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Keeping child's gender a secret

A Canadian couple is creating quite a stir as they have decided to keep the gender of their child a secret.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.  Post your reaction to this story, and your comments could end up on Eyewitness News.


patricia cortese

as a grandmother of five i would love the baby no matter what. children get their identity from close family who raise them. if this child does not know if he is a boy or a girl it will cause great harm. end of conversation. trust in the tradition of family this new crap is just that. CRAP!!


GOOD FOR THE PARENTS! What a wonderful way to raise their children! Too bad more people don't see the good in what they're doing. I wish I had of been strong and brave enough to break through the social norms for the advancement of human kind!


I think that they are beyond worthy of being parents. Your confusing the child they have a right to know who they were atleast born to be. You should let them be who they were born to be and choose when their more mature and can understand the differences this whole family needs counseling i just feel sorry for the poor kid who has so much pressure on him already!!!

Dexton Karl Sr.

As a Father of three the first thing I was concern about was my children gender. I wanted them to know and grow as what they are from birth, not confuse them by not knowing their gender.Parents that partake in gender secret needs mental help!!!


I think it is ridiculous that these parents are keeping their baby's gender a secret! Most parents are happy to let people know what the sex of their baby is. I don't see what the big deal is whether it is a boy or girl as long as the baby is healthy.


This is all a publicity stunt. Someone will ask to write a book about it and they will make money from it.

Ray From Brooklyn

Some people are not fit to be parents. Instead of using your child to make a political statement, focus that energy in rooting your child in truth, not propaganda.


I think these parents are being ridiculous! Most parents are proud of the gender of their baby. What is the big deal if it is a boy or a girl as long the baby is healthy!

jomo adams

Because its not personal to me I COULD CARELESS.
There are other important and meaningful issues in MY life to be concerned by this.
They...the parents have a lot of time on their hands that's all.


I think they are setting there child up to be teased once he/she goes to school. I also think the parents need some couseling on how to raise a child. I personnaly think the baby looks like a boy.


I think there's a possibility that this lovely child may be a hermaphrodite and the parents wish to raise their child ambiguously so the child can decide for him/her self when older regarding their gender. In the past many children had surgery performed on them based on their parents and doctors best guess on what gender the child should be, only to be wrong. So lighten up, people. These people know more about their family than the public does.


My first thought was that it is not anyone's business. Then I began to wonder how did the news media even find out about this??? This is a big attention grabbing play by some "different" characters. Once the child is potty trained and has to go to the bathroom in public, any gender questions should disappear.

kimberly hernandez

I think that the parentsn are out of their minds keeping the baby's gender a secret. When the child grows up their going to have to tell their child its gender.


Ugh! What are the parents thinking? They are doing more damage then good to ALL their children. Counseling is highly recommended.


I think it is smart of them. Raising a baby boy should be no different than raising a baby girl. You're not raising a gender, you're raising a person. I'm only a teenager and if I have kids one day that is how I plan of raising them. I will even give them gender neutral names in case their sex doesn't match their gender identity.


This is why kids are confused somewhat today.I think the parents should just say what it is Whats the big deal!!!!!


A child is going to be who they are whether you (the public) knows thier sex or not. The family does not have to go according to gender streotypes but give the child the foundation to allow them to make thier own decsions.

Xquisite Treasures

The baby sure looks like a boy. We all hope it is a male as it looks like a boy.


These idiots should not be given the unique gift of being parents. All they are going to do is screw up this little baby's life, so that they can have 15 minutes of fame.


Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!

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