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Christie Comments

 On a local television program, Gov. Christie responded to a viewers question about where his kids go to school by saying "It's none of your business". WATCH CLIP HERE  Eyewitness News wants to hear from you.  Do you agree with the way the Gov. responded?  Post your response (below) and it could appear on Eyewitness News.


Anthony Stone

The Giants are the tri-state> However they have always been identified with New York rightfully so. Because they are New york no matter where they made p
be playing. And they'll make much more money being the New York Giants than New Jersey. The latter even sounds funny.

Vincent Simone

He sounds like a pathological narcissist (mental personality disorder)preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. He sounds like he needs serious psychotherapy. Get help!!


gov christie your parenting skills are showing...you told your children its alright to be disrepectful, rude and crude in public to others by the way you handled yourself...you answered the woman in a very "nasty and gangster" like fashion...it was very scary to even conceive that a BULLY could one day become president of this great country!!!!!!!!

Loretta De Rosso

Governor Christie has every right to send his kids to school where he pleases, the only problem is that his response to the woman was very crude, rude and certainly very un-Governor like. It appears that Chris was absent the day that class was given out. I also called in to speak with Governor Christie and when the young woman asked what I wished to discuss with him and I mentioned the possibility of another bear hunt in December and then I went on to say that my 54 year old son who is an avid mountain biker sees bear all the time and has never had a problem, she hung up on me.
I tried calling back but each time I got the same message that the phone number was not available.


Maybe his comment seemed a bit harsh, but could anyone imagine being in his shoes? Always in the hot seat? And for those of you that say he ran for office and now has to deal with it - gimme a break! And then wonder why most politicians aren't sane - because sane people wouldn't want to be scrutinized for everything they do!!

I believe he is doing a great job as governor! Do I agree with everything he is doing? Absolutely not! You can't please everyone. It's not easy being in his shoes and having to make drastic changes to get this state back on some sort of right track. New Jersey is one of the most corrupt states - cudos to Governor Christie for NOT backing down to the corrupt bullies that have been running this state for so long!!!!


The viewer did not ask where or why the Gov sent his kids to private school,rather,given that he does, how can he cut public education?
He did not listen to the question, only responded with his usual kneejerk,bullying reactive rhetoric. Something that public schools spend money on programs to try to eliminate, by the way.


The governor does have a right to send his kids to school where ever he and his wife choose. But voters have a right to question his commitment to the public school system when his children are not a part of it and he is slashing funding to public schools. I'm not even saying the caller was correct in her assertion that just because he doesn't send his kids to public schools he has no right cut their funding. But the voters certainly have a right to challenge public officials about their motivation in their official duties. New Jersey voters can decide whether the governor was rude and whether he doesn't have to answer questions about his commitment to public schools. Surely Christie must have understood his actions in cutting funding would create controversy and cause some voters to question his actions and what motivates those actions. If he didn't he has


Hes an arrogant f*ck and should be told to get out! Show some respect to his voters! hes insane with his drastic cuts and pays no attention to the poor people of NJ. HE NEEDS TO B OUTED! NOW!


Gov. Christi sends his children to a private Catholic School because he wants his children to have an education not only scholastically but religiously. He has every right to do that. The same as every other citizen of New Jersey has the right to the same if they so choose.

To have him questioned on his net worth is despicable. If someone is rich God Bless Them. There are more people who are not, and we make do with what we have. .My parents were hard working eking out a living but they sent me to private school because that is what they chose to do. Public School is paid for by the Tax Paying Public.The employees of the Public School System should not have tenure, all paid benefits for a nine month job. I remember seeing a lot of teachers painting houses and doing odd jobs in the summer to supplement their teacher's salaries. . Who in the Public sector receives 12 to 14 weeks paid vacation?

I do not begrudge any teacher their earned due, but it has to earned like a job in the public sector. No tenure and an excellent job performance. Our children deserve no less.


Christie is right; it's none of our business where his kids go to school. That right is what's at the core of being an American. With that said he could try to be a gentleman about it with a more pleasent response to his public.


As the governor of New Jersey, Christie needs to realize that he sets the example of how to speak and treat people. Adults, teenagers and young children hear his disrespectful remarks. If they speak like this to others, does he think this is the proper way to speak to others? Would he want his children to speak in this rude manner?
The woman who asked the question was not rude and the issue is not about the question she asked but the rude and sarcastic way he answered her question.
He displays a poor example of someone who is "supposed" to be in a leadership position with his rude and bullying manner.


