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Should the pictures of Osama bin Laden's dead body be released?

Do you think the White House should release the pictures of Osama bin Laden's dead body to the public?  Why or why not?  Share your thoughts with us here by clicking on COMMENT below.  Your comments may appear on Eyewitness News!

Click the photo above to read the latest on the death of bin Laden from Eyewitness News.



I believe, everyone deserves closure in the case OBL, because 9/11 was hottible too, they all have seen dead body's that day, so why not the most cleaned up mortuary picture they have as prove that OBL is really dead. Not just say that the Dna matches, cause they can tell us just about what they want, so just a little proof to the american people is not luxury i think (it doens't have to be totally obscene),.. or has the american gouvernement & co, something to hide?..


I think New Yorkers need closure. On that horrible day 9/11 we watched planes go through buildings and people jumping out windows. Hearing callers calling in to find their loved ones,why shouldn't they see the man that killed their loved ones dead himself. I didn't have anyone who died on that day but I felt everyone's agony. Even for me we all need closure. If they feel the pictures are to graphic let the public decide that, it should be up to the Americans on what we see. If there is people who don't want to see it I'm sure they won't watch it, that's my opinion... Thankyou


I believe that it would be a mistake to display his pictures, this is not the wild west. His death I am sure is closure for many, many people. My prayers and support is and has been with the victims of 911. I believe that we should not fuel al queda's hatred.

Sebastian G

I believe the pictures should be released. We, as a nation, have the right to see proof that the person who has caused so much pain and anguish to the world is no longer walking amongst us. The same way the media outlets showed the heart wrenching images of people jumping off the twin towers to their death, the same way we should see the mastermind of those attacks in his darkest hour.


They should release the photo's of him..On the horrible day of September 11 we had to watch from every station how those innocent souls were jumping out of those buildings. They should even reliece the video of him being tossed over the carrier as well.American people are only taken word of mouth and they should release them no matter what .We as American decerve that much we waitied for nearly 10 years..Give us that much.


Yes, show the pictures! It's the American taxpayers that pay the military. We want to see what our hard dollars have done.

Kim Kowalczyk

Yes, they should be released and for those who ask why... because of you! People are always screaming and whining about freedom of speech, press etc, so should release them for you. Then the next time you irresponsibly scream freedom of speech think twice about your rights and what is right.

People preach so much about their rights, they most times forget what IS right.


To be honest as paranoid as our society is the idea of showing a man with a face shot isn't appealing, but a necessity to disprove all naysayers.
They showed Hussein's dead sons pictures as well...did it incite rioting and more deaths? Maybe but the fact is bin Laden is dead and the pictures would shut up the people who have nothing else to do with their time but complain.

Maryann Johnson

Who wants to see pictures of a dead person? It lacks taste showing the lust for sensationalism of some people.


They should be released, because you know if the white house doesn't do it, somehow sooner or later they will find their way to the web, ect...

Susan Dinnocenzo

NO....End it already for NOW!! The United States is Already concerned of retaliation.......Unlesss OUR GOVERNMENT is 100% positive that they are ready for any sort of retaliation after the release of these photos...THEY SHOULD NOT release them....Get rid of the politics and use some logitics!!


no, I tried not to look at any pictures of him over the last 9+ years, dont intend to start now. He makes me sick, dead or alive, he killed friends, changed our country forever

E. Horton

Showing photos to all of US may be a mistake security-wise. Give only those affected by OBL's I'll deeds a chance to view in a closed meeting or something of the like.

E. Horton

Okay, after I have just read Martha Raddatz, Jake Tapper and Jessica Hopper's ABC News report this morning I take back my previous comment and feel that perhaps those closely affected by the ill deeds of OBL ie. family members of victims should see the photos, possibly in a closed meeting,

C Arnadopoulos

Show the dirtbags {cleaned up for print} body on a slab

James Gaines

I dont want the pictures released because I believe the images will begin showing in places that might show bad taste. If these images started showing up on teeshirts,coffee mugs etc. it would really be a shame.

Larry Amster

Should the news media post pics of Dead Osama?? Absolutely!!!

Joe Ayala

Showing the photos of Osama Bin Laden with a head wound is surely to be a gruesome sight and can only incite his supporters. To do this only to serve the curiosity of the public is tantamount to burning a Koran. Let us not forget that our military is still actively engaged with the enemy. It serves no legitimate purpose and can only further endanger our troops. Remember how the country felt when U.S.fallen soldiers in Somalia were shown being dragged through the streets ? Enough said.

Anne L Whitestone, NY

Yes, the picture should be release. Due to how hard it's been to capture this man. many people feel unsure about his death. even with our President telling us it's true letting the pictures be seen by american people will finally give many peace and closure. please do the right thing Mr President and let the people see the pictures for themselves.

Al Barecchia

Yes I would like to see photos, Need proof, even though these pictures may have been doctored, or ths may be a publicity stunt for Obama to help him get re elected.


Yes, I do believe that they should release the pictures. I think the families of those he murdered should be able to see and maybe put some closure on what happened even thought nothing will bring their loved ones back. Burial at sea was too good for him. They should have brought him to NY and hung him alive at the WTC site and given us all bats so we could have used him for a human pinata. I hope the sharks ripped him apart.


