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Do you feel bad for Rep. Weiner?

Rep. Anthony Weiner has admitted sending pictures of himself to women via social networking sites.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  After seeing the Congressman's apology, do you feel sorry for him? Do you accept his apologies?  Post your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News.





For the people who see nothing wrong with what he has done...you are why our country is falling to garbage! We have lost all our sense of moral decency. A public figure use to be someone, the people, looked up to...now they are a joke.


We all make mistakes Mr Weiner made a huge mistake so what he is doing a good job so leave him alone don't you have better things to do why don't you help the cops chasing the criminals you have more people than the nypd and making more money what a waste

Mina Bekhit

I do not feel bad for him at all. I feel great

that his illicit activities have been projected

to individuals. His actions prove that numerous

activities of the government are corrupt.


While Congressman Weiner did not use his brain on this one, I wonder how much his "victims" are beign paid by the Andrew Breithart conpiracy machine. He says he has one more daming photo, but is holding on to it just in case Re. Weiner goes after the girls. That is tantamount to BLACKMAIL!

Ruby Burtob

We are all mortals doing wrong and being forgiven so then there will be NO one to do the jobs that's need to be done.
There is one Judge and all will have to be accountable on that day

Jeanne Myers

Yes, but sadly we bring these things on ourselves, when we don't do what we know is right. My heart goes out to his family, I pray to God he's learned from this, and doesn't do it any more (I hope he seeks some spiritual counsel as well).

john high

yes i do feel bad for him. he had such a good image. but i don't think this will ruin that image. he'll dust himself off and start to rebuild what he has lost.

Dave Murphy

Hello, Another loud- mouthed loser politician goes morally bankrupt. Business as usual. Give the jerk a box of kleenex, Take his pension and let him fade into history.

Janis Rosenheck

What revelence does this have other than the potential for the loss of millions of taxpayer dollars that Nancy Pelosi wants to spend on a inquiry. If President Jefferson could father children with one of his slaves, is it really such a big deal that a man sent inappropriate pictures to a young lady? The media has more important things to focus on.


we are in no position to judge him. what happened is between him and his family. and who, among us, is above ANY TYPE of scrutiny? mortals that we are, we have all had a (or some, or many) lapse(s) in judgment.
let him take his punishment from his family, a censure from his colleagues and let him get on with the good work he has been doing.


The Congressman's position of public servant to our country is very important, but even more important is his relationship to his wife of less than a year. It is best for him to call it quits now, and make amends with his young bride before the devastation destroys their marriage with a completely different set of problems. My best recommendation to Rep. Weiner: Resign, repent, and recover. If he does that, he'd become one of the most remarkable stories ever.


Did Justice Thomas apologized to Anita Hill?
Did Andrew Breitbart apologized to Ms. Shirley Sherrod?


I am tired of hearing the oh if it was your daughter he sent pictures to, she was 21 a legal adult and has to take some responsibility, it's not like she was seeking out questions on congressional law. I think it's a shame that it plays out in the media the way it does, it's not hard enough for his wife, imagine every fight with your spouse televised. Unfortunately many people like to watch a good train wreck..... It's sad to watch so many other problems in the world and we are worried about a crotch shot....


No I do not feel anything for the Wener, IO think he is a grown man and made a conscience dission, witout thinking of the consquences of his actions, like the thinking of a child. He should not hold office making desicions on this State, or for thast matter his own family .The people that suffer , and his entire family must be mortified. This should not be a pass to go ahead and do whatever like a 2 yr old. This country needs to start holding people who hold possions of athority, no more pass to the next level. This is BAD.


Basically, any employee (of a small company or large corporation) would have been fired on the spot. Wake up Congress!

Littie Pittman

I think enough is enough. He's sorry for what he did. He broke no laws and he's done great things for the people. Now move on to some worthwhile news.