Is it now a crime to be wealthy?

Posted by: Tony Sabbarese | 06/17/2011 at 06:12 PM <---No Tony, it is not a crime to be wealthy. But it should be a crime to use your power and wealth to destroy the futures of those that aren't as powerful or wealthy.


"The governor gave a perfect answer to an extremely intrusive question. The governor has been targeted by the NJEA(New Jersey Education Association). They (NJEA) has spent millions of dollars on advertising disdrediting the governor/. The biggest bully in NJ is the NJEA. Just look at the millions they are spending on TV ads!!!" <----Intrusive question how? It is public knowledge that the Governors children go to private school. She simply asked how he can make all these decisions effecting public schools when his own children go to private school. Not intrusive. Stop sticking up for him because you're delussioned thinking that your taxes may actually go down after he makes 500,000+ people's lives even more difficult. Can't wait to see your comments when your taxes go up again next year!


I remember when Christie came to my college graduation in 2003, speaking highly of public employees and how we were the future of America. Well, it seems that what he says and what he feels are two different things...typical for a politician. Christie has one goal and one goal only, and that is to build a larger gap between the wealthy and the middle-lower class so that his buddies that run corporations..ahem Norcross...can benefit and run the state. It's sad that this selfish Governor was voted into Office...but we can only make the right decision in the future...VOTE RON PAUL!

Thomas Hull

Gov Christie is jerk! The question was why he was cutting public school funding when his family attends private schools. This was a statement of fact. His response was self centered and inappropriate, and has been widely interpreted as why he sends his kids to private schools. Christie is clearly focused on killing public education by turning public funding to private schools. I don't care where he send his kids, but I object to sending public school funding to private schools, unless the private schools are held to the same standards and subject to the requirements as the public schools.


Of course it is our business where his children go to school. I can't afford to send my child to private school, so instead she goes to the best public high school in the country, which happens to be in NJ. I don't think Christie even knows which school I'm referring to, because if he did, his children would be going there. And, by the way, my child got into that school by her hard work, her intelligence, her public school background, and my support of her which did not involve writing a check.

disgusted taxpayer

I think the people who are saying that the Governor is right, that it IS none of our business where he sends his kids to school, should listen to the caller's question. She was not asking WHERE HE SENDS HIS KIDS TO SCHOOL, she was asking HOW he justifies all the cuts he has made to public education when he, himself, sends HIS kids to private school. That IS OUR BUSINESS. He is rude, arrogant and pompous. He's a bully. He lost over $4 million for us because he refused to listen to the teachers who had the correct information he needed to get federal funds for New Jersey. He slammed the door in their faces, and didn't want to listen to them. They had the correct figures -- he did not. NJ lost millions in federal money. That wasn't his fault either, to hear him tell the tale.

He also doesn't feel it's any of our business that he was flying around in a taxpayer funded helicopter for personal reasons. He doesn't feel that anything he does is anyone's business. He is a bully who feels that he can do whatever he wants and blame everyone but himself.

He hit a motorcyclist during his campaign and sent the guy to the hospital -- he blamed the motorcyclist, when CHRISTIE was speeding down a one-way street the wrong way! Nothing he does is his fault.

He was pulled over by the police when he was a US Attorney because he was speeding, driving a vehicle that was not registered and had no insurance! There is ZERO tolerance for that in NJ -- the car is towed and that is it. UNLESS you are Chris Christie. HE screamed at the cop "Do you know who I am?"

I'm sorry, but this guy is a power-happy liar. I saw a letter the other day that Police and Fire had received from him during the campaign. The letter tells them that it has come to his attention that Corzine is spreading lies about him, and saying he will cut police and fire, endangering the safety of the citizens, cutting their benefits and jobs. Christie called Corzine a liar -- guess what! Their jobs have been cut. Their benefits have been cut. who is the liar?
"Vote for me and I will be your best ally" -- he's a liar and a power-happy jerk.

He's very good at blaming the wrong people for everything. "Share the pain..." is his favorite line -- everyone should share the pain but him. He's above all of us. He's a dictator.

Carmen P.