We should not display pictures of Bin Laden's dead body. I don't know Islamic law regarding such an act but it seems to me that agitators could use the showing as an affront to Islam and thereby claim a reason to conduct a 'holy war'against the U.S.


AMERICA, wake up! This is not a time of celebration but of revelation. As our government has assured us; there are many others out there. WE NEED TO BE ALERT AND AWARE OF THE TIMES WE ARE LIVING IN. Bin Laden was one of many. Do we need to instigate and come down to the same level of those we say have no value for human life?

It grieves me to hear some of the comments that have been made by the media.

For the sake of the families that lost loved ones, let us show some dignity, respect and reverence and not forget the bigger picture.

It has and never was about Bin Laden. He like so many others are mere puppets under the influence of a much greater evil in this world.

E. Horton

Yes, perhaps just one photo should be shown of Bin Laden's dead body, not due to disbelief but peace of mind. I believe our government but after wanting this for so long I think many of us would like to see the reality of it!


NO! We know Bin Laden is dead. The US does not need to prove anything. Publishing his death photos would just assist his followers in making him a martyr and give them motivation. We want to be rid of Bin Laden. If the U.S. releases a photo, we will see it everywhere we turn, all over the world for many years to come.


Yes, the photo's should be released, the White House is already "back peddling" with details and I believe we need proof to see that they did what we are being told. I'm sure there are many situations that are being with-held from us, the public, and we have the right to know the danger we face while trying to live our every day lives. I also think it is very smart of former President Bush to not want to be involved with this situation, I think that right there proves many details are being with-held, and there is some sort of cover-up going on involving the details of the death of Bin Laden.


I think the photos should be shown to the world!...why was it ok to show video and photos of the innocent people who had no choice but to jump from a burning building? But The goverment wont release a Terrorist dead Photos?

Sophia Gingrich

Yes, the photos should be made public. Since he was buried at sea, it will bring to an end all the doubt that he is dead.

If the pictures are not released that will be to much ammuniciation for the nay sayers.


I say a resounding YES. Was it not just a few years ago rumours were spread that Bin Laden was dead and just after we found out that he was not. The photos will confirm his death and remove all doubts. I am of the clear view that he mis represented Islam and the peaceful muslims.He misled too many people. Also we cannot blame Pakistanis for him living there, these people may have been threatened and living in fear...They may have not even been confident in officials ( whether ammerican or local)...


The goverment is concerned the pictures are too graphic. Graphic was watching innocent people jump from the Twin Towers. Graphic was knowing hundreds of peopple would not make it out alive. Graphic was seeing the burn ashes of innocent people falling down over our city. Seeing the pictures is nothing compare to what he did, so lets be clear on that.

Jocobe Zurc

I, as any one else, felt a sense of relief in knowing bin ladin was taken Down...yet I was raised Christian values and believe as Our constitution says...that all men are equal that all are innocent till proven Guilty...and that All are children of God no matter to whom we pray.

Yet to release this Photo is a disrespect and will do nothing to help those who lost love ones on that fateful day...live and let live...and let Justice not vigilantism reign...for this is why we have a Constitution...to follow the law...not some times but every time...in every case ...Or we are no better then our enemies.

Don't release it!

Respectfully your

Just an American


I already posted a comment but I forgot to praise our navy SEALS.......you go guys....I am so proud of you and to be an american right now

Ernst Abt

Why do we need to see pictures? Because Donald Trump wants to see proof?

Bruce Newman

First, the government probably will, and should, release the photo(s) in question, but I'm sure they'll PhotoShop the hell out of them, first to "protect the public's senses!" Secondly, why should we give a tinker's dam about how Pakistan feels concerning our operation? We've paid for that country several times over!


The photos should be released but at least they should have a disclaimer warning people watching on tv or seeing them on the internet that the images are grphic. if people don't want to see the gruesom photos then they dont have to look at them

tony scandiffio

Absolutely show the pix of the guy who declared WAR on the United States.
Pix of Hitler,Sadam,Mousolini, were on display. Why not this creep?


I think it is impossible to please everyone. Too many cooks can not stir the pot. For example Obama decided it was best to raid the compound, rather than bombing it and having a pile of rubble. It took a lot of courage to do that, and many things could have gone wrong. It is very easy to say things when one has no responsibility, but our government has a big responsibility towards our future.


Absolutely not - this is a ridiculous discussion. The man was shot and dropped into the ocean. Releasing photos would do nothing except set off emotional responses by those who want to make a martyr out of him. For those who think he hasn't been killed, let them wait for him to release another video. Look at what happened when that nut who only has like 20 followers burned a Koran. They have already released too much information about how they caught the man. I'm sure the next guy will not be somewhere without guards outside his room nor will he have computer hard drives available for someone to take. Some things should be kept private so they work in the future. We don't need to know everything - just be glad he's gone.


The pictures should definetly be shown. I heard about bin ladens death this morning and by the time I got to work I started hearing that its a lie. No matter what the government does, someone will always doubt it and its obvious those people need the proof so we can all relax and move on with our lives.