He is only getting this attention because he's in the light. Everyone has there own little dirty secret, and you feeding off it doesn't make it any easier on his wife. Have you ever thought what about her? Maybe she would like to get through this without all the media. What happened to the world?!??? Lets concentrate on the lack of jobs, unemployment, THE ECONOMY!

Tom N

Mr. Weiner is more to be pitied. He's self sabotaging before our eyes and doesn't yet see he needs help. It's not our job to forgive him: his wife and family certainly and the women he involved, maybe. Detraction was once considered more heinous than Weiner's behavior. Unfortunately it's journalism's stock in trade. The poor Mr. Breitbart doesn't understand that. Our prurient delight in recounting and hearing the (sexual) pecadillos of others is what fuels this madness. At the end of the day, the job he was put in office to do he has done well. The rest is really not our business. Oh, and aren't there a lot of Americans out of work, banks not lending money, victims of tornados and floods????

A Johnson

It's humorous to me how everyone is so self-righteous on this matter. Facts are: he lied, he apologized, the women were ADULTS, and he didn't use government resources. Having said that, I forgive him and everyone should move forward and let him and his wife deal with this. We have politicians doing questionable things with money, voter rights, and healthcare; I could care less about this man's private messages. As for the content, get real people! A national poll shows the majority of people have sent revealing pics of themselves and/or engaged in sexual conversations either on the phone and/or online. It doesn't mean he's sick or a pervert or has an addiction. Sex is a natural human desire. Get off you high horse before your crap comes to light.


Why should anyone feel sorry for him? Teenagers get arrested for texting sexually explicit pictures to friends, why isn't he? He is just another immoral man who can't control his own lewdness. The taxpayers of NY State pay his salary and will be expected to pay his retirement and healthcare and that is rediculous. He should be thrown, out all benefits denied. HE LIED about it! For God's sake wake up America!If he lies about that then what do you believe? He's only sorry because he got caught, what a stupid man!

Lou Corradi

Should he resign? Ask yourself this first... If a CONGRESSMAN sent YOUR 21 year old daughter explicit photos of himself, what would YOU do? How would YOU feel? He's supposed to be an ADULT for crying out loud! Goodbye, and don't let the door hit you on the way out! He's only going to prove how vain & arrogant he truly is by NOT stepping down! Mr. Weiner, you are a pompous ass & a disgrace-

Darlene Locorriere

Sending pictures of his genitals how discusting and sending them to a 20 year old girl... he is a pervert and shouldn't be a congressmen these are the people running this country..he is a shameful man and a liar to boot..


Down goes Weiner! Down Goes Weiner! Such hubris!


I'd like to be able to forgive Congressman Weiner, but I'm still trying to make sense of what he did. It's such a shame. I would have liked to see him become Mayor.

Al Barecchia

When there is a scandle, democrats do not have to resign, but Republicans do. Why???


he's a hypocritical scum and i'd just want him to shut the hell up and disappear forever...ditto - all those who apologise for him here...obviously those who do so here see nothing wrong and unethical in that pathetic a-hole's conduct and i can just hope that they'll never run for a political/people representative seat, and if they do, they'll never be elected...that odious individual had the nerve to attack others' integrity and suggest that the opposition [i.e. republicans] are to blame for staging this whole matter while fully aware that it's his fault...just shut up and die and stop trying to ham it up on camera again with fake contrition and tears...bloody disgusting and you don't deserve another minute of air time...

michael engelman

he's just a perverted geek. he didn't do anything illegal, immoral yes, but not illegal. who cares how he gets off, he's done well in office.

Just like the Lewinski scandal (mind you weiner didnt actually get some), LET THEIR WIVES DEAL WITH THAT SHIT! Who the hell are we to judge. We all screw up, nobody is perfect. If any of you are to deny the desire or actually slip up (except the elementary school girl, kissing will get you pregnant) then you are living pretty dull lives. I'm sorry but this is human nature, especially in this day and age where sex is projected in every direction to the point where blinders wouldn't do any good.

Basically, lets give the guy some slack, feel free to point and laugh, but it hasn't interfered with his work, however if we keep pressuring him, it will. Let the guy do his job.

nanci e.