It is none of our business if he sends his kids to public school--he is paying for that right. Those of us that have chosen to send our kids to public school for a "free" education have to be accepting of many things that we do not agree with because it is a "free" education. However, we are asking that our children receive the best that "free" can offer and as a taxpayer that is what I want for my children and grandchildren. Losing funding means losing the best teachers--the ones that want to teach and the ones that want children to learn--and those are the ones that have earned the right for tenure. Governor, I support you all the way, but polish your skills when dealing with NJ taxpayers--we can be brutal at the voting booth.

K. Dav

I think the fact that he sends his children to private school is a picture of why many of us use other venues for educating our children. I, myself home school my 3 after moving to a NJ town that is considered a "blue ribbon school district" with high property taxes to fund them.....however, I found the "one size fits all" business of educating kids (in our country) to offer little to them. The teachers were wonderful, and very aware of what they could do to meet the needs of the students, however.......the schools are run as a business, offering only one kind of product for cost effectiveness. So, I think that no matter how much money you throw into this business, it will never meet the needs of the children. Ironically, for many years.......private schools such as Catholic and Christian schools seem to do a much better job and ironically the administration, and faculty make much less than in the public sector. My thoughts: produce REAL, MEASURABLE RESULTS....then begin to talk about money!!!

Judy Scollon

I liked Gov. Christie until I heard this rude remark. I feel he owes Christine an apology! He may feel it is none of her business but his attitude was completely wrong and shame on him!! Plus, I do think it is our business and that it is his problem that he is in the political spotlight, he wanted it!!


It is none of anyone's business where his kids go to school so long as he is paying the tuition. By the way he also pays school taxes as the rest of us do and don't use the public school system. BTW Obama's kids go to an exclusive private school and we are footing the bill for that one. Why are you not raking him over the coals for that?


Standing ovation for the Governor. Kudos. It is nobody elses busines where he sends his kids to school. He still pays his taxes just like every body else. Keep up the good work Governor. I like your style. Fix this sate.


Bullies are a big issue in the schools today. Zero tolerance. He should face the same consequences.
Christie exudes ignorant animosity and unfortunately, personifies NJ.
He belongs on The Sporanos.


Gov. Christie has a serious attitude problem, i notice that from day one with him, he dosn't carry his self in a professional manner, he is not polite he is very rude when the conversation isn't going his way, he is a public figure and people have the right to ask him questions like that, he is in the public eye, he needs to understand that, he is arrogant, tries to bully his way through conversations, i don't think he is fit to be a Gov. he is too childish in his behavior, taking things personal, i give him the thumbs down, he will be a one term Gov.

Diana Reynolds

Everyone seemed to have the same opinion as me. All I have to add is he should be IMPEACHED!!

Patricia Matthews

The Governor forgets that he is representing us. As a New Jersey resident and taxpayer, I believe the Governor should not have been so nasty with a fellow taxpayer and should answer a legitimate question. New Jersey public education system is one of the best in the country and I am very concerned how his cuts are affecting our children especially when he plans to give public dollars to private schools. Therefore, Gail's question was not off base when she asked about his children attending private school. I'm really tired of his bullying tactics and condescending attitude when he can't answer a simple question. Could it be that he goes into defense mode because the truth will not make him look good?


Please folks.........remember how angry you are right now when it comes re election time for this rude man.


What happened to Leadership by example !

U.N. Owen

'It's none of your business...'?!.!?

Uh, yeah, Christie, it IS our business. As a public, elected, figure, YOU are OUR business.

If my mayor (Bloomberg) wants to jet off for a weekend )as he does frequently), it is NOT our business, as long as it doesn't jeapordise the city, and if TAXPAYERS AREN'T PAYING for his flight (go on any helicopter rides to Little League games, lately????)

You've some nerve to act like that - forget the 'rude' part. Christie, as long as you hold public office, you ARE the public's business.

Jean Ortuso

The woman was obviously a plant for the New Jersey Extortion (sorry Education) Association - he has repeated over & over again he has no problem with teachers but he does with their Union. The way that Governor Christie speaks is why he was elected no nonsense just the straight truth.


The question was not out of line and his response was that of a defensive bully. We have every right to know how he can make decisions that affect public education when he has no personal experience with public education. The implication of the way this woman worded her question, that he has set a different standard for himself and his family and is oblivious to the challenges of 98% of his constituents, is valid and is precisely why he responded so defensively.

