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What Are Your Memories of Charles and Diana's Royal Wedding?

Prince Charles and his bride Diana, Princess of Wales, were married at St. Paul's Cathedral on July 29, 1981 in London.  What are your memories of watching their wedding?  Share your thoughts with us here by clicking COMMENT below.  Your comments may appear on Eyewitness News.




Just kind of dumb, but then again i'm impartial towards "royalty". I don't like things that put others above. It's sad.

sheila riddell

what a joke she was taken in by a fool


beautiful wedding with all the pompusness but the ugliest dress I have ever seen. way too much dress for such a small girl is all I could think of.

anne hollander

i remember getting up very early in the morning to watch prince charles marry beautiful diana. i could not take my eyes off the TV the whole time. I don't even remember having breakfast. the whole affair was just beautiful. i dont think i'll get to see prince williams, i work on friday. i will have to tape it. anne

Barbara Melzer

I was studying acting in London that July and was at the fireworks the night before in Hyde Park with 800,000 new friends. Saw the wedding on TV and was invited to a party at the pub near my B&B. It was beautiful and exciting to share that experience with those who were in London at that time. I will be up bright and early to see William and Kate.

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