Deny, deny, deny. A former political advance man and PR person told me about this methodology almost 30 years ago. And, that is what Weiner did. He was caught and he is now so sorry and filled with apologies. All these men should be free to do whatever they choose to & hurt whomever they choose to, except the voters who had trust in them. Weiner, Edwards, Spitzer, et. al cannot be trusted. They will lie if it suits them. If so many have been caught, can you imagine how much of this is really going on?

Deirdre L

What should matter to the people is whether or not he's good at his job, unfortunately this is more interesting. - But already getting played out. Give him some peace.


It is a shame what Congressman Weiner did. It is for him and his wife to work out . I don't think his actions make him a bad politician. People need to stop thinking politicians are role models or Saints. They are human and make mistakes like WE ALL DO!! Before you stand in judgement, take a look in the mirror .

Alecia W.

Seriously, WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? Have none of you had cyber sex or exchanged sexy pics of yourself with another person, really?! Let's be honest here folks, polition or not, Rep. Anthony Weiner is a human being & as such has hormonal urges.

David Cohen

if Spitzer can survive his episodes of infidelity, Weiner and all of us should consider this a minor misdemeanor of political wrong doing


Who cares if Weiner is a perv. It doesnt affect his abilities as a politician.We have other things to worry about like the war in Iraq!


Sorry, the guy is no one I want representing me. He is not to be trusted now no matter what he says or what therapy he may go through.

Scott C.

He did something dumb and admitted it. Can we let it go please? Why is this such a big deal in the first place? There are much worse things going on in the world.


Who Cares. This is so overplayed. He is an IDIOT. Over.


OK, he lied. So.....we all lie. Its when we get scared and realize we did wrong. Its hard to understand that men do a lot of things because of temptation. Who do you think is tempting them?

Give him a break, he is a young guy.


The little worm MUST resign...poor wife.

Anthony Paolano


India Thompson

Personally i feel like this, we have housing issues and this really isnt important... now when the president does this, then we talk about it... but this is a man... he didnt cheat, he did lie... but hes only human he was no different then us before he became an elected official..

Josh Schwartz

He should resign!!!!! I am disgusted. This clown needs to resign.


Give it a rest already. He's HUMAN....not to mention male!!! Not infallible. If his wife forgives him that's really all that matters in the grand scheme of things. How many other people do this sort of thing and NOT have to face consecquences??? He was one of the unlucky ones who got caught. Hang in there Anthony!!!


What a weiner!!!!!!!!

Diana J

I am so tired of these public officials lying and denying everything they do that disgraces their families, only to come clean when they know the gig is up!! Idiots!!! He doesn't deserve the forgiveness from his wife!

Donna Bossone

NOPE, not even a litte, NOT AT ALL !! First the big jerk should have never sent smut like that, and second, Don't lie about it, he looked guilty from the very first press conference. As soon as he said he was not involving the police to see who hacked his Twitter account, I KNEW he was 100% GUILTY !! Another Disappointing LYING POlitician!!! SHAME ON HIM !!!


The guy LIED TO THE PUBLIC...who cares what he did with his picture JUST DONT LIE TO THE PEOPLE YOU SERVE...the hell with him. ill never trust him again...he lied with a straight face who knows if he will lie to us again. RESIGN.

Ruth S.

The delay in Mr. Weiner's confession is the problem here. Had he just honestly admitted the mistake right away, it would have been only an embarrassment and very forgivable. To blame others and also mislead the press and the public is however, unforgivable. I will not be voting for Mr. Weiner for any office ever again.

Mike F

No, I do not feel badly for Weiner. In this day of technology and instant communication, he knew exactly what the repercussions are. He should step down. He is embarrassment to his family, community and himself.

Rosemary F.

I am tired of politicians who think they are above everyone else because they have power.
He is a liar and the tears were for himself.
Most men seem to think women are objects and they can behave as they please until they are caught. I do feel sorry for his wife & family. A beautiful wife is not enough for him?!! He doesn't deserve to be a congressman or mayor of NY.