The man has no self control or manners and is an embarrassment to the State of New Jersey. I suspect that his misuse of the State helicopter is the tip of the iceberg and I sincerely hope that further serious investigation is underway to elucidate how he is spending our tax dollars.

Robin Regenburgh

I watched the actual show last night...Christie was actually quite friendly and polite to most callers. Sadly my jaw hit the floor when he fielded that last question. I think Steve Adubato felt the same way. I thought the governor was a bit hypocritical since he readily addressed the helicopter incident and going to his son's game. Really all he had to say was that he and his wife wanted schools that adequately addressed their personal religious beliefs and public schools fail to address that need. But knowing that most folks can't afford the cost of private schools he was trying to get all New Jersey kids good educations, not just his own.

Denise Williams33ef7d

We as people have to think about what we say, and when we say it. Especially when we are in public office. When we tell Athletes and Movies stars to be role models. So, then why aren't our politicans held accountable also. What came out of Gov. Christy mouth was offensive and rude. He is a responsible, and important man that runs a state, and people look up to him for different reasons. How is he going to run a Country with an attitude like he displayed. Being President is more challenging and your attitude has to be in check.


he is not thinking about the children, he is thinking about him self only, he does not respect the people who vote for him.


Gail prefaced her question with the comment about his children's schools. She wanted an answer to why he slashed public education funding. Has no one noticed that he did not answer the question? Perhaps the Governor does not wish his true agenda revealed, which seems to be destroying the NJ public school system.


I also object to the Governor's rude manner. He is a public official and his personal choices, regarding education, should reflect his support of New Jersey's public education. My question would be, if public education were academically adequate, why not utilize this resource and seek religious education through your church, as does the average American? Public education is the only viable option for most citizens, and yet the Governor fails to support this system. The Governor's manner might suggest an elitist attitude, and his rude, defensive response to a legitimate question might suggest that he considers public education inadequate. If this is the case, why would the Governor choose to cut the budget for public education? How will this choice improve our educational system in any way?


Parochial schools receive public money. According to Leslie Brody of The Record, "the state gives non-public schools $58 per child for textbooks, $77 per child for nurses and, in some districts, $884 per eligible child for transportation, plus remedial services as needed." Each of us contributes to his children's education. It is our business.

Mike Handelsman

It is obvious that Christie is hoping to construct a national candidacy on the strength of his commitment to a single issue - his hostility to public employees in general and to teachers in particular. However, he has not yet caught on to the backlash produced in his own state by his extreme viciousness in these discussions. One must wonder about the reason for his anger at the teaching profession. Something about it seems far more personal than either fiscal or political! Does it go back to an incident in elementary school in which a teacher either insulted him or failed to defend him against class bullies? Who knows? HEY GUV (JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME) WHY DO YOU HATE PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS SO MUCH????????

Lori D.

I'm pretty stunned at those defending Christie's Rude and arrogant response to a NJ Citizen asking a question. First of all - He works for US and so yes - he should answer all questions with a calm and respectful manner as should all leaders. 2nd of all - Chris Christie has cut over 800 Million from our schools. My daughter's school is greatly affected by these cuts. Programs, teachers, size of classroom, books, etc... So yes the man is obligated to answer questions such as this. Lastly - he is fighting for vouchers and tax credits for Private schools that WE would pay for. So It is all very relevant.


Let's keep in mind that the governor has been asked, and answered this question many times and is sick of it. It's no one's business where his kids go to school or why he chooses to send them there. His kids don't just go to "private" school, they go to Catholic school. They go to Catholic school because, as the governor has pointed out many times, the Christies are Catholic and value a Catholic education, just like millions of other people in this country. I honestly believe that if a Jewish politician were to send his kids to a Jewish school, no one would touch that with a 10 foot pole and if they did they would be considered anti-semitic. And let's also keep in mind that his oldest kid is in high school (as we all know from the big helicopter drama) and therefore started Catholic grammar school before anyone ever knew who Chris Christie was!

