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Do politicans care about you or just themselves?

Polls constantly come out about local and national politicians, but Eyewitness News wants to hear from you.  Do you feel politicians care about what you think, or do they only care about themselves?  Post your comments (below) and your responses could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



Its hard to say that they do care about us, by looking at where we are TODAY! A picture is worth a thousand words.


Politicians only care about the companies who support their re-election. These are the same companies that outsource US jobs to countries that do not allow outsourcing of jobs in their country. If they wanted unemployment to decline then they would limit or stop the H1B Visa's as well. We have talented and trained people in this country that could very easily do those jobs, however corporations don't want to pay for US workers salary or benefits. Politicians need to get back to working for the American people and not corporate America.


politicans only care about themselves and they will say anything as long as it gets them votes, whether its right or not

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