A high school Freshman has better judgement. He should resign.

james brandenstein

I forgive him . but I don't feel sorry for him . He should resign .

Sara F.

Anyone who shows this failure of judgement is an embarrassment and cannot be trusted to represent the people of NYS.


Once again we are treated to the spectacle of a sanctimonious politician who thinks he/she does not have to obey standards of decency. But Anthony Weiner had to go further and lie about it repeatedly. How can this person's judgement be relied upon to vote on issues affecting the lives of this country's citizens? He should do one honorable thing in all this mess...resign!


He didn't do anything wrong!!! He lied to everyone - he tried to ruin a blogger's credibility. He realizes he has a problem and MAYBE should seek help. He's highly critical of other's but now the shoes on his foot one should forgive him, let him keep his job - I don't think so. Hopefully in the future he'll be more forgiving of other's. Let's start there.


Here we go again. These politicians truly feel they can get away with anything and must feel they are above the law or can get away with anything. They continually lie until their back is against the wall and then they apologize for their actions and are brought to tears asking forgiveness from their families. If they are dishonest with their actions how can one trust them to run the country. The list is getting long -- Clinton, Spitzer, Edwards, Schwarzenager, Weiner....who is next????

Chief White Bronco

He lied, and insulted those who questioned his lies. Neither the brain in his head nor the one he thinks with are well-endowed.

Zulfia Neary

He has shamed the USA in front of the whole world! He is morally guilty. There is no excuse for this behavior.

Thank you, Z.Neary

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Zulfia Neary

NO NO NO!! Guilty Guilty,a person who thinks between his legs and not with his mind, is not capable of being a congressmen, and does not deserve to be a mayor of NYC. He insulted the american flag and its citizens, family, religion. After incident that was commited, how can he look any one in thier eyes.

Thank you Z.Neary
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn


Honestly with all of the other important things going on right now Mr Wiener's... wiener is not a big thing. I would vote for him again. He's a politician, not a role model. The only people that should really be concerned with this are him and his wife. Period.

Sarah twelve yrs old

This is coming from a young girl in ELEMENTARY school. Congressman Weiner does not deserve to be serving in Congress anymore. He did something despicable, irresponsible, and just plain wrong. He lost his credibility. People on Congress represent our country. They are SUPPOSED to be responsible, noble people who bring pride to our nation. They symbolize our country, if they do not have the right attitude and behavior, they don't deserve to have their position. Plenty of other people can do a better job and act as they should.

While I understand that everyone is human and makes mistakes, Weiner should have known what he was doing was wrong. Being on Congress takes great responsibility and work. It is as if everyone in the world were children. If Congressman Weiner was on Student Government/Council, he would have to have the right qualifications. He would need good conduct, grades, attitude, etc. People on Congress and Student Government aren't that different.
While being on Congress holds greater responsibility and power, Student Government requires just about the same things as Congress. Don't commit felonies, be a positive person, make smart decisions, etc. What we ask of is not much and it most certainly is not hard to fulfill. Yes, it does take some effort and patience and yes, everyone makes mistakes, but the thing is society SHOULD know better. We all have a conscience, we all know right from wrong, why do people act, to put it plainly, crummy? There is no excuse. Congressman knew what he was doing, he knew that it was bad, and he knew he represents our country. It just frustrates me. Here he is begging for our forgiveness, but he knows it is too late. He should not have done it in the first place. He shouldn't have to apologize because he should not have done his bad deeds anyway.

This man IS human, be he has no excuse. He should know better. He should rise above bad judgement. He lost much of his credibility, if not all. I hope people understand what I am trying to portray to you.



Sarah twelve yrs old

To Leah and Bob:
Bob- He should have known better. End of story. He has better judgement than that. Weiner got what he deserved from the universe. I believe in God and karma. He did something bad so he was punished for it. He deserves it.
Leah- He does not have a problem. He should not have to be embarassed because he should not have done his horrendous deeds in the first place. If he didn't post the picture in the first place, the media wouldn't even have a reason to crucify him in the first place.

patricia griffin

I guess now he has to answer to a higher authority.