Jonathan Samarro

Ultimately the issue here is the governor cannot understand or even acknowledge the needs of families in New Jersey. His agenda is a lifelong temper tantrum. "Why should I have to pay taxes that go to programs that I have no personal need for?" The majority of us depend on these programs. The majority of us are happy to chip in so that all of us have access to basic dignity and opportunity and a future. The majority of us will be looking for a new governor.

kurt rahenkamp

I'm incensed by marcus solis' report on governor christie's "none of your business" comment. We have the highest property tax in the country, we have the third highest income tax, we are broke yet we spend more per student than any other state. Our average expenditure per student is $17,000, but we spend as much as $30,000 per student in Abbott schools. And our liberal supreme court has ordered another $1/2 billion for Abbotts. Yet you leap from "were his words appropriate" to interviewing more parents whining that we're not spending enough. Deliberate liberal journalism. Chastise him for his comment. Don't use it to support more spending. THAT'S NOT THE ANSWER AND A RESPONSIBLE REPORTER WOULD RECOGNIZE THAT.


I have taught in NJ's public and private schools, and for the most part, there is very little difference between the two. Making a case out of where the Governor sends his kids to school is a red herring. He could be tossing money left and right to schools and still choose to send his kids to a Catholic school. He's tired of answering the question... but he sure was rude about it. Stop asking, he'll stop answering.

Delia mont

I believed the caller did nothin wrong, she was trying to stablish her argument about the school funding. Anyone whos kids go to public school would be appalled of his lack of compassion toward the less privilages. There was no need to be rude with the caller or anyone for that matter. He is an educated man, and he is the governor of NJ. He should of choose his words more carefully. This is going to cost him for the next election.


I hope Christie enjoyed his time in office because he's not getting reelected to it. His comments and actions have cost jobs and money. Yes, the system needs fixing but he's doing it in all the wrong ways. The Tunnel project would've kept people employed and provided an arterial source of transport to other jobs. Then he tried to use the money earmarked solely for that project for something else. He made cuts in areas that can't afford to have cuts while ignoring other areas that can. The only action I actually agree with is having the Xanadu Mall completed and the exterior redone. The exterior is ugly and isn't welcoming, however the name is minor issue.

I weep for the nation if this is a taste of the future that is waiting for us...

Mary Ann

I agree with Jean in the first post. Governor Christie could have used a different tone but it is nobody's business where he chooses to send his children to school. I applaud his honesty.

Mike Pennix

The voters of New Jersey are getting just what they deserve. They voted this guy into office and they are getting exactly what they deserve. He is just another relatively wealthy person who thinks that it is perfectly OK for wealthier people to have more and better than the poor and middle class. He couldn't care less about the New Jersey public school system because his kids are not a part of that system. In his mind, he is not affected by drastic cuts in education, because his kids go to a private school, which most of us could never afford. Mr. Christie is saying his kids deserve more because he can pay for it. This is your governor.

The NJ voters need to wake up. Just like Mr. Bush, all he cares about is bettering the position of himself and his wealthy friends. The top tax bracket in this country has drop from around 70% in 1980 to about 35% percent today, not to mention the 15% on capital gains. The disparity in wealth between the rich and middle class is greater than ever and growing. That is what wrong with this country and why we cannot turn around this poor economy.

Mike Pennix
Edison, NJ

Richie D.

That woman Gail new damn well where his children went to school.She just wanted to start a controversy,which she accomplished. He was right to tell her where to get off. She is probably one of those dead wood teachers that should be ashamed to take a paycheck at all.


He's got to be fed up with people constantly bringing up his family, especially of late. Gov. Christy's answer was heated, I think frustration played a big part, people ask questions, make comments in any tone they choose but he's the one who catches the heat for his justified response. It's amazing how many citizens pay attention to the news when it's sensational, but tune out for the nitty gritty work of the governor. The media are the ones who should be ashamed of their biased reporting.

M. Clarke

Gov. Christie continuely proves that NJ-ians are to do what he says not what he does. His decision to provide a private school eudcation for his children does loudly speak to what he thinks of public education; unfortunate since his mother was a public school teacher. He's a public figure everything he does is up for questioning and he should realize it.He needs to prove to all of us that he isn't a bully but that isn't going to happen. Gov. Christie is unbelievably rude and a bully; he passed legistation that makes public schools teach students that bullying isn't tolerated in public schools somthing that he himself DOES NOT follow. Maybe someone should tell him that!


