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9/11 memorial fee

Visitors to the museum at the national 9/11 memorial could be required to pay an entrance fee of about $20. Family members and relatives of 9/11 victims are said to be exempt from this fee.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Is it fair to ask for an admission fee to enter the memorial?  Leave your comments (below) and they could appear on Eyewitness News First at 4 p.m.



There should be no fee. Making money on death is the American way but this nuts. Why would the families be exempt? Haven't they all made enough money on the deaths of their loved ones? I'm sure they can afford the fee.

Ellen Chmiel

Too expensive. Admit those under 21 free, and minimal or free-will offering for everyone else. No one should be refused to enter because of fee cost.
This is a national memorial like Tomb of Unknown Soldier.

Ellen Chmiel

Too expensive for a family and all families should be able to see it. Free for all under 21, minimal charge for the rest, or free-will offering.
We used to bring our kids to NYC to visit museums, a very enriching experience, but most museums were free! Certainly can't do that now: parking and subway fees, tolls, admissions.

Kevin Connolly

On December 7, 1991--the 50th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor--the concession shops did not stop ringing up sales for even a moment, even as the rest of the crowd grew silent at the moment of the attack. Hodding Carter, the MC, came to mike in tears to bewail the replacement of ever conception of value and decency in America had been subordinated to the dollar.

There's no admission fee to visit the USS Arizona. To charge a fee to visit this memorial is simply obscene. I will not pay it. (Besides, the construction process ruined the brilliant design of the memorial, so it's not worth the time of day.)


there should not be an admission charge to visit a 9/11 memorial, however visitors could make a donation at the site.


Yes, I believe they should charge a fee, but maybe half of Twenty would be a desent amount. Twenty is a bit too steep! & Yes all family should pay nothing.

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