Absolutely NOT! Why are we always publishing so much information about these covert operations. We have a way of giving out way too many details getting ourselves in trouble. Other countries laugh at our media and government for making everything public. This will create more problems than provide benefits. It will further upset our enemies and put the troops and the public in further harm. Let's just trust our government that they did the right thing - be happy mission was accomplished, stop playing CSI for a case that should not be publicized.


I think the pictures need to be released to the public because America needs closure. Especially those who lost loved ones on 911.

Joe C

Absolutely not. Why give those extremist any more reason to retaliate. Do you think our government is so foolish to perpetrate a lie of that magnitude when it could be exposed by Bin Laden "rising from the dead".


ABSOLUTELY! His photos should be shown. I can still picture the footage of people jumping to their death from the world trade center. The only thing that would make me happier than seeing his lifeless body would be to have seen him suffer a horrible death.


If we had to watch our family and friends jump from the Towers or see the dust they became, I think we should see the photos of the devil who did it.


I personally need to see the photos to know that the man responsible for the death of two of my friends has indeed paid for his actions!


I think the government should release the entire film of his killing. If someone doesnt want to see it, dont tune in. The man was an animal. Let the American people rejoice in his death. Hopefully he suffered for a while before he died.


I think the photos should be released. For the people who want to see them they can and for those who don't that is their choice, don't look!

Michael S

If we have been subjected to videos of our citizens beheaded, why can we not be permitted to show the body of bin Laden. The very man who encouraged the beheading of Americans. To whom do we owe anything? Should these images enrage others to action we should embrace it as saving our time, money and especially lives in gathering intelligence on our dormant enemies. They should be made public. Enemies such as these should not be granted the dignity they deny EVERYONE but their own.

Gary Korzelius

I would really like to see the photos, not to prove his death to me, but rather to give me closure on something that took 9 years to accomplish. My hat is off to the Navy Seals, the baddest of the bad.


Yes they should be shown.


YES....I have no doubt that he is dead....I believe our government but I want to see that b______ with a hole in his head


It should not be shown on T.V. As bad as he was there is no reason to show the gruesome picture. Let him rest in peace. He was a human being. How would you feel if one of your loved ones was put on T.V. It wont bring anymore justice to him exposing him like that.

I wish the US government would also learn not to give out too much information.
Bayside, NY


I am a 911 family member and i want the photos released so I can see the face of a dead coward who murdered the love of my life and 2999 other innocent Americans

miguel pineiro

i am from the bronx . i believe the government should show the photos of bin laden not only dead but being buried also . why?? because that should make us believe more in the government it is the only way we can say they are being truthful with us and give peace of mind to the families of those lost on 9/11


The pictures should have been released immediately to avoid
allegations of tampering. By the time the JFK "autopsy photos" were released they had been so doctored that no one
knows which are real anymore. OBL held the whole world by the throat for so many years, the photos SHOULD be released with a heads-up about graphic content. Then people
can make up their minds whether or not to look.


Yes it should be shown, That man killed my brother and I want to see the pictures as proof ..

Alam Sarower

No, because we should show respect to a dead body, as soon as Bin Laden is killed he is no more Laden, that's a dead body. If he is not dead let him proof it. We trust our Gov. and the Military. Let the world know how we respect one's dead body.

Tom Lynch

Our troops have a dangerous job as it is. I see no reason to release pictures that might make their job more dificult. Osama bin Laden is dead, may he rot in hell.

Tom Lynch
Cape Coral,Fl.

Arlene H.  Staten Island

Yes, I believe the photos should be shown. I know it has been said he was hardly recognizable once shot. However I'm sure there are many more out there than just me that want more proof than just words.
Buried at sea? My uncle with many others were turned to ashes once the first plane hit a few floors below his. He should have been thrown into a volcano pit after he was shot.

Douglas L

Personally I find it too morbid but I'm afraid in the age of Reality TV...like it or not..they will be released. Did you see the look on Hillary Clinton's face in that picture of those watching? I think that says it all!
Hopefully the conspiracy theories will be squelched but somehow I fear not.....I truly believe he is dead! Good riddance of a modern day Hitler or Eichmann!


I, for one, am satisfied he's dead but for some people, the word of the US Gov't may not be enough so they may want to see for themselves so I don't see why this pig shouldn't be put on display for all to see.

Michael B     Jersey City NJ

Yes show the pics because Wikki Leaks or TMZ will get them and eventually show them. We the american ppl should be able to view them, the media constantly show our ppl jumping out the Towers on 911 and the body parts spread all over the ground. SHOW THE DAM PICS, SATISFY ALL DOUBTS!!!




Yes i believe that they should release the photos because of conspiracy theories. Just because a high political person says we killed him doesn't always mean we did. Release several photos and i will believe it. If not i will still continue to doubt this.


I really think the public should see it. A lot of people I know are doubting he is really dead. One person told me that he died a while ago of his kidney illness. I know that our president would not betray us like that and I believe 100% in him.


a resounding YES!!!! not to be macabre, but to put to rest any doubt that we have achieved the stated mission. No one need look if they are easily offended.....

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