Good for Govenor Christie. His choice to send his children to private school is no one's business. I am a middle class person who is sick and tired of
being used as a puppet by the NJEA in their disgusting behavior against the

Deborah of Hillsborough

It doesn't even surprise me anymore when Chris Christie is rude to the people he is supposed to be representing. His arrogance knows no bounds. It's so obvious he's more interested in promoting his "tough guy" persona than he is in getting New Jerseyans to work together to solve the state's problems.

Joe Salleroli

Wake up New Jersey, we finally found a man who is not afraid to speak his mind. After so many others before him put us in this huge debt we have a man who will do his best to bring New Jersey back to being soluble in time.Read between the lines on all the negativity said and published, ask and find out the truth and then judge.

philip amberg

Any good the gov. did for the state was overshadowed by his nasty statement.won't get my vote


I don't know if the governor's parents are still with us, but they obviously did not teach him manors or respect. If my child ever spoke like that he would get smacked, regardless of his age. The governor's job is to serve, not disrespect the people of New Jersey.

Thank you.

Joe Salleroli

The question Gov. Christie was askedabout the school his kids go to has nothing to do with her. A lot of people in New Jersey send their children to Catholic Schools, Jewish schools and other religious schools and pay for their education simply because they think the education is better than public school. If some of the people in New Jersey would listen to the Governor they would see what the waste is in money we pay in taxes and how much money really filters down to the children and where the rest goes towards salaries, pensions and etc. Gov Christie is taking a monumental burden that for decades which left us in such a big hole. He is straightforward in his answers and does not hold back. This is refreshing after all the lies in the past. Maybe this woman was a former teacher or one now, who knows her agenda for that snide question? He answered every question with his knowledge not with a teleprompter. That shows he know his job. It is about time New Jersey gets back on track and he is the one to lead us.


You know, Govenor Christie's attitude stinks and he shouldn't think he can get away with talking to people that way just cause he's Governor. And by the way....the woman was absolutely right!! She didn't ask what school his kids go to, she simply pointed out that since his kids are in private school, it isn't fair to short-change the kids in public schools. How is that getting in his business?? SHAME ON YOU GOV. CHRISTIE!!!!

Peggy Monahan

"Jersey Shore" and Chris Christie - "Perfect Together". He is a rude, arrogant, and crass man - an embarassment to the state of NJ!


Mr. Christie continues to display ignorance and I hope that those who voted for him the first time think twice about voting for him again. He really needs advisement on how to be professional and tackful when addressing the public. If Christie has any type of educational background, he needs some refresher courses. We can't give up....we need to hold this man responsible for what he says and what he does. The unprofessional behavior, decisions and feedback Christie continues to give us explains that he is not the right man to make decisons for the State of New Jersey. He does not stand a chance of becoming the President of the U.S.


His is a public employee. I also am a public employee and if I spoke to someone with that tone, at the least, I would be reprimanded. He needs to remember who gave him this job and when he took the job so did his entire family.

Virgilio Carballo

If it walks like a thug, if it acts like a thug, if it looks like a thug, then it is a thug.

Shelly Bortner

Christie was way out of line. Tbe fact he sends his kids to private school is public knowledge, as is the fact he's responsible for major cuts in public education in New Jersey. If he can't answer a legitimate question from New Jersey parent, without resorting to insulting hypberbole, he shouldn't be in office (much less be considered as a presidential candidate in 2012).

Evona Rowells

Christy's such a bully, beleive this will be his 1st and last term and i hope its my vote that makes the difference

Rona Lehrer

I find Governor Christi's cultivation of lack of respect for teachers hurtful to our children's character development. I believe he displayed his true nature as a dictator by lashing out at a very polite, inquiring voter when he felt challenged. It is easy to sound charming when surrounded by people who think you are a hero. A true hero for our children to emulate behaves well no matter what


Christie was way out of line with how he responded to the question of a New Jersey taxpayer. Let's not forget, he works for us and as such he should treat the residents of New Jersey with respect. As a public figure many of his personal choices will come into question. When he took the job he should have realized that he would be subject to public scrutinty and if he doesn't like that then he should either take some courses in tact and diplomacy or resign the position. I for one am deeply embarassed by the behavior of Governor Christie.