Lorna Downer

Mr. Weiner does not have to apologize to anyone except his wife and family. This is a personal matter for him, and his family to deal with. Who are we to judge? As if all of us have not done a lot of wrongs in our lives, and it is so ironic that we still continue doing wrong. My question to us is, are we making any apologies? No we are not, so we should take care of our businesses before taking care of others. I will continue to vote for Mr. Weiner, because he is doing a good job, and he is a good person.

Greg Meier

Its funny how there are a different set of rules & laws for Politicians. If any ordinary man sent a photo of his underwear covered crotch to a stranger he would be arrested for lewd behavior and the media would label him a pervert! Anthony Weiner apologizes and that should be the end of it??? What about the other married politician that sent a shirtless photo and resigned? Shouldn't he be reinstated if Weiner gets to keep his job???


The people do not need to forgive him
,that is up to his wife and family .While in office he was very active and instrumental in getting things done in my community .His staff were also proactive.I hope he will be able to continue his career so the community and the people are able to get the much needed funds that are needed.


Get over it. Bill Clinton did much worst.


He takes responsibility but does not resign. So where is the payback?

Regina M.  Queens

Rep. Anthony Weiner made a mistake. He should have admitted his errors from the beginning. With that said, everyone has lapses in good judgement at some point. We are all human including Andrew Breitbart. I accept his apology and he has my vote should he choice to go further in his political career.

Reggie Alexander

I'm sorry, but this is a non issue. He TWEETED, REALLY?! Come on people. If he hadn't tweeted would I then be able to fill my car with gas? Stay focussed New Yorkers.

John Gallagher

How CLASSIC is it that the guy's last name is WEINER?!

Although he exercised VERY poor judgement (foolish given his position), these are MARITAL violations. His personal life is his business..


Honestly I could care less, there are more important things to worry about and we should be focusing on world issues rather than Congressman Weiner’s weiner for goodness sake! Let’s move on people, the guy was in his underwear, Calvin Klein commercials are more sexual than his picture. I am not happy he lied but all Politicians lie and are probably doing the same thing, they just haven’t been caught yet.

Barbara Ninos

When will men realize what they are doing? Posting on a social account, not everyone does this, only stupid, insecure sociopaths. How can we trust any politician who cries "I'm sorry after lying to us." As someone who was married to a liar and cheater-if they do it once, they've done it more than once.


He made a mistake that his wife must forgive.He has certainly done much for my community and his staff was knowledgeable in information that I needed.I hope he can continue to serve so New Yorkers will get the benefits that Washington can give.

Toni Lynn

America, give Congressman Anthony Weiner a break...no one is perfect. There is a major difference in someones sexual and professional life. Everyone makes mistakes, at least this mistake didnt really affect us socially. Everyone makes mistakes. His wife forgives him..that should be enough. Do we really have room to judge anyone?...again, no one is perfect.

Priscilla Orr

I think it's ludicrous that I should "forgive" Wiener. That is his family's business, not mine. We Americans are schizophrenic -- far too connected to our Puritan roots. The hysteria in the country over politicians misbehaving is not connected necessarily to their performance in office. We have sex constantly thrown at us in videos and film, and even in ad campaigns. While it's not excusable, this seems to be the Achilles's heel of men in power. The cultural problems are much deeper and need to be addressed. Until we do, this behavior will not stop.
Priscilla in NJ (former New Yorker)


No. Absolutely not. I find it disturbing that he might actually get a pass for such despicable behavior. If he were a Republican, the media would have wanted his "head on a platter." He has no class or morals. I feel sorry for his wife. He is such a loser!!!


