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Should Teen be Allowed to Attend Prom?

A Connecticut teenager who taped a carboard message to the front of his school asking a girl to go to prom with him has been barred from attending.  Do you think that is fair?  Share your thoughts with us by clicking COMMENT below!  Your comments may appear on Eyewitness News.


Shelton High School senior James Tate and two friends posted 12-inch tall cardboard letters outside the school's main entrance, where everyone would see them going in last Friday morning.

The message said: "Sonali Rodrigues, Will you go to the prom with me? HMU -Tate." HMU means hit me up, or call me.  Rodrigues said yes. But Tate and his two friends have been given one-day in-house suspensions by the headmaster and barred from the prom.


chairs for the disabled

YES. teenager must attend to the prom they can experience memorable moment in prom and meet new friends and crushes.


This is a sure sign that the world is coming to an end. When a kid uses his imagination, not being
disrespectful or rude to this girl gets suspended,
being a member of this society is embarrassing.

School officials should hear the nasty rude comments
most guys make to females, then ask themselves should they have let this innocent, missed, almost
non-existent gesture go?

amalia lewis

YES ! he should be able to go to his prom there wasn't any permanent damage down and for you to crush his dreams on going to prom with the girl he wanted this is a moment that every kid wants to experience and for you to take it away from him like that is wrong !


Let him go to prom. Question if this school system has such a harsh punishment for doing really nothing but tapping a sign up do they have a punishment for the young people that pick on the other young people to the point they do not want to live?


Really!!! Be happy the young man used his imagination.

Patty P.

Oh Please... When is such nonsense going to stop? Let the teens go to the prom.

Karen M.

It must be pretty boring in this particular school that this decision was made. Absolutely ridiculous. No harm was done. to the school officials, let them both attend the prom, if you have a heart. Don't be jealous.

Dana Jarrett

I think he should be allowed to the prom. It was a very cute gesture. He meant no harm. The school is being riduculous with their decision to ban him.Its not as if the letters wont come down he taped them to wall. Not only does he have to suffer by missing his prom but so do his friends that helped him plan his special moment. I think the senior class should protest


I think this is absolutely cruel! What he did was an innocent gesture. He was trying to be unique and wanted her to be impressed with his intentions. It is not like he used spray paint and defaced the property. Reprimand him in some way, but don't ruin one of the most momentous days in his life or hers by banning.

alice bland

I think the one day suspension was enough. Have the adults involved forgotten what being young, in high school, and prom felt like? The excitement,the fun of asking someone. We need to be more concerned about education and the really important things that effect our children in negative ways and this situation is not one of them. Let them all go and make memories.

Christina Mitchell

I feel this is ashame, This young gentleman did not deface school property. This is a once in a lifetime prom for him and I thought that this was very sweet. I feel that who ever is in charge is a very unhappy person themself. This was not a teen getting into trouble or causing trouble. This is where we need to back our children. I really hope that he gets to attend his prom!! :)


why? what did this young man do that was so wrong? he didnt spraypaint the note, he taped letters up that could be removed. the school overreacted and should rethink the whole thing. this sounds like a sensitive guy and he did his "proprosal" in a very cute and romatic way. shame on the headmaster and the whole school administration

Melissa Ponton

The school's decision is absolutely ridiculous I remember we have the right to freedom of speech that kid have his rights and they have no right to say no he can't go to his prom and his friends to. what he did was sweet and romantic there was no harm done to the school Shame on you Shelton High! let the kids go to the prom!

Frank A.

How ridiculous that he gets barred from the prom for something so innocent!! This is an AP student who came up with a creative and fun way to ask someone to go with him to the prom. Shelton High School should be proudly reporting his actions, rather than handing out this punishment and making the school administration look absolutely foolish!


Whomever punished this amazing and romantic young man, was probably never asked to go to a Prom. Shame on you...let them go to their Prom!!!

Donna Bossone

That's INSANE!! Really, have those administrators nothing better to do ? I think it was a most beautiful
and special way for him to ask that young lady, and I even think it should be on the news for GOOD, we should not even be having this debate, SHAME ON THOSE IN CHARGE THAT MADE THIS RIDICULOUS DECISION. And please tell them I said so too.. absolutely terrible that this has happened, and I would most love to volunteer to come and help this young man get this straightened out, so please pass along my email to him if you would like and I will advocate for him !!
Thanks ABC for the great job you do !!


How absurd! The school has no right to do that. It is unfair and unjust. The message was taped and not defacing property. As a community, a very strong message should say that prohibiting the students from attending the prom results in more harm and that I'm sure that there were no rules given ahead of time on "how the students should ask each other to prom." The school board's actions are especially offensive bc it IS A SCHOOL FUNCTION & they are supposed to ask the other students. It is very ridiculous!

Tom B

I think it it's cute. It's nice to see teenagers acting like teenagers for a change. What was the Headmaster's reason? It seems a bit extreme and high-handed to me.


The head administrator must be a miserable person. That is sweet. The school should be ashamed of themselves.

Frank Insalaco

In a world where technology amongst high school students can be damaging to one's psyche, (facebook, texting, etc), its nice to see a gentleman use some old fashioned innovation while being a romantic. I applaud him for being unique. He did nothing wrong, damaged no property, and communicated beautifully and romantically to the girl he wanted to go to the prom with. The school should rethink it decision on its, in my opinion, harsh punishment and instead use this as a positive example of how simple things in life are much more meaningful.

Aimee Evans

No it's not fair! Especially if it was with good intentions....and not a sarcastic mean joke.....then it might be fair....

Jessica S

The school's decision is absolutely ridiculous, there was no permanent damage done!! There are memorable events we all experience in our life, and going to prom is one of them. The school is just being a big bully... Shame on you Shelton High!

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