Christie is a breath of fresh air in a political climate plagued by fake politicians. He, like all citizens in New Jersey has the option to educate his children in any way he wants. The way public schools are run is a whole different issue.

philip amberg

Gail never ask about where his kids went to school. She stated where they went to school and ask about the funding policy to public schools.I think the gov. is deaf

Donald H. Glass

Why do you left wing biased "news" folks never miss an opportunity to bash a Republican and make it sound as bad as possible? It's refreshing to have at least one politician who speakes his mind rather than saying what he thinks will get him the most votes.


These days we are not accepting any improper behavior from political figures, and rightfully so. Whether it is improper twittering, affairs, improper opinions and comments, those political figures are admonished in public. And they have consequences. Why we permit and continue to permit what is to me verbal abuse, in the media, to a private citizen whose question was posed in a very respectful manner, I don’t know. We are all witnessing this abuse, and bullying and we are doing nothing about it. Bullying is bullying, disrespect is disrespect. I was so disgusted by his response to this lady. He needs to apologize in public to her. I pray and hope we will wake up and either impeach him or refuse to vote for him ever again. Wake up everyone!



June Lisa

It becomes more and more apparent that this Governor thinks he can run the State like an angry, aggressive prosecutor. He has been more disrespectful towards the people he is supposed to be representing than any ELECTED official I can ever remember. I'm also sure that somewhere in his formative years he was severely tortured by other classmates for his...well...let's just say rotundness!! He comes off as angry, vindictive and resentful of anyone who questions his motives and methods.

Joseph McManus

I think he's absolutely right, It was and is NONE of that person's business where he & his wife send their kids for an education! Personally I would have told her to F-OFF, he certainly has allot more restraint than I would have. The NJEA (New Jersey Extortion Association) has been pulling allot of really low, negative attack adds lately to try to protect their rice bowels, they can attack him, but his KIDS are OFF Limits. Contrary to one of the other posters, HIS personal life is NOT an open book unless he takes it into the public domain, kind of like Weiner did! Way to go Chris!


Governor Christie comment was very disrespectful and I believe he owes his voters an apology. When you are a public figure you life is an open book. If he didnt want his public life to be made public then he should step down. I thought the question was a valid one. How can you continue to cut funding for public school but send your children to private school. If he cant answer a simple question like this how can he answer more important questions about goverment spending.


it seems that recently these elected officials are out of control. governor christie's response reflect total unprofessionalism. it is a indication that he is unable to respond to the public while he is under pressure. but so not necessary.

Daniel E. Beards

The governor is right it is no one's business but his and his wife's where they send their children to school. Does that person have the same problem with the President. His children go to private schools. I getting tired of the teachers union. Maybe if they sent as much contributing to their employees benefits as they spend on anti Christie ads.

Pat Klecha

I agree with the Governor. It is nobody's business how he chooses to educate his children. He is paying for their private education as well as paying taxes toward public school education. His choice of schools for his children has nothing to do with the problems in New Jersey. He is the only one trying to solve our problems.


It doesn't surprise me anymore when Christie is rude to the people he is supposed to care about and represent. His arrogance knows no bounds. It's obvious he is more interested in promoting his "tough guy" persona than he is in helping New Jerseyans pull together to solve the state's problems.


Are we really making this a topic?! It is none of our business where his kids go to school, I sent my two daughters to private school and yet i STILL pay 22k in property taxes. Come on people, get over this class warfare crap and worry about the real issues in this state. The unions are bankrupting us and you're listening to edited sound bites from people who clearly were put on the tube without opposing opinions.

Lisa N

The woman didn't ask WHERE the governor's kids went to school, she asked if it was fair to cut public school budgets when his kids go to private school. That is a very fair question. This just proves what a rude, low-class, bully he is. Happy I didn't vote for him. I hope this goes against him when he runs for president.


Finally, someone who is not afraid to put someone else in her place! His money, his business. As far as Governor Chrsytie being rude, this happened in Jersey, for goodness sakes. People from Jersey, like those of us from New York, are tougher than that! Stop already!


The governor was way out of line ... I would ask the same question and I would have the respect to answer why my kids went to public school verses private. The governor could ( should ) have left the schoolyard attitude at home .... You are a elected official, try acting like one.


