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J. Crew ad shows boy's toenails painted pink

In a new J. Crew ad, a mother paints her son's toenails hot pink because it's his favorite color.  Eyewitness News wants to know what you think.     Do you have a problem with a boy wearing pink or having his toe nails painted? Post your comments below and they could end up on Eyewitness News.



i think it's cute coz' he's a child and he doesn't matter what you put in his toes. LOL


When I was a kid, my mom always took me to the zoo. My favorite colour was BRIGHT pink, and one day we were complaining so my mom bought my sister and I these little purses with animals on them. My sister got a pale one, and I got a hot pink one.
And you know what? 17 years later I'm straight, in excellent shape, finishing an honours degree at the best school here in Canada, and I'm dating a model. Psychological sterilization? I dare these commentators to question my masculinity to my face. Let kids be kids and cease all coverage of this story.

Roger Abbot

J Crew is getting a lot of free publicity over a non-newsworthy picture. Its time for people to get a life.

Dexter's mom

I guess I do cause I took the time to post this but really I hope my son can choose his fav. based on his preference not the gender specified color he is told to like

Dexter's mom

Really? Who cares...


I think it is ridiculous that people are so threatened by a young boy having his toe nails painted pink or any other color!!

What's the problem?

People are so narrow minded. Who cares??

Who cares is he is feminine or gay? What's the problem? Narrow minded, convervative, controlling people who don't have anything better to do than judge a little boy need to GET A LIFE!!!!!


Oh, everyone get a grip, this is just a mother having some quality with her son.

Valerie Lauderdale

Hooray for all!

Joyce West

It's ridiculous --- tempest in a teapot. This is News?
Well I guess it's no more irrelevant than most of the garbage that passes for news these days. I understand that some other countries still have real news. Wow.

Joyce West

Bravo for them --- Big deal....gender identity is not decided by such events....gender identity is inborn. Get a grip!

Stinkin Lincoln

Good job getting the brand name out into the public. very creative angle used to get mothers and children humming JCrew all day long.


I think this country has way bigger problems than worrying about an AD about a boy toe nails getting painted!!! I would be nice if people would worry about the economic problems and unemployment issues like they do stuff like this!!

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