Anthony, grow up. You're acting like a dumb teenager. Actually you need help, a guy like you who has it all and does something so inane and childish is in need of professional counseling.

paula pizzo

We forgave a President for a more serious sexual encounter, And now a mountain out of a mole hill.

nanny mari

hey eyewitness news people....bet your own are doing the same thing and probably doing it while on the job...it's a fact !!!


He may not have broken any laws, but he LIED! This is about ethics and integrity and he appears to have none if he can LIE to the public and expect them to accept his word.

Yvette Nieves

The man is human! He made a mistake and apologized..we really need to move on to more important political issues. Many more have done worse and have yet to apologize as he has today!!!

Prof. Kate

Feel bad?! Feel sorry?! R u kidding me?! Only a man could say that; only a man would do that; feel sorry?! Grow up men!! Use your brain, not the head! Get help?! Cop out! Do know that even if nothing physical took place, maybe; it is still adultery!! Again, grow up!!! K!


It's been a week of Weiner attempting to pull the wool over our eyes by "thinking" he's above accountability. Cornered like a rat he finally fessed-up. Weiner should be treated like all other exposed politicos and be held accountable. He cried during his admission but that was only because he was caught. He should resign or be thrown out of Congress.

John Tesi Jr

Anther cheating lieing Democrat. Iwas a Democrat since 1960.But when the Democrats drank the Kool-Aid and when Clinton was re-elected that was it for me.Crooks,liars,cheats and murders(Vince Foster?).Thats the start of the end of America.


There are many other bad things going on in the world that people should be worried about.


If a Republican he would be fired. As Democrat he will be promoted


He admits making a mistake let him move on with his life I'm sure he learned his lesson. If anyone should be mad it's his wife!!!

Prof. Kate

What's up with our men?! Dr.Oz says the left side of their brain just doesn't work, but my God, is there any hope?! No control what-so-ever!Should've admitted it in the 1st place!. Now what's The Mrs. gonna do? What a fool! K!

Bob C.

Nancy Pelosi should keep her promise, and start draining the swamp.


Politicians are human too, he is not superman. He interacted with someone online, big deal, who hasn't. I wonder how many of the reporters hounding him, have done the same. Ray


wow thats crazy how your comments have to be approved 1st smh at the media they only want you to see what they want you to see smh the world is really sad!!!!!!!!!!!


he's only crying because he feels embarrassed about himself. i don't feel bad for him because he knows the effects of sending private pictures over the internet that its a risk, and obviously that was a risk that he was willing to take and he got caught. he's mad at the fact that his wife and kids and the world now know about his online sexual encounters with women. also he want us to feel sorry for him so he can win our votes 0_o

Lauren Eye

To tell you the truth, what I am is hearbroken. I met Rep. Weiner years ago and have followed his career with admiration since. Now, I'm simply sad that he has hoisted himself on his own petard. It frustrates me that we will probably lose a man who truly cares for his constituents, and has shown his passion for his job again and again. Does this prove that "man" will succumb to temptation, no matter the cost to those who will fall by the wayside?
I'm afraid Rep. Weiner doesn't help help the case for man's "moral" fortitude. Not at all.

John G.

It was an error in judgment. He was an idiot to do this, considering the mayor of Detroit, former Gov. Spitzer. He obviously wasn't thinking. It's over done, move on. Get to some news that is important. He and his wife have to work through this.

Joey A.

No. I don't feel bad at all. If he isn't capable of making sound decisions in his personal life, how can he be expected to make sound decisions for the people he represents. Let the people decide if he should resign via a special vote.

Maddy Van Ness

Give it a break already.
Most men have some sort of a sexual addiction. He said he was wrong~ now let's get on with life.


What a disappointment. Marriage is sacred. Political power is not meant to be used the way it has in this situation. Hopefully he has learned his lesson.


There is no need to forgive him as a private citizen. As a public figure this behavior is unacceptable and demonstrates poor decision making at the minimum. A public figure that demonstrates such disregard for his constituents by risking the integrity of his public persona has effectively abandoned his office. If he has any integrity he will resign and spare us the spin.

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