crippling debt. My colleagues without degrees who began working immediately out of high school are mostly self employed and making $30-50K annually more than their counterparts. Whatever happened to Americans pulling themselves up by their bootstraps? This is what makes America great, not $150K to receive a 4 year degree and graduate to a 35K/year entry level job.

Marie M

My daughter now goes to a private catholic Hs. Which is expensive. Hopefully she will get A SCHOLORSHIP TO COLLEGE. we are all tapped out.


College is way too expensive, my son just ended his second year of college and I took him out because it is out of control. I will be paying these two years off forever! I feel just because a person has a college education doesn't make them better educated than the next person. My son will have to wait till he can send himself to school.

Henry Richardson

Unfortunately, too many people are attending university which drives up tuition costs even though the United States government heavily subsidizes tuition costs. It "waters down" the value of a bachelor's degree. Now folks have to continue on with graduate school just to get a better edge over people in the job market.

Jane B

We are a 2 parent family where each parent works 2 jobs. We are paying for 1/2 our children's tuition at college and taking loans for the remainder. It helped that some children went to the local community college and graduated with high honors. They were offered partial scholarships to 4 year colleges.


Klaudia, in Europe you'd have to pay for tuition (and tuition for everyone else) through an exorbitant amount of taxes. So yes.. you will have to pay for it.. and then some.


I graduated college in 2009, have school loans to pay off for the next 30 years! Looking back I wish I never went to college-or attended community college to save myself the stress of working 2 jobs just to pay it back in time for my future children to do the same! Its an absolute outrage as most European countries have universities that do not require tuition at all!

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