Chris Christi has been behaving like the school yard bully he is so why are people so suprised? Gov. Christi, who is sure he will be elected President in 2016, is playing to the republican base who worship at his feet. Let's see how "plain spoken" the Gov. is as his poll numbers continue to drop. Right now his numbers are on a slide and when you mouth off to the voters I can't see them impoving.

Selena Johnson-Turner

Even though he might not feel his life is none of the publics business. There is a way to respond to the people with respect, and I think he should do for all children as if they were one of his own.


I believe that the governor was completely out of order. He is the governor therefore his life and family's life is an open book. He says that he wouldn't ask her (the person who was asking the question) where she sends her child to school. But that should be a concern of his because he is accountable for each and every child that attends public schools in the state of NJ. I think he owes her a public apology. He was very rude and disrespectful. I always mention the day that he won the election and he made his speech. He mention that he grew up on South Orange Ave in Newark. Then his parents moved him to Livingston so that he can have a better education. I knew from that day that his message throughout his term was going to be if you want a better life for you family move them to a better community rather than helping those cities that are suffering to get to the place where the better off cities are.
I cant wait until his term is over!




And they call New Yorkers Rude? How can someone who is in public office and I stress PUBLIC office, speak to a constituent that way is beyond me. Was he not hugged as a child, since when can't we expect common courtesy and respect from the people who supposedly SERVE US.? But somehow this ignorant fool got elected so who can we ultimately blame.?


And they call New Yorkers Rude? How can someone who is in public office and I stress PUBLIC office, speak to a constituent that way is beyond me. Was he not hugged as a child, since when can't we expect common courtesy and respect from the people who supposedly SERVE US.? But somehow this ignorant fool got elected so who can we ultimately blame.?

Alfred Sonny Piccoli

Governor Christie is a elected public figure who has an obligation to answer questions regarding decisions he made that affect his constituents. He was rude and out of line with his brash rejection to a legitimate question. What was the real reason he refused to answer it?


He should stop being disrespectful to his own residents. I am shocked he was elected and hope he fails in his reelection bid. This is outrageous to treat people

NJ Resident

The way the Governor responded was simply unneccesary. Imagine if the President responded like that? While it may be true that it is none of anyone's business about his personal life, I dont believe she was asking him anything about his children. She was making a factual statement that they do not attend public school and was questioning his reasoning behind making so many cuts in the public schools. I think the Governor was caught off guard and did not have anything else to say.


How dare he respond to a resident with that tone. He obviously forgot whom he represents and has no respect for the people of this state. He has once again demonstrated his disconnect with the real world and Main Street of New Jersey. None of his policies have any positive inpact on the people of this state. Our property taxes have gone up, as has everything else around us. Do us all a big favor Governor Christie, please resign and let someone else give it go.


A big initiative in New Jersey schools is to prevent bullying. As an educator, it is very discouraging to me that our Governor sets such a poor example to our children of the proper way to communicate with people.

I commend the man and woman who were on the news this evening for speaking out about his most recent outburst.


Hey people why cant we vote to impeach the governor?

NJ public school teacher

I think he should have listened to the entire question, her question wasn't directed to why he sends his kids to private but why he is targeting public school funding. Maybe he needs to focus and stop being defensive, he is only jeopardizing our children's education and future.


The people of New Jersey voted for this idiot and they're getting exactly what they deserve, just like the voters of New York when they elected Cuomo.

Tom Perkins

Shame on the politician that does not know acceptable respectful responses to voters

Alfred Sonny Piccoli

Governor Christie is a elected public figure who has an obligation to answer questions regarding decisions he made that affect his constituents. He was rude and out of line with his brash rejection to a legitimate question. Why was the real reason he refused to answer it?


He COULD have said it differently, he was just so NASTY - in his position he shouldn't do that to anyone - especially someone who lives in his state. But he does that alot. It appears that he HATES it when someone asks him something personal - he gets really defensive - and after he is "coached" by someone after the fact - he comes out with an explanation anyway. Perhaps he should learn the phrase think before you speak.

John Pasko

Of course it was inappropriate, but what else could you expect from a Republican. This buffoon is acting more and more like a dictator every day. If he was serious about balancing the budget, he should cut back on his food bill. Also, stay away from the beach, otherwise he may be mistaken for a whale and get harpooned.

philip amberg

The question was not where his kids went to school.The question was why he cut spending on public schools